My First Smoothie, Short blog post because I am running out of time

fruit smoothie

I am writing this in a rush because I have a few minutes before I need to pack up and leave for work, but decided I would post about how I created my first smoothie and it turned out pretty decent for a first. I have never had a smoothie prior to tonight, but I figured since being sick and not really being in the mood to eat actual foods, I would try something different and as you all have read I have a blender now. I didn’t quite know what to expect other than something fruity, so I used what was left of my fruits and used some yogurt I had and added sweetner to it and some ice and blended it together and there it was! The crushing of the ice was probably the hardest part but didn’t take too long once I had the hang of it.  Thankfully my blender didn’t fail me and the smoothie came out splendid, it will be something that I will consider making more often.  I realize I could research smoothie recipes on my own, but would love to hear some smoothies that you all make; ingredients that go well together, and some favorites that you would recommend. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section or email me 🙂 Thank you for reading!

Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

P.S tomorrow I will have a couple of post since today I was late in posting and so hopefully I will also have the chance to do my video blogs as well, fingers crossed!


Women & Fitness


For beginners, I would like to apologize that I have not been on to blog in a few days, I was very sickly and bed ridden and had very little to no energy left in me to blog or even leave my house. To say the least, today I am feeling a bit better and my appetite seems to be coming back now.  I have missed the gym for the past 3-4 days and I am very grumpy about that as of now, so tomorrow will be my first day back into the routine that I lost since being sick. I also am missing my 2nd softball game and this sucks as well but I will be fine to hopefully play next weekend; assuming my work schedule allows for me too,  I lost 2-5 pounds unintentionally since being sick and I will start my cleanse pill once again since I missed 3 days of that as well. So to say, I have been behind is about right, I have been behind and falling off track and complacent. I have decided to create a list of Goals and will go from there but this is a subject for another blog. I will say my guest post  went very well and I received a great amount of feedback and supportive, thanks to my followers and new followers and people who have taken time to read it! 

So to begin, I decided I would do a semi special post today because I thought it would make for a good topic since I myself am a female and have thoughts and I myself would love to hear from other females how they feel about women in the fitness industry (personal trainers, fitness professionals, etc) anything dealing with fitness and health but let us keep the fitness competition aspect out of this post since that will be a discussion for another day.  Now just because this post is about women’s fitness, please do not mistaken that for “I do not want to hear from a male perspective” because as you all know and should know by now, I encourage any and everybody to share their thoughts, opinions and alternative way of thinking with me and others because no answer is final when it comes to this discussion because I might share a different perspective from another female or male.  I don’t want anything I say to be taken as fact unless I say so otherwise in this particular post.  Are we all understanding of this? Okay, cool, moving on! The reason I want to discuss this is because I want to make light of the differences and share how I feel when I am being compared to a male or female counterpart.  It isn’t easy working in a male dominated industry but it especially isn’t easy if you can’t hold your own against one. I will even go further as to say that I believe working in a male dominated industry can take a toll on a female who isn’t yet self aware and self confident in herself. 

In my opinion women not only have to hold their own physically but mentally being in the fitness industry because the majority of critics are going to be more harsh toward a female if she doesn’t fit the “bill”; you won’t get anywhere if you are average. Now that doesn’t go to say that if we don’t all crossfit and look like ‘hulkgirl’, we won’t get anywhere because that is false, we will still find work and have clients and possibly be happy and love our jobs, but the women who look “above average” and have “above average” bodies and “above average” mentalities tend to make the majority of money and tend to get the majority of exposure NOT because they always have above average credentials and have experience but because they look good next to the above average male figure and would represent more and that means more revenue in the fitness industry.  The industry is unregulated, it fails to send the proper messages and it makes it difficult for average females such as myself to make a name for myself when I am competing against someone who is a bodybuilder and or someone who is a Crossfit champion 10 times over. Now am I angry? YES! not because I don’t respect other women and their hard work but because I want women to not feel like they need to stand next to a male figure and compete in order to prove something. Not all women in this industry care to be compared to their male counterparts and not all men care as of what a women stands for in the fitness industry but it has been clear to me that a lot of focus is pinned on: what she looks like, how often does she squat and how much? and can she used as not only a personal trainer but a sex symbol? I hate to say this, but sex sells and sex-appeal sells, if you do not look good, the fitness industry may or may not sponsor you, support your products, and may not give you an oz of a (f word). 

Another thing is, it depends on the woman’s goal in the fitness world, it depends on what she wants to do, the kind of clients she wants to help and how she wants to represent herself to the public. Back in the day, it didn’t take much but someone who wanted to make a difference in someone else’s health and give people results but these days results are second place unless you are working at a gym or starting off as a personal trainer and don’t really care to make a name for yourself. What people need to understand is results should be top priority (especially as a female) because you have to stand out. Our bodies can only take us so far, once our bodies have reached a certain point, there is always going to be bigger and better out there and instead of trying to keep up with everyone’s body type and trying to lift heavier and heavier weights to win over people, GO FOR THE RESULTS! make it so your clients are gaining results, because that is the difference between a good personal trainer and a model, in my opinion. Mentally it can take a toll on a female who is not already self prepared or self confident in herself because again she is going to want to constantly look better and do better than both her male counter parts and other women UNLESS she knows where she is going, how she is getting there, and what the goal is and sticks to it; otherwise she falls behind and becomes stressed. Women’s fitness can be difficult and scary because you don’t want to be looked down upon but don’t want people to feel bad for you and definitely don’t want to be compared to another female who is doing supposedly better or worse than you.  These is this saying that I made “if you want to be true to self, then do exactly opposite of what society tells you to”. 

As a woman in this industry and just starting out, I will admit I am confused as to what to do, where to start, what body type I want and why I want it and who am I trying to impress and if it is worth it? Not to mention I am still learning, and trying to network and trying to find my in.. my way of being me but not allowing others to change me or make me into this mold. I knew I wanted to personal train and be a wellness coach and I knew I wanted a better body for myself but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to mold my physical features; I just wanted to be like every fit girl on TV or on a magazine and be that person people say great things about.  I knew I wanted my name to be a reason people smiled and felt confident about who they are and how they look and I wanted to be something more than a girl on a magazine cover that had to pretend they knew what they were talking about in order to appease her sponsors and get paid. I always knew I wanted more! I didn’t want to follow the leader, instead I wanted to see where being me would take me and maybe give other people incentive to be themselves as well.  Now after realizing all that I wanted, I decided I would have to start from the bottom and work my way up like the next person and continue to work my ass off to make a brand name, become a staple and continue to learn about fitness/health and actually know what I am talking about by having my education and experience & talking to people who then become mentors; it is a process but I enjoy the process because I am going to benefit from taking the long road and having to struggle along the way versus taking the short path and ending up at a constant feeling of having to be like everyone else in the industry. I need to be the change I want to see happen so that is what I am setting out to do.  Believe it or not, I am setting out to be the change in the industry and being the reason we come together and work towards the same goal; which is helping others to want to take their health more seriously. That is my hope. It is a HUGE goal of mine but it can be done if I talk to the right people and take the proper steps in the right direction and get people on board. 

All in all, I have mad respect for the majority of people in this industry; whether you are a personal trainer, crossfit coach or fitness guru, health coach, etc. I have mad love for those who stay true to who they are and don’t allow society to mold them.  I have mad respect for all the women in our industry who know what it is like to have to work hard in order to make a business flourish. I have mad respect for the men who encourage women to continue working in this field, I have mad respect to those who do their job and do a damn good job doing it.  I have mad respect to those who are starting off like myself and are on the same journey, hopefully we shall meet.  I have mad respect for anyone and everyone in this field of work that didn’t look to be better than but to better themselves and grow. I love this field and I wouldn’t change my major for the world, but some things should be changed and someone has to step up and say how they feel, I don’t mind difference of opinions and/or feedback, I want to hear back from both males and females in the industry and share their experience, the good and bad.  Any tips women can give other women who want to be in this job market and how difficult it can be.. be honest but not brutal. Hope you enjoyed the read!

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

My first blender


So In case I had not mentioned, my mom bought me a blender as a gift.  I had tried talking her and my friends into giving me their blenders for free but nobody wanted to part with their blender.  I found it quite odd, because neither party used their blender enough or at all, and so I figured it was another appliance people buy that doesn’t go to use in the majority of households. I ended up talking my mom into getting me one of my choice, I didn’t know nothing about them, but I knew I wanted one to make milkshakes, smoothies, cut up veggies and crush ice, etc. I wanted my blender to do everything. Well finally my mom found time to go and get me one (mine is not the picture above).  This is week 2, and I finally worked up the nerve to use it because I was kinda scared since I didn’t know how to use one and didn’t know what to make but I kinda cheated and prepared myself by using Pinterest for ideas. Don’t judge me, everyone does it. Well, dinner sucked because I ended up burning my homemade pizza (new recipe) in the oven.  You probably would like to know how? Well because I was more entertained by social media and trying to network and paying less attention to my food cooking.  I learned a valuable lesson today: do not talk on the phone when something is cooking. 


So after deciding I wasn’t going to eat a burnt pizza, I thought to myself this would be a good time to use my blender and see how well it does. I set up the blender and kept telling myself “this thing is sexy as hell”; yes I am weird, lol. Everyone once in a while, I stopped and asked myself if I was putting everything together correctly. Finally, I decided I would use what I had at the house and added vanilla ice cream, bananas, strawberries, peanut butter and chocolate syrup with a splash of almond milk and chose the correct blend option; there it went! My blender even came with its own spoon, which I thought was nifty to say the least. Anyhow once it was all blended up, I poured me a glass and took the first sip with a spoon, lol. && OH MY GOSH! it was amazing! it tasted so good, and I wanted more and more and more; in all honestly I could keep making them until the ingredients were out but didn’t (I use moderation) but I did have 2 half glasses. So not only did I try a blender for the first time, but now I can understand why no one wanted to give me their blender; it makes some really good milkshakes! All in all, I hope someone else enjoys my recipe I created, but I would also love to hear from all of you what ingredients you like to use for your shakes and smoothies or things you use your blender for.  Thank you for reading.


Your fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

The future of personal training by Shay-lon

This is my guest post blog on the future of personal training. I was nominated by a friend and mentor and I was honored, I hope that all will enjoy the read 🙂

Chape Fitness

Good morning, dears!!

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I´ve met Shay-lon  a few months ago. I liked her energy and honesty on every post and any topic. Her blog, Staying healthy isn´t a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice is a must read. She is a recent graduate in exercise science and next month she becomes a certified personal trainer.

You may disagree, I think students and recent graduates are great sources of knowledge. I also think I´ve found a jewel and I would like to share it with you. I´m pleased Shay-lon has accepted my invitation to contribute to this blog.

Please, give a warm welcome to my new colleague and friend, Shay-lon. Sure you´ll enjoy her insight as much as I did:

To begin with, personal training in the beginning served purposes that helped people like Arnold become a fitness icon and helped athletes do better in their sport or event. It was…

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Video Blog on the scale

Hello everyone, hopefully all of you have had the chance to watch my last video.  Today this video is about the scale, and will hopefully give people a whole new perspective about when they use the scale.  I want to keep people from using the scale to determine their beauty or their body type, we need to use the number on the scale as a way to determine what it means to us as individuals; instead of using it to compare to others. 


Click this link to watch the video—>My blog on the scale-video

Feel free to share, follow, subscribe, and comment. Would appreciate feedback!

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My video on changing your perspective about fitness

Hey everyone I posted another video today to kick things off to a good start, hopefully this video has more clarity and it isn’t as long! thankfully, so please take a look and leave comments, share and subscribe. I would appreciate the feedback! This particular video is about changing the way you think of fitness, and how fitness should be more about how healthy someone is and less about what their body looks like. 

Here is the link to my youtube video—->My youtube video 🙂

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon Moss

P.S I do plan on blogging still, so don’t think I have stopped, I will busy today but hopefully tomorrow I will start another blog post 🙂 Thanks for reading!


Published my First Youtube video

My first youtube video link-click here

I hope all of you get the chance to watch my very first youtube video, this is just an introduction video about myself and my channel. It needs work because I am new to this whole video editing thing, but as time progresses, I will hopefully get the hang of it and do better video quality and not be as nervous as I was in this first one. My videos will be following my blog post and some may be more random and not mentioned in my blog post.  Please feel free to share my video, subscribe to my channel and leave comments; I just want to make a difference in this industry and with people in general and this is one way for me to do so. Again, thank you followers for being supportive!!!

Your fitness blogger,

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