Self Confidence

What does it mean to be confident, to love one self? What does it mean to put yourself first and allow others to give you the respect that you demand because you have earned it? have you been waiting for someone to tell you ” you are good enough” or are you still searching for that perfect little world where no problems will ever arise. Have you forgotten where to start and where to go, because you have been more focused on starting and going to someone else’s beat.  Do you even know yourself, do you truly love yourself even when you see the flaws? 

I am not sure how everyone feels about who they are and I am not able to make one love his or herself because it takes that ONE person to do that for themselves. People always nail people to a wall who have low self esteem or no confidence, we expect everyone to walk with confidence, self dignity and live in no fear but honestly, how can we put such high expectations on people when we are the same people judging others for their walk of life.  I cannot explain this, because this is what makes us human, our instincts are to judge when we don’t know or understand.  We tend to lack compassion these days because we have too many people running around taking advantage of the “good” we do and not enough people paying it forward. Confidence is said to be “sexy” and necessary in order to have a healthy relationship (in which I may agree) , but what happens when you are expected to do the same (be confident) and you are put in a situation where you feel uncomfortable? no longer can you walk with your head held high, no longer can you talk without stuttering, no longer are you able to judge someone else’s same predicament and no longer can you be the one to set these expectations on others when now you know what it is like to not have that oz of confidence in you. Where am I going with this?

“Self Confidence is built on loving yourself not on making yourself feel more superior to others” – Shay-lon Moss

If we truly learn to love ourselves overtime and choose to accept our flaws and change the ones that need to be changed in order to better ourselves, it won’t matter what environment we are in, what we are wearing, how much money we have and who we are friends with, it won’t matter how good of an athlete we are, what trophies we have won, and what kind of occupation we have, because when you learn to truly love who you are – nothing about those things matter to you as much as being yourself. 

How do we love ourselves, that is something we all need to figure out, we just hope that what we have, never gets in the way of who we are. 

“Sometimes loving yourself can change how you look at others” -Shay-lon Moss. 

Your fitness blogger


The fight- my quote/saying

“The biggest fight is fighting to be who you are in a world that wants to change you” –Shay-lon Moss


I had this gravy idea from someone that I should start sharing quotes and sayings that I have made up myself because they enjoyed my creativeness. Thank you. 


Your fitness blogger,

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Looking forward

“Looking forward isn’t the same as forgetting, to look forward means to see what your back can’t” -Shay-lon Moss

Just in case you didn’t know, your back doesn’t have eyes, lol.

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo 

How do you manage your stress?

Hello bloggers!

Today’s problems that we can and cannot control can sometimes give us the most stress, the financial burdens, our relationships, our work load, if you have children or pets, sometimes our neighbors or bosses, the weather, the town or environment we live in, death, our past we hold onto, school, struggling to self- identify, our religions, not meeting a goal, our anxieties, fears, sleep deprived, illnesses, sexual desires not being met, lack of self esteem and confidence, struggling between what is right and what is wrong, sports, family members, holidays, birthdays, moving from one place to another, being homeless, losing your job, not having transportation, not understanding, anger, confusion, negativity, handicaps, losing, comparing, health, being a hero, struggling, etc. I could name so many things that could bring on stress on a daily basis for each and every one of us. I named just a few that I know are fairly common reasons for why people are stressful.  As a matter of fact, I am sure one of you reading this might be feeling somewhat stressed for one or more of these reasons and not even realize it. I know I have stresses, I was just stressing the other day and I am in a grumpy not yet stressful mood now (just woke up in pain and have a lot on my mind).  So, even myself has stress, more stress than I actually want in my life and sometimes more than I can handle.  The problem isn’t that we ALL stress at some point in our lives, the problem is HOW we handle the stress when it comes knocking at our doors.  I can share with all of you ways some people handle it: alcohol, drugs, violence, hate, greed, addictions, obsessions, emotionally disconnecting, running from it, bottling their feelings/thoughts, taking over the counter medications, suicide, etc. I realize this list isn’t the list we want to come to terms with, but more than likely someone has handled stress in one of those ways and not saying what they did was WRONG, because we cannot preach something if we have no idea how that person is feeling or what they went through, but there are BETTER ways to manage stress, more productive ways that prevent us from going down a road that is dark and lonely. 

I am hoping this list of ways to manage stress will come of use to those of you and myself when we run into a stressful situation and need something to help us get by. “Sometimes we think we have it bad, but bad only exist when we allow it to conquer who we are as a person” -Shay-lon Moss

How do you manage stress: 

  1. Ask yourself what can you do about the sources of stress (what is causing your stress)
  2. Keep a positive, realistic attitude (hard to do, but only you can do it for you)
  3. Learn and practice relaxation techniques (some may find this helpful and others will not)
  4. Exercise (cliche because I workout, but exercise is said to help)
  5. Eat healthier (take care of your health)
  6. Manage your time wisely (set goals, to do list, plan, etc) 
  7. Say no when necessary to things that add more stress in your life
  8. Make more time for hobbies and interest (this is important)
  9. Get enough sleep (this is also very important and for some hard to do)
  10. Don’t rely on alcohol, drugs or food in order to ease your mind, it will be short term and will only be more stressful down the road.
  11. Spend more time with people you love being around (people who are doing well, people who love and support you, people that make you laugh or smile)
  12. Talk with a professional or look into taking a stress management class 
  13. Listening to music has said to help with getting your mind of the stressful situation

Sometimes it isn’t about coping, it is about allowing everything to come to surface.  I always tell myself and others when they are enduring stressful situations to allow tears and madness out, because keeping it in, fucks with your mind. 

This is what could happen if you don’t manage your stress: 
It can wear down the body’s natural defenses and cause symptoms: 
  1. Dizziness (being out of it)
  2. General aches and pains
  3. Grinding your teeth
  4. headaches 
  5. indigestion
  6. increase or loss of appetite
  7. muscle tension in neck, face or shoulders
  8. Problems sleeping
  9. Racing heart
  10. Cold and sweaty palms
  11. Tiredness and exhaustion
  12. Shaking 
  13. Weight gain or loss
  14. Upset stomach and/or diarrhea
  15. Sexual issues
  16. Being irritable, impatient or forgetful
“Stress is something we want to avoid, but avoiding it becomes more stressful” -Shay-lon Moss
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Strike Out!


Can’t get any simpler that this exercise!🙂 Strike out the ones you’ve completed and a little explanation of the one’s you’ve not.

I was nominated for this awesome exercise by PoojaG, thank you for nominating me, everyone should check this fellow blogger out, she does great poems and has awesome words of encouragement! 

Kissed someone– I mean I think this goes without saying, considering I am in a relationship.. 😉

Smoked a cigarette– I have hit it once or twice BUT totally did it wrong because I didn’t inhale it, that is how much I know about smoking, but no I am not a smoker.

Got so drunk you passed out- I have been drunk but never to this point. 

Gone to a rock concert- No, but that would be fun. I am not cool enough yet to have gone to one. 

Helped someone-  of course I have

Gone fishing– Yes. it was nice. 

Watched 4 movies in one night- Nope. After one movie, I am either in bed or doing something else. Haha

Lied to someone– Guilty as charged.

Failed a subject Yes. 

Been in a car accident– Not while I was the driver. 

Been in a tsunami- Thankfully not.

Watched someone die, including pets- I have been grateful enough to not have been there when people have died in my lifetime, because I don’t think I could manage watching someone die. 

Been to a funeral– Yes. Not my favorite pass time. 

Burned yourself– The price I pay for wanting to cook and wanting to be beautiful (flat iron)

Run a marathon- Life goal but probably will not happen anytime soon.

Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day my car 🙂

Flown on an airplane– Hm, not since being a baby. 

Written a 18 page letter (Front and back)- Pft no way, ha 

Gone skiing- Nope, not a fan of winter sports but wouldn’t mind giving it a try at least once. 

Lost someone you lovedSucks. 

Got into trouble for something you didn’t do– Hmm sure as a kid. 

Stolen a book from the library- no. 

Gone to a different country- no 😦

Gambled in a casino- No, but want to. 

Been in a school playYes! loved it. 

Taken a lie detector test- nope, never had to do such a thing. 

Voted for someone on a reality TV show- Haha, always want to, but never do. 

Read more than 20 books in a year– yes, once upon a time ago.

Gone to Europe- A life goal of mine. 

Had a surgery– Wisdom teeth, and when I cracked my head open as a baby. 

Had Stitches– I had some when I got my wisdom teeth pulled out. 

Ridden a tuk-tuk (autorickshaw)- I don’t know what this is. 

Had more than 5 IM messages going on all at once– Yesss, facebook IM

Been in a fist fightwith my sibling. ugh.  We had our rough patches, but didn’t manage to kill each other, so that is good 🙂

Suffered any form of abuse mental abuse it seemed from my first partner. 

Had a pet– yes. Family dogs 🙂

Petted a wild animal– Zoo animals. 

Had your own credit card and bought something with it –  I bought a whole lot of somethings with it. Now I am paying it all back 😀 

Dyed your hair- no.

Got a tattoo- nope. want one though, scared of needles is all. 

Had something pierced- yes. of course. love piercings. 

Got a straight A– 4.0 grading average in college 😀

Taken pictures with a webcam mhm

Caught people in the act of coitus– Yes, lol. Weird, so gross.  Secretly I enjoy it! lmfao jk!

Gone to sleep with music on– Yes

Dreamt of you making out with a celebrity bahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

I would like to nominate the following blog/bloggers to do this: 








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Hotels with Gyms


Hello bloggers!

Have any of you ever booked a hotel based on it having a fitness facility (among other amenities) and because you booked a luxury or upscale or semi upscale hotel, you assumed all their amenities would also be that way, but when you arrive and after checking out the place, you are distraught by the size and lack of equipment the hotel gym provided. I know I have many of times, and it bugs me to think that my workout can be compromised because of the lack of equipment.  In the recent years that I have booked hotels, I don’t normally book the most expensive hotel and I don’t book the lowest priced hotels, but stay somewhere in the middle if possible and base my search on location, amenities and reviews that I read online (not to mention the pictures) and obviously the price of the room each night.  I tend to always like my hotels to come stocked with a gym, because well, I like being able to still workout whenever I am out of town unless provided I am spending more time with someone and less time on my own but it seems like the more hotels that I have gone to, the smaller the gym and more inadequate it is.  Almost makes me laugh when I see a gym with one treadmill, one elliptical machine and one dumbbell with a yoga mat (yes this has happened to me before).  Most people might find this to not be of a bother because the pool, the hot tub, the space of the room, location, and space inside in the room seem to the most important aspects when others look for hotels, but for me, I want a good quality gym and if not in the hotel, I am always hoping there is one nearby that I have a membership for or I am doomed to use what I have. 

I am going to share with you ways to cope with a gym that is lacking when you are staying in a hotel

  1. Check out the location of the hotel, is there a gym near you?
  2. is the hotel located on a safe road where running is a option (outside)
  3. do you have any family or friends in the area that have a gym membership or can provide you with information on nearby parks, etc
  4. does the hotel have a gym?
  5. bring your own equipment (small things) no need to pack the whole gym with you, but bring small dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, etc with you if you wish to use them
  6. ask the hotel rep what their gym is like
  7. make do with what the hotel gym has, if it has cardio machines, use them.  If it has one dumbbell and a mat, be creative.
  8. Look at reviews to get an idea if anyone mentions the gym 
  9. do some online researching to see if any of the hotels in the surrounding area are said to have good quality gym facilities
  10. how long is your stay, is it going to be a HUGE deal if the gym sucks?
  11. bring dvds if the room has a dvd player and do workouts via the TV
  12. is there a swimming pool, if so, use that to get a good workout in. Swimming is a total body exercise
  13. Go for a walk to nearby shops and eateries, to get out and move
  14. rent a bike for a day if possible and ride around the area
  15. you can do crunches, push ups, planks, mountain climbers, supermans, side bends, etc all in your room. NOT ALL EXERCISES REQUIRE A GYM!!
Hopefully this list of ideas will help those of you who have had this same issue.  Sometimes you have to prepare for things to not always be perfect, so when you book a hotel, try to think outside of the box, especially when you are expecting a lavish stay and want the works.  The gym facility doesn’t have to be top of the line in order to be of use to you.  Not all exercises require a gym, sometimes you have to be creative and to be honest with you, as long as it makes sense, creativity can be a great source of exercise. Thank you for reading.
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Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Home at last. 9/6/16


Hello bloggers!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, that I am home at last. Made it back this evening safe and sound, although sad because I already miss my babe *sad face*. It was a GREAT Labor Day weekend with much dancing and laughter and plenty of food. I took 3 different videos using that new Facebook “Live” video and people enjoyed them. I thought about posting them on my blog page but I will have to see if that is possible and ask my partner if that is alright as well. I think for the most part this was a bitter sweet weekend, BUT on the up and up, I may be leaving again next weekend the weekend of the 17th, so we shall see. Also, my partner will be coming here for the 2nd time on the weekend of the 24th, so this will be a busy month (which is good).  I normally am good about giving everyone the inside scoop on what went on all weekend long, but decided today I wanted to spend sometime away from social media and relax, as I do go back to work later tonight, so I want to rest up and catch a nap maybe so. 

I have received all your messages, comments, and follows while away, but chose to not answer them so my attention could be spent with the special person in my life. I have been playing catch up today, so if I missed your comment, follow or message, email , etc, let me know and I will respond as soon as possible. I appreciate the patience, I will start again with blogging tomorrow as usual, as long as my time allots for it. I hope that all of you have had a great LABOR day weekend as well and was able to do something fun or exciting, maybe even relaxing.  Again, thank you to all my followers who have been supportive toward my blog post, I appreciate each and every one of you! 

Your Fitness blogger,

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P.S thank you to those who have reached out to my facebook page and liked my fitness page!