My first blender


So In case I had not mentioned, my mom bought me a blender as a gift.  I had tried talking her and my friends into giving me their blenders for free but nobody wanted to part with their blender.  I found it quite odd, because neither party used their blender enough or at all, and so I figured it was another appliance people buy that doesn’t go to use in the majority of households. I ended up talking my mom into getting me one of my choice, I didn’t know nothing about them, but I knew I wanted one to make milkshakes, smoothies, cut up veggies and crush ice, etc. I wanted my blender to do everything. Well finally my mom found time to go and get me one (mine is not the picture above).  This is week 2, and I finally worked up the nerve to use it because I was kinda scared since I didn’t know how to use one and didn’t know what to make but I kinda cheated and prepared myself by using Pinterest for ideas. Don’t judge me, everyone does it. Well, dinner sucked because I ended up burning my homemade pizza (new recipe) in the oven.  You probably would like to know how? Well because I was more entertained by social media and trying to network and paying less attention to my food cooking.  I learned a valuable lesson today: do not talk on the phone when something is cooking. 


So after deciding I wasn’t going to eat a burnt pizza, I thought to myself this would be a good time to use my blender and see how well it does. I set up the blender and kept telling myself “this thing is sexy as hell”; yes I am weird, lol. Everyone once in a while, I stopped and asked myself if I was putting everything together correctly. Finally, I decided I would use what I had at the house and added vanilla ice cream, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate syrup with a splash of almond milk and chose the correct blend option; there it went! My blender even came with its own spoon, which I thought was nifty to say the least. Anyhow once it was all blended up, I poured me a glass and took the first sip with a spoon, lol. && OH MY GOSH! it was amazing! it tasted so good, and I wanted more and more and more; in all honestly I could keep making them until the ingredients were out but didn’t (I use moderation) but I did have 2 half glasses. So not only did I try a blender for the first time, but now I can understand why no one wanted to give me their blender; it makes some really good milkshakes! All in all, I hope someone else enjoys my recipe I created, but I would also love to hear from all of you what ingredients you like to use for your shakes and smoothies or things you use your blender for.  Thank you for reading.


Your fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


The future of personal training by Shay-lon

This is my guest post blog on the future of personal training. I was nominated by a friend and mentor and I was honored, I hope that all will enjoy the read 🙂

Chape Fitness

Good morning, dears!!

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I´ve met Shay-lon  a few months ago. I liked her energy and honesty on every post and any topic. Her blog, Staying healthy isn´t a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice is a must read. She is a recent graduate in exercise science and next month she becomes a certified personal trainer.

You may disagree, I think students and recent graduates are great sources of knowledge. I also think I´ve found a jewel and I would like to share it with you. I´m pleased Shay-lon has accepted my invitation to contribute to this blog.

Please, give a warm welcome to my new colleague and friend, Shay-lon. Sure you´ll enjoy her insight as much as I did:

To begin with, personal training in the beginning served purposes that helped people like Arnold become a fitness icon and helped athletes do better in their sport or event. It was…

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Video Blog on the scale

Hello everyone, hopefully all of you have had the chance to watch my last video.  Today this video is about the scale, and will hopefully give people a whole new perspective about when they use the scale.  I want to keep people from using the scale to determine their beauty or their body type, we need to use the number on the scale as a way to determine what it means to us as individuals; instead of using it to compare to others. 


Click this link to watch the video—>My blog on the scale-video

Feel free to share, follow, subscribe, and comment. Would appreciate feedback!

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

My video on changing your perspective about fitness

Hey everyone I posted another video today to kick things off to a good start, hopefully this video has more clarity and it isn’t as long! thankfully, so please take a look and leave comments, share and subscribe. I would appreciate the feedback! This particular video is about changing the way you think of fitness, and how fitness should be more about how healthy someone is and less about what their body looks like. 

Here is the link to my youtube video—->My youtube video 🙂

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon Moss

P.S I do plan on blogging still, so don’t think I have stopped, I will busy today but hopefully tomorrow I will start another blog post 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Published my First Youtube video

My first youtube video link-click here

I hope all of you get the chance to watch my very first youtube video, this is just an introduction video about myself and my channel. It needs work because I am new to this whole video editing thing, but as time progresses, I will hopefully get the hang of it and do better video quality and not be as nervous as I was in this first one. My videos will be following my blog post and some may be more random and not mentioned in my blog post.  Please feel free to share my video, subscribe to my channel and leave comments; I just want to make a difference in this industry and with people in general and this is one way for me to do so. Again, thank you followers for being supportive!!!

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

Personal training family members

personal training my mom

I have yet to share with all of you, but I decided to take my mom on as a client to give me more practice, since I am not yet certified (hoping to be in July-August); she has really been on this whole wanting to lose weight and get toned gig.  She decided to indirectly ask me to help her lose weight and get her where she wants to be physically and I was happy because my mom isn’t overweight or anything but she wants to be more confident with her physique and healthier. 

Growing up my mom was the one who was outside playing football, basketball and softball with me and younger brother; she wasn’t always the first to run a sprint or even jog a mile but she still involved herself in our outdoor activities normally.  As time went on, my brother and I have gotten older and my mom doesn’t have the same amount of energy as she once had, not to mention I have a youngest brother who is 7 and he loves staying active when he is outside.  My mom tries to still engage in activity but I have noticed she does not have the same oxidation as she did before and it is because of multiple circumstances; one being her age, she is in her late 40s now.   It didn’t take much for her to sign up for a gym membership with me, she loves going to the gym (it helps give her time to herself and focus on her, and helps with her stress) and not to mention she stays pretty dedicated. I am proud of her, I really am.  I won’t go into much more detail, because she might get upset., but anyways… I just started helping her with her journey.  I make her workout plans and do my best to cater to her needs with modifications and of course encourage her.  

My mom is the type of person where she needs to know why we do each and every exercise; which is fine but she sometimes doubts me because I just recently graduated in exercise science and have yet to get certified but at the same time she knows I can help her because I lost my own weight, I helped 3 other people do things they wanted to do and I know my stuff and when I don’t, I will research it. She is in between “Okay Shay” and “Eh, I don’t think I need to do all that” and while I am patient with her, I am starting to think she enjoys being a rebel when it comes to listening to my best interest at heart. Luckily she has continue to stick in there and this is only week 2, I am trying to put her on a routine of days to workout with me and on her own when she isn’t at the gym but her schedule is busy and full of “if I have time”, and sometimes those are hard barriers, but I don’t allow it to stop me from focusing on her goals and doing my part. Hopefully by the 6 months we will either have hit her goal(s) or be half way there and that will give her more incentive to keep going. Like I said, she isn’t in the worse of shape and still enjoys being active as much as her body allows her and she especially loves playing softball with me when she has the time and playing baseball with my youngest brother. I think the first couple of weeks are always the hardest when you start a new client, especially family members because you have much more pressure and it is someone you care about and love and you don’t want to let them down. 

The moral of the story is, sometimes personal training family members can be of its own kind of challenge and gives you a different perspective.  Not saying that all family members will be hard or that your peers will be easier; but that training family members can have its perks and at the same time be a disaster depending on the circumstances. In my case, I know she will continue to stick it out, but I hope she continues to make the proper adjustments to receive the best results possible.  I don’t determine what she is happy with, I don’t get to decide what is “good enough” and I have no control on how much effort she gives, all I have control over is being the best daughter, sister and personal trainer I can be & continue to learn, teach and help.  I would love to hear everyone’s feedback on this matter, do you find personal training your family members to be challenging or easier? If you aren’t training your family, do you feel like it is hard to get other people on your fitness bandwagon and to take their health as serious as you do (friends, family, peers, etc). Something to think about.  Thank you for reading!

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

Body and mind Malfuction


The picture above depicts my life yesterday. Have you ever been so tired that leaving the bed becomes more like a chore and less like routine? The thought of moving makes you frown and you find every excuse to sleep in a little bit longer? Your body is off, you are used to waking up early with no problem but all of a sudden you have no motivation to leave your bed? You don’t quite fall bask to sleep, but instead either play on your phone waiting for the first text message of the day or find some other form of social media to keep you busy? You have something that needs done in the morning and you are steady trying to talk yourself into going, but after about 1 hour; you realize you aren’t going? You can’t seem to keep still for very long, you are trying to find a comfortable spot in the bed but the more you move, the more uncomfortable you are? Has anyone been through this period of their life, where getting out of bed seems impossible.  I had set my alarm clock the night prior because I knew I had CrossFit class in the morning; mind you I had gotten home after 11pm because I was working 8 hours. I went to bed around midnight or so, and I am not one who falls asleep as soon as I close my eyes, it takes me awhile before I fall asleep and normally it takes me trying to entertain myself to do so.  Well, anyways, I had woken up around 7AM and decided it was too early, I was thinking about CrossFit; which started at 9AM and decided I would sleep in for another hour before getting up and ready.  Well, 8AM came around and I was still debating about whether I wanted to wake up for the class or stay in bed/home, it was a back and forth fight in my mind.  I ended up drifting back to sleep, it was after 10AM when I had woken up and realized I had missed my class; I wasn’t too upset about it but it annoyed me because I could have used that workout since I missed 3 days at the gym.  Around that same time, I was slightly more functional, I had a text message from my mom reminding me to help my aunt with moving stuff to the U-haul and I made myself a decent breakfast and even had enough energy to make some homemade cheeseballs. 

Throughout the day, I was lagging and very slowly becoming irritable and bored.  I didn’t want to necessarily sleep but I felt fairly lazy; like my body wanted to rest but my mind didn’t.  I got home around 7PM and decided to have dinner, normally I eat dinner at 5PM but it was late dinner last night and if it wasn’t for a friend of mine, I would have either ended up sleeping before going back to work or laying down doing nothing productive.  Nonetheless, that is one of very rare other occasions where I just didn’t want to leave my bed, my body didn’t want to function or be productive and my mood was tired and exhausted but couldn’t bare having to go back to sleep. I think the cause could have been of many things but wanted your input on this, because I am sure others like myself have gone through this same thing and it bums ya out.  Luckily today I woke up on time and was able to function throughout the day with no issues.  I think what I will do is look up some information and might write a post on how to get a good nights rest and be productive for the next day and then maybe list some causes and effects; something like that. I think it will serve as good information for now only myself but others who may have gone through the same episode. I would love to hear from all of you if you have had this issue, or have some tips/advice you want to share with me and I will even add it to my next blog post on sleep and health. Thanks for reading! 

Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

P.S If anyone also wants to add any input on how to make a good Youtube video that will attract people and be informative and fun about fitness and health, I would appreciate that as well. Tomorrow I am hopefully finally going to do my very first Youtube video (assuming my day goes as planned and I have time for it) I will let everyone know when it is posted though and would love feedback.  If you are someone who has used Youtube before and know the strings, please get ahold of me, I know very little about making a great video and channel and would adore tips/advice. I will also do my own research sometime today so I can be semi prepared for it.

I have a softball game today, so if you get a hold of me, please be patient, I will be sure to respond back ASAP. Thank you.