Modeling industry at a glance


Its the industry they work in that enforces being skinny & looking like someone. other people want to be like.  If it wasn’t for out coward way of thinking, I think our models walking the runway, spreading on magazines, bedroom posters and billboards would have a better sense of reality and probably would not feel so obligated to be underweight to make money.  It’s this type of thinking that has got people running around trying every diet possible to get down to size 00 & soon finding themselves in a hospital from lack of proper nourishment.  I used the links above to give everyone an idea of what some of these models look like and the problems surrounding the modeling industry & don’t you worry I’ll target the “big and beautiful modeling” world as well in another post.  You can’t deem this necessary and yet we find it totally sexy and erotic to have less skin showing and more bones revealed.

I decided to make this a side post, because I definitely plan on making it a “something to think about” topic for people entering this field of work, studying this, are a model themselves and believe what they see is what “perfect” looks like.  I hate to sound negative but this is not a sign of perfect this is a sign of destroying your health.  Which I am solely against. Yes, cigs, alcohol, and multiple other things destroy your health as well & probably seem more important; but guess what.. I am not here to preach about all that stuff.. I am here to open your eyes to things that go “under the radar” such as this. I can almost guarantee most of you already know every drug that could kill you & know that an abundance of alcohol can turn one into an alcoholic if they aren’t aware of their drinking habits, but I am willing to bet half of of the world probably has no idea that striving for this type of “unhealthy body” can kill someone and take away their life and future.   This isn’t to say models aren’t beautiful, this is to say their beauty is based on their weight and how they look… which is a poor way of judging someones beauty in my opinion; sure I like eye candy too.. but what’s eye candy if they look like they are suffering.

Most models don’t make it their business to tell people what a day to day eating, exercise regimen consist of because most of us would not be able to keep up with it anyways (it’s hard work and extremely difficult) I would have to guess the majority of today’s models who are “skinny” are on a strict diet for starters and probably have a some type of exercise regiment they have to stick to because if it changes it could change how they look in a split second which means less chances of getting work.   Feel the pressure yet? I guess I can’t blame them for wanting to be perfect, most of them grew up having parents who were models, or thought the modeling world just consisted of being pretty and looking good while having their pictures taken; they probably were not given a heads up on how hard it would be to compete against other women who who are “skinnier”, “taller”, and “prettier”.  If they had known this before taking this industry so seriously..some of them may have decided another career choice or maybe would have fought to make sure other women did not have to meet these standards.  I am not sure if it would have changed anything at all, who knows.  I just think to myself how beautiful these women are but none of them know this.  None of them go to bed feeling this way, none of them ever feel good enough, and yet we keep pushing the bar higher and higher; to the point where one day someone is going to be modeling on their deathbed.

Anyways, I think this gives people and idea of what this world is made of.  It also can open some eyes and make some people rethink some things about this industry and probably will cause a ruckus because I am not model myself but I can read between the lines.  I will stand behind this topic because I want others to know the pain of being “picture perfect” sucks and it doesn’t go away when people expect it out of you.  To all my models out there, you are beautiful, you are sexy, and you are trying and all of us can see it.. don’t ever feel like we expect more out of you then what you can deliver, hell none of us can do your job better than you can.. we want you to all be healthy and happy and if you aren’t either of those or both of those things, you need to put your foot down! we got your back!

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Pre-judgement zone at the Gym

Your biggest eyes have been used to assume the worst in others” -Shay-lon Moss

Gym 1

So for the past couple of days or so, i have been trying really hard to post different topics on each blog site because I thought that was the “way to go” but then I realized, its probably not the best option because not everyone uses other blogging sites.  For those of you who do not already know this, I have a tumblr, wordpress and google blogger account and so I realized not everyone has each of these like I do so not everyone can see what I post if I post something different on all of them, I want to make it easier for all of you & make my new goal copying all my post from each site onto one another so that EVERYONE sees EVERYTHING. If you do have all three of these or 2/3 of these and follow me.. I will still try to make one of them more or less different if I can but I am focusing on making them all the same so no one misses out.  Below I will post what I posted yesterday on my google blogger & both of them are on tumblr as we speak.

“When one steps inside the gym, he looks to see who is watching”


Today I want to talk about “gym judgement”.  For those of you who may not have heard of this phrase it’s because I just made it up.  Gym judgement is when you assume why someone attends the gym, why someone has the body they have, making light of someones bad form but not helping them correct it, making light of your body when know its better than someone else’s, laughing at someone who doesn’t lift as much as you do, making sure eyes are on you when you workout because you want to show off and prejudging everyone in the gym. Guess why I am speaking on this particular topic? because it happens & I have witnessed it the past 3-4 days now at my gym. Now before someone decides to say “everybody passes gym judgement” , you are correct but not everyone does it the same way.  Gym judgement can also be a good thing when it’s used positively.  Which I will explain.


Negative gym judgement examples:

  • she has cellulite
  • she shouldn’t wear leggings while working out because her legs are flabby
  • who walks the treadmill? seriously.
  • grandma needs to stay home because she obviously can’t move worth a shit
  • this guy is only lifting ______ pounds.. what a joke
  • he/she has bad form, they shouldn’t use the machine if they can’t use it properly
  • he/she comes here everyday, but still manages to be fat
  • that chick is super skinny, she should probably gain some muscle.
  • omg, who wears that to a gym..
  • wearing clothes that show more skin than necessary
  • drawing attention to yourself because you know you “look good”
  • lifting more weight than necessary but not able to use correct form/technique

Now some of these are verbal and others are non verbal ques of gym judgement. It’s making a conscious decision to make light of other people’s flaws while they workout & to puff your head up while you workout to make others around you feel intimidated or uncomfortable.  Its become apparent to me, that three men at my gym have made it pretty clear they enjoy gym judging people.  Actually they say much worse about the people, then I stated above but I choose to not type those words out. Normally their victims are elderly, young girls, young guys, anyone who seems “weak”, “ugly”, or overweight or vulnerable. These three men don’t make light out loud of course but they say things where I can usually hear it if I am near them or enough to make the person walk away & ignore them.  Mind you these men are middle aged men, probably late 30s early 40s.. and its really ridiculous they come to the gym to workout and ridicule others.


Positive gym judgement example:

  • Helping someone fix their form/technique and explaining to them why
  • complimenting someone on how well they are doing
  • Taking the time to realize everyone goes to the gym for the same reasons: to workout
  • Wearing appropriate clothing that doesn’t have to show your assets to make a point
  • staying humble but confident enough to do your workout and feel good
  • lifting weight that you know you can lift without destroying your form/technique
  • learning from someone else how to do a certain exercise
  • talking to fellow gym members to understand their reasoning for wanting to workout
  • have a positive attitude
  • don’t compete to show off
  • keep your jokes about people’s appearance to yourself and do not make light of it.
  • ask yourself if that was your grandma would you want someone to talk to her like that? if that was your mom or sister or brother, would you want people to laugh at them?

Again these might not all be something you are interested in, but these are positive ways to attend a gym and get the most out of them. Some of the negatives are also another form of body shaming, and its sad because people want to come to the gym to improve, gain confidence, feel good, socialize, to “get away”, lose weight, gain muscle.  The gym can be someones safe haven but when people tear people down instead of uplifting them, it makes it harder for people to want to go.  I know females can be quite harsh toward other females; when it comes to body and appearance but it needs to stop because at some point you might hit an ultimate low point in your life and trust me you will not want someone to continually tear you down.


Maybe some of you may know someone who is negative when they attend the gym or people who make light of others flaws instead of helping them, maybe you are one of these types of people yourself.  We all judge people, I do know this, even I do on a daily basis. but when I pass judgement at the gym, most likely I also try to help that person or put myself in their shoes because I have no idea how that person may feel or handle it, not to mention I never want someone to ever feel uncomfortable around me or intimidated. As for the three men at the gym who seem to enjoy passing negative judgement toward others at the gym, I plan on saying something to them if I hear of it again.


All-in-all just be aware of your mindset when you attend a gym and see people of all body types and training levels, keep in mind some people may struggle and that’s when you help and show them the way or maybe find someone who can or just ignore it and focus on yourself if you don’t care. Either way, just make sure you keep your mind open and comments to yourself if you have to be negative.

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Motivation. Who has it?

The lack of motivation happens when you decide it’s someone else’s job to make you do something” -Shay-lon Moss

Motivation: The act or an instance of motivating or providing with a reason to act in a certain way.

What motivates you? Who motivates you? & Why? Well these are the questions one should ask themselves; especially those of you who do feel motivated because chances are if you have no motivation you won’t be able to answer these questions. Let start with myself for an example.

Just an FYI, this is still based around fitness,health, and overall wellness which you will soon learn how.  

  1. I feel motivated to stay in shape, eat healthier when I think of the fact that I want to be a personal trainer, going to school for exercise science and know a few people who look up to me and want my help to make them feel better about themselves. I feel motivated when I see the obesity rates go up, when schools get rid of P.E classes, when  I think of my overall goal of wanting to be a fitness mogul of some type that helps people worldwide with how they feel and look & teach people to look at fitness in a different way. I feel motivated when I am challenged, debated, and questioned about my interest in fitness and health.  I feel most motivated when I look at myself in the mirror and realize how far I’ve come and how proud I am to be where I am now with my health and fitness. ( I hit a rough spot with my weight for a while) 
  2. Quite honestly I have learned to motivate myself but when I need support I have a few friends who also keep me motivated, I have my siblings who motivate me to want to be the best I can be.
  3. Why do I feel motivated by these things because I know all of these things play a factor in who I am today and my decisions I have made that go along with staying fit and healthy and helping others. 

Fitness and motivation go hand in hand when it comes to wanting the best for yourself.  The reason being is because if you lack any sort of motivation, you will most likely give up.  This is why you see people quit when they don’t see results, stop running before hitting the finish line, stop walking everyday to work instead taking their cars, stop eating healthy, stop worrying about their health because these people gave up and these people gave up because they had no motivation.  For some of you who are motivated, whatever motivates you is the same thing someone else may need to motivate them.  For those of you who don’t feel motivated, I am here to get you started because I want to guide you toward a positive mindset so that your motivation is internal like mine but if you run out internal motivation you still have the support of others.  The goal is to do things for YOU and not for someone else.  The end result of motivation is YOU have to want it, because someone else wanting it isn’t going to keep you moving for very long.  Trust me.  I am going to give you some steps to get started on motivating self.. 

  1. Say I can.
  2. Say I will.
  3. Say Today I start, tomorrow I continue
  4. Start small, grow big (small goals, big dreams)
  5. Fuel your inner self (build self confidence, positive thoughts)

When I think about these basic steps, I realize they seem so simple, but actually this will be a battle with yourself, this will test your determination, will power, and inner strength. You will fail, you will fall, you will feel weak, you will crack, you will feel defeated and lose hope; because of all that you will come out more motivated than ever.  I challenge everyone of you to take these steps and use them.  I promise it will take time & the road will be rough but once you reach the point where you can self motivate yourself, then you will be able to motivate others and then they will in return reach their internal motivation. Using motivation from others consist of:

  1. Talking to likeminded people
  2. Support them and they will support you
  3. share your achievements with peers
  4. post your achievements on social media

Both kinds of motivation are very good & no matter what, you should always know I will be your # 1  fan cheering you on and supporting you as you go through this journey of fitness and health. If you need to know who is here to back you up when you fall, I’ll be that person. If you need to know who you can brag to when you feel like you conquered a hurdle, I’ll be that person. When you need someone to cry to because you fell and thought you couldn’t get back up, I’ll be there to make sure both your legs are working (metaphorically speaking), when the rain pours, I’ll be your umbrella & when all odds are against you, I’ll fight with you.  I’ll be your external motivation & your friend through this. Take my hand & lets get started!  Thank you for reading, Feel free to comment, share, like and follow me. I appreciate all my followers now and I hope I have inspired some of you to take lead with me and allow me to help you feel like the best person you can be. 


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Your Strength

“Don’t Stop picking up the bar because you can’t lift it, keep trying because one day it will be the reason you fight harder” =Shay-lon Moss


Okay so today, will be quick & painless. I just started a tumblr account & some of you might know what it is and others may not.  For the ones who are not aware of this site ; it’s another blogging site but much more hip.  I was exploring this site & trying to figure out how to use it, I finally figured it all out to say the least it took me a good 30 minutes.  I started messaging people right away to get an idea of what they post about fitness and how they get so many followers.  For right now, I have only received one message back and she told me “Motivation and beating their cravings” is the way to attract people to your blog.  I was a bit confused because It seems to easy to talk about. Well, I decided I would go along with it for now but I am still going to blog about what I would on this site and google blogger. Today’s post is about motivation, and actually I plan on talking about this more tomorrow because I am running low on time.  

I just want feedback today & hopefully some good ideas that motivate you.  I know this sounds crazy and all, but I want to be able to motivate people whom have a great deal of problems keeping them from motivating themselves.  So yes share, comment, like and follow and get back with me. If I don’t hear anything from anyone, I’ll just write tomorrow on reasons why people lack motivation and what I can do to help you stay motivated. 


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Choose the right shoe

Shoe difference

Sears helps you choose a shoe

WebMD Shoe help

“When life gives you shoes, wear them”

Lets talk Shoes.

I had someone bring up shoes because they wanted me to help them get back into shape before the summer hits us.  I agreed of course because I love helping people & I of course spoke to him briefly about what shoes they wear to run and workout in; well they expressed they had no tennis shoes.   He is a close friend of mine & so I assumed he had at least ONE pair of some type of running shoes, so I asked him if he had old running shoes or any training shoes and then he says “what is the difference, I have neither but which ones should I invest in”?, I let him know to first invest into a good pair of running shoes that were comfortable; then we would talk about having you get a pair of training shoe when it was needed. The gist of this was I didn’t realize people didn’t know there was such a thing called “training shoes” so this post is for anyone who has been longing to know what training shoes are and the purpose of them; also what are running shoes.

Training shoes: also known as “Cross -training shoes”

  • A soft shoe designed to be used for athletic training
  • not meant for continuous running (long distance)
  • not meant for everyday use
  • maximum flexibility for more agility like motions
  • heavier than running shoes
  • treads on shoes are light
  • should be able to sustain 100 hours of wear – “Dicks Sporting Goods”
  • mostly used inside a gym
  • versatile shoe

Cross training shoes can be used for multiple purposes and its important that you wear the right shoes for the right activity. These types of shoes can be used to play sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball if necessary but doesn’t mean they are the BEST option, the best option are the specific shoes for the specific sport, I don’t have a pair myself anymore, but I will buy some because I do attend a gym and these shoes are good for that stuff as long as I am not running more than 5K.  These shoes aren’t absolutely necessary to buy but it is good to have variety in case you do need them because at some point you will hurt your ankle if you wear the wrong shoes for the wrong event.

Running shoes: 

  • Heavy tread
  • meant for running, jogging
  • high cushioning
  • curved for forward motion
  • support focused on heel impact
  • lightweight shoes for faster, freer movements
  • not meant for weight lifting, basketball, aerobics
  • meant for forward motions
  • no lateral stability

Now, I feel like I have forgotten many other types of shoes and I could go into all the shoes.. possible for each sport: basketball, tennis shoes, walking shoes, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, and ect. I could list all the above, but I am not going to do that because those are the more obvious shoes.  Now if for some reason someone does have a question about the types of shoes, I will be more than happy to help.  I also wanted to mention that finding a good pair of shoes is very important, shoes can be pricey but trust me when I tell you “a good shoe is a quality shoe” , this means the better quality the shoe it most likely will be a good shoe.  Rumor has it you shouldn’t walk into a sports store and try on a couple of pair shoes and pick the best one, they say you should visit an speciality athletic shop and have someone help you choose the right shoe for your foot.  I don’t do this, because I don’t have that kind of time on my hands and I don’t have that kind of shop in my town.  I just think its safer to choose the right shoe for the right type of activity.

This was just a little tid-bit for today, Thank for reading. Feel free to comment, share, like, follow.



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The Health Apps

Top 50 apps for health and fitness

Itunes Apps– health and fitness list

“trying something new , challenges you for change” -Shay-lon Moss

I don’t want to keep track of my calorie intake, my water consumption, the amount of activity I partake in, the type of exercise, the maintenance of my body (weight/height), the types of food I indulge in, and make myself feel worse when I go over the goal for today because I probably don’t want to face my fear and find out what I am doing wrong because that means I’ll have to change it & what If I fail? What if I can’t afford a healthier me? What if life happens and I forget to keep track? What if I find out I am overweight/underweight? What ifs aren’t good, because they go nowhere and keep you from everything. Instead try this “I am”, “I can” & “I will”.  

All of sudden you don’t need a pen and paper, now you can use your handy tablet, phone, computer and it will help make life easier on you.  I say this because keeping track of your health seems tedious when you think about what all goes into it, and quite frankly it seems a bit scary at first.  Most people don’t realize, it doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t have to be done alone. 

Today I noticed how my new phone came with a “S health” app for my phone (Samsung Note 4) & previous to using this app, I was on “Myfitnesspal” & “Mapmyfitness” apps, I liked them both and used them everyday.  Today I am going to talk to everyone about how to use these apps and which ones are recommended, although all of them probably work the same way or have some of the same properties.  I will talk to you about why it’s important to keep track of what you do with your day to day, give you advice on how to keep track properly, how to stay on track, how to remember to track, the benefits of each thing and I’ll even go into great depths about certain apps that I have used or am using currently.  If for some reason you do not own any form of technology I can go over ways to still keep track with paper and pen. I’ll also try to share some quick tips, share my own personal usage, and hopefully everyone will find what works for them! To start, I just want to mention this is not a post pushing people to conform to technology, this post is to help people gain experience and know what is available to them. 

To begin, some of the apps I will list below are either for Iphone, android or both so pay particular attention to the () beside them so you are downloading the appropriate app for your technology.  

  • MapMyFitness (Android & iOS; free)
  • MyFitnessPal (Android & iOS; free)
  • FitStar Personal trainer (iOS; free)
  • Nike+ Training Club (Android & iOS; free)
  • HealthyOut (Android & iOS; free)
  • ShopWell (Android & iOS; free)
  • Fitbit (Android & iOS; free) – you need the fitbit accessory
  • Weight Watchers (android; free)
  • MapMyride (Android & iOS; free)
  • Nike Running (Android & iOS; free)
  • “S Health” (Android; free; certain phones)

Now of course there are tons more, and I did not mention all of them because I have yet to try every single one of them and honestly I probably won’t (some of them on the list I have yet to use).  If you have something that is not on the list feel free to add it in the comments or try one of these out. To answer the question of why should we track, I believe that keeping track of your health makes you accountable and gives you a sense of responsibility. With tracking your health, you are able to see your mistakes, your achievements, goals, and share this with support groups on the app and or friends and family & even share it on your social media account. I believe the fun happens when you make the most mistakes using the app, because you are learning and trying to figure everything out all at once which means you are interested, anxious and ready to get started!  Now not everyone will go along with this idea and that is quite alright.  I have spoken to a variety of people whom have mentioned why they don’t like tracking their health and for the most part it’s because they say its “time consuming”, tedious, and repetitive.  I will agree, to a certain extent.  The reason this happens is because people have a mindset of having to use it long-term, which is fine but, it shouldn’t be used for the rest of your life unless you choose to make it a part of your routine.  If you are someone who has an issue with making it a part of your everyday lifestyle then this most likely won’t work out for the long term and by long term I mean more than a year. 


Using these fitness apps should be a start.  What I mean by this is, you should use these apps for quite some time; usually 6 months, maybe even a year or so. Then once you have gotten used to this way of life where you eat more healthy, exercise more often or stay active, sleep better, more aware of your everyday health overall where it comes natural to you without having to use the app. then you no longer need the app. The app is to help those of us who need a set of instructions on how to live a healthier life, it’s not there to restrict you.  The only restrictions you have by using some of these apps are the ones set when you input your weight, height, and ect on the app and it determines the amount of calories needed; outside of that, your free to explore.  

  1. Staying on track properly is important and one way to stay on track so that you keep doing well while using these apps is to have a support system going. I believe when you have friends and family doing this with you, it will help keep you positive and willing. If you do not have peers to do this with, use the apps forums or groups as a support system; they are usually very supportive people who share the same journey as you do. 
  2. Remembering to track can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you have a busy lifestyle or have family to take care of.. and honestly life just happens. I often forgot to track for days at a time because of how busy I was.  It’s not a crime to forget. Just make it easier on yourself to remember by writing it on your calendar, set up the app to notify you, have someone else help keep you accountable. 
  3. the benefits that come with using these apps are pretty simple: keep track of exercise (types of exercise, the amount, suggested exercises), sleep, water consumption, calories (food types, nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins), steps (how many steps you have taken throughout the day), walking/running (GPS), blood pressure, heart rate, forums/support groups, cycling, hiking, sports, caffeine intake, weight, height, stress level, blood glucose, UV light, tips on staying healthy, recipes sometimes & blogs to read and create on your own. 

One of the apps I am using right now is “S health”; I never had it prior because my phone did not offer it, now my new phone does and it offers a way for me to keep track of my water consumption, walking, running, steps, blood glucose, heart rate, sleep, sports, food intake, calories, caffeine intake, weight, height, SpO2, stress level ( write a note explaining why its high or low), blood pressure, UV light, Tips, cycling, hiking. Today is my first time using it, so as I use it more often I will continue to update everyone on it.  If you use it currently, feel free to share with me your results and opinions of it. Prior to this app, I was using Myfitnesspal and Mapmyfitness app. These both were really decent apps, they tracked some of the same things but didn’t have as much; each of these were used mainly for blogging, exercise tracker and eating tracker. It’s basic & easy to use. I also made myself available on the forums and started random topics of conversation about health, people are good at responding and sharing their opinions and facts. While using this app, I found out you can add friends and family if you know their username, you can befriend other people and it sets it self up like facebook almost, where one can post to a wall and people can like your status. I had tons of support & if you are interested in befriending me, just ask! ha. I don’t use it much since I started this new app. 


Using Paper & Pen to track your health

  • dedicate a notebook/journal that is only used for this purpose.
  • Find a pen or pencil that works well
  • create a chart or simply use the lines on the paper to separate the different trackings.
  • Track food intake (calories/grams, type of food you have eaten, if you have a food label, track the important stuff; sugars, carbs, proteins and fats. You may choose to track vitamins if that is important to you), water consumption if you are someone who knows they do not drink enough water through the day, exercise should be tracked/activities (the miles, the amount of time, the type of activity or sport or exercise, the weight used if your lifting), your weight (especially if you want lose or gain weight or even maintain your weight this is kinda important to know where you stand on this journey). This is basically all you need to track unless you want to know more about your health then that is up to you as well.  I find that you should also make small notes or even make a journal on how your day was, if you ate too much then make note of it, if you didn’t eat at all the make note of it..  and ect. 
  • Keep this journal/notebook someplace easy to find and if possible everywhere where you are
  • Again find some supportive friends and all you can share some of your post you have written down and help one another stay on track

So as you can see, tracking health is easy. It’s a battle with yourself to take notice of what makes up your day & how well you keep yourself healthy.  It shouldn’t be something you need to use forever, just use it until you become confident enough where you can continue doing well on your own.  Nothing is made to be perfect, it has its rough patches but keep in mind that using these apps can be very beneficial.  Thank you for reading, please share, comment, like, follow.



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Selfie first?

Selfie damage

Selfie 2

Selfie- A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone, or webcam and shared via social media.


The selfie; duck lips, body pics, friend pics, smile pics.  It is notorious for having the same person in all the pictures; ourselves.  It has taken over social media, was made into a song, created to be a tool,  now its the way we see ourselves in the mirror. Who needs a mirror when you have phone & an audience ready to give you the “okay” on how you look.  Does anyone not know how to take a selfie and share it with all their peers, or is that an automatic thought.  Between the selfie stick and our music this generation may be doomed.  


I have taken selfies, as a matter of fact, I can almost guarantee all my pictures in my phone are based around selfies & the minority are the ones I have taken without me in it.  I am not against picture taking, of course not; I love art & everything that comes with it, but the minute we decided to use duck lips was when I realized this was going to be another fad we follow that dies.  I had someone share something with me that I decided to look into more & inquire about because it went along with my “body shaming” topic and also made sense as to how the mind works. 


This particular person threw a curve ball at me saying “taking selfies causes more problems then it does curing them”. I had to ponder on this for a bit to give myself understanding about what this person was telling me.  Finally after a while, I decided I would talk about this with all of you and share my personal opinion & maybe share some interest and facts about this Selfie lifestyle. People take selfies for many reasons:

  • For self gratification
  • show off new clothes,
  • body image
  • celebrations with peers
  • advice
  • social media
  • self hate
  • funny faces
  • snapchat

Some reasons are better than others and have more meaning. Taking a closer look into things, I have researched information that follows: most people take these pictures to be accepted.  Take this how you want to, and believe what you want to believe but do think about this for a second because it kinda makes sense in this day and time.  For young people, nothing is better than having someone compliment you and prove their like for you than to like something you posted about yourself.  Outer appearance makes the world go round and is the difference between being “beautiful” and ” “ugly” (which sucks) unfortunately this also means in order to take these pictures and have a decent amount of fans, sometimes you have to explore all your options and risk more. I have noticed on my facebook, if you don’t have filters more than likely your natural look gets less likes & less likes= less people who think you are pretty/attractive and when people don’t think you are attractive that means=you feel ugly. 


This is the perfect equation for selfies. More likes= more attractive, more attractive=more attention, more attention=more fans, more fans= possible friends, more friends= popularity, popularity=self gratification, more self gratification=narcissism & at some point someone will disagree and say self gratification= more confidence, more confidence= more self esteem, more self esteem= happier, more happy= the higher chance of a better life? Either way, the end result only benefits yourself; which in the end means self absorbed because you’re thinking only about you. This is supposedly the good about selfies. 


Lets talk about the bad. Less likes/no likes= less attractive or not attractive, not attractive/less attractive= less fans, less fans/no fans= less possibility of making friends, less/no friends= loser/not popular, not popular/loser=no gratification, no gratification=no self confidence, no self confidence=low self esteem, low self esteem= negative thoughts, negative thoughts=self harm, self harm= possibility of death and/or hospitalization. 


So now you are sitting here thinking, what are the chances of someone caring enough of what others think? why would someone post pictures to for “likes”?  The ” I don’t care what others think” attitude starts to come through to hopefully make you feel better about yourself. WHICH FAILS, because in the end you can’t let go of the fact you only received 10 likes versus the next girl/guy who always manages to get 100+ likes/followers. I just want to know what part of this people don’t understand. Selfies aren’t a bad thing.. sure.. until something bad happens and makes you rethink your pictures and how you respond to comments. 


So when we breakdown all the uses for selfies, we come up with no matter what it is for self & the problem with self, is we don’t have anyone who is willing to think about someone else if it means they have to win this competition of most followers, most likes, prettiest pictures, most filters used.,ect. This game of who can take the best selfies is just a game that should be kept as fun instead of making it into a gigantic ball of favoritism. Who cares if you have 200 friends on facebook versus the 5,000 of someone else who knows only 200 of them. Let the truth be told, your picture is no less beautiful because you didn’t get all the “barbie and ken” dolls on board. I have to admit this, I have NEVER had more than 30 likes on a picture.. & more than 100 followers on instagram and my twitter account just proves my relevance in this community; haha ( I don’t take any of these sites damn serious) because when I take pictures they are in my phone and I don’t feel the need to post them for extra exposure all the damn time. Sometimes I like being able to laugh at the chick who has 100+ likes because she had to show her cleavage to do so.. & her pretend “I just left the gym picture” that proves her vain mindset knowing damn well she never touched the gym in her life just wants a reason to show off her body in her leggings..


Now don’t get wrong, I am a pretty girl. I have no issue showing off my body either.. trust me. I could work extra hard and take selfies of every aspect of my life and routine to gain exposure and be accepted, but I choose not to because I don’t have the time on my hands to do so and I prefer the “every once in a great” while take a picture of me with my friends. I use snapchat but I don’t care how I look when I’m sending my friends a snap; they have seen me enough times during the good and bad to know I am not perfect. I don’t need someone to give me the “thumbs up” on how I look, I decide that for myself; I don’t need my “head blown” up or a confidence boost. If I want someone’s opinion, I’ll ask for it. Now for those of you who have high expectations of yourself and your photos, kudos for you. Drive yourself mad, and question your beauty, not my problem.  Just make sure to keep your self righteous opinions of others to yourself. I would highly appreciate it.  


A selfie doesn’t make you any prettier on the inside”  -Shay-lon Moss


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