Motivational Monday Youtube video 8/22/16

I hope all of you enjoy my youtube video! It definitely has some use for those who have been in this situation or are in this situation now. I think people need to worry less about how others look at the gym and realize we are all there to workout for our own reasons and each of us have our own story to tell. Why judge someone for looking good or bad? is it really all that bad that the girl at the gym wants to show off her legs because she is confident with herself? We don’t know people’s lives from start to finish all the time. I think women can be so cruel sometimes (not saying men are not) but we tend to “hate” females who look better, smell better, have better, do better than seriously. I think the gym should be a safe place to do something for yourself without having to worry about someone talking shitty about you because you look good. Ladies, carry yourself with confidence and don’t allow someone to bring you down because whatever you are doing to look good, you are doing a great job! Don’t be mad at someone for wanting to improve themselves in a positive manner, if you don’t know their story than don’t make one up. 

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Motivational Moday 8/22/16 – I didn’t forget, I just was busy during the day! (apologies)

Okay, so I didn’t forget about “motivational Monday’s” with all of you, I was spending all day yesterday and most of today with my partner and got caught up in their cuteness and had to put blogging on hold until now because they left to go back home (out of state). This long distance relationship stuff is part of my get away from the computer so I can spend quality time with people. I hope no one is angry with me, I will try to finish up a motivational Monday youtube video tonight for all those in bed to watch tomorrow! I hope my words will continue to inspire, motivate and help those no matter their journey. Thank you to all of my followers who continue to make my day with your adventure, positive, informational and very interesting post! all of you have a great minds and it is shown through your writing and your topic of choice. “We all have bad days but is it how we spend it that makes the difference in our lives” -Shay-lon


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

Water Retention/Water Weight.

water retention

Hello everyone! Happy Friday, the start of the weekend, woot! woot! I decided to do a short post on water retention, aka water weight because I know most of us have been down this road and didn’t enjoy it.  I thought it would make for a good topic since there are tons of products out there that swear by weight loss but really only rid of the water weight and I don’t think people understand this concept.  I known many people in the past whom have swore they have lost weight but come to find out it was only water weight, which is fine but I have noticed those same people don’t realize the difference and so in their minds they believe it was actual weight loss and when the scale proves this theory, they are then upset. I hope that many of you on a weight loss journey find this helpful and those of us who want to rid of it can learn a few things as well. 

What is water retention? When your body holds on to too much of water and causes puffiness and 



  • consuming too much sodium in your system holds in water (check the sodium level of everything you eat, our bodies need sodium but only a small amount and be aware of how much sodium you consume daily because it can make a difference)
  • Sitting or standing too long can cause your tissue to hold water, so if your job calls for you to sit or stand for a long period of time, you may notice swollen ankles 
  • Move around, keep the blood circulating
  • medication can cause water retention, if you are on medicine of any sorts, see if that is a symptom of any sort
  • Having a “weak” heart can cause you retain water and swelling in the legs and abdomen.  
  • if your veins do not close the way they should, this could cause swelling in your lower legs
  • Pulmonary edema 
  • Deep vein thrombosis 
  • Preeclampsia 
  • Cancers
  • Kidney disease
  • Cirrhosis of the liver
  • protein loss from severe malnutrition
  • lymphedema 
Preventive measures: 
  • Watch your sodium intake and consume less salt.
  • Some may need to take a water pill (prescribed by a medical doctor)
  • Raise your feet a few times a day to remove fluid from your feet and ankles (while laying down)
  • Some may need to wear compression stockings
  • Dandelion supposedly been said to help
  • consuming parsley is said to help as well
  • Epsom salt bath
  • Consuming lemon juice in a cup with warm water
  • Fennel seeds have said to help some people
  • Consuming nettle
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Consuming onions
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day because your body starts retaining water when you are the verge of dehydration
  • exercise regularly 
  • avoid excessive amounts of alcohol 
Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful!!
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Pull up (Exercise)

pull up

Alright so this particular workout we will talk about today is the “pull up” and the different combinations of pull ups, and what it takes in order to do a pull up, because it is a bit more than what meets the eye.  In today’s fitness world, being able to do a pull up without assistance is a huge milestone and one that many people want to show off (instagram, facebook, youtube, at the gym, etc). This particular exercise isn’t easy and it takes patience and practice like any other exercise but it also takes building the right muscles in order to lift your body weight. I was one that didn’t know how to do a pull up; about 8 months ago and for me it was my lack of strength and not working on the muscles needed in order to do one. Today I am totally capable of doing a pull-up, but for those of you who do them on a more regular basis, you are capable of doing many more than I and with attached weight plates (advanced).  I highly recommend for beginners that you don’t go adding unnecessary weight to this already difficult exercise and that you focus on the movement at hand.  There are many variations of pull-ups and many ways that you can challenge yourself in order to increase your skill level.  For those of you who may already know how to perform a proper pull up, you may offer more advice to those who want to learn, and feel free to do so in my comment section.  

The traditional pull-up movement steps: 

  1. Grab the pull bar with palms facing forward (wide grip, close grip, medium grip) for this one be in your medium grip (hands spaced out at shoulder width apart)
  2. With both hands extended in front of you at a chosen grip, bring your torso back around 30 degrees, 
  3. Pull your torso up until the bar touches your upper chest while drawing the shoulders and upper arms down and back.  Only the arms should move and the back should stay stationary, you will be exhaling during this movement
  4. after a second of being in the contracted position, start to inhale and slowly lower your torso back to the starting position when arms are full extended and the lats are fully stretched. 
  5. Repeat this movement for the prescribed repetitions. 
Ways to work on doing a proper pull up:
  1. Timed hangs, I would recommend to hang for 10 to 15 seconds with arms and legs straight (off the ground) for a repeated amount of times. 
  2. Dumbbell holds (for beginners),  I would recommend holding dumbbells for 30 seconds at your side, if you come to realize you cannot hold the amount of weight for 30 seconds, then decrease your load and rest for 60 seconds and repeat the hold
  3. Planks (because it is a total body exercise and helps with stabilization) not to mention you are holding your own body weight. 
  4. Push ups-Once again you are working with your own body weight and helps strengthen the chest, shoulders and arms. 
Now there are more exercises than the 4 that I have listed that will help people strengthen their muscles and prepare themselves for a proper pull up, i.e inverted rows, deadlifts, loaded carries, lat pull downs. The main thing to remember is to focus on the movement and stay controlled because you don’t want to strain or pull muscles during the exercise.  I have seen so many people at my gym do pull ups and do them half ass, knowing they cannot get their chin over the bar, but they instead aim for speed and their body movement is hardly ever controlled. Do not be those people. LOL. This is a hard exercise, everyone knows this, if you want to do something like this and be good at it, then you need to use proper form and technique and know your weaknesses so that you can improve them. 
Variations of pull ups: 
  • Weighted pull up
  • Muscle ups
  • Around the world pull ups
  • Clapping pull ups – yes people do these on youtube, and it is very cool, but again.. no one needs to go to these extremes in order to make a point.
  • One arm pull up
  • Parallel pull up
  • Cliffhanger pull ups
  • Towel pull ups
  • Wide grip pull up
  • chin up/ underhand pull up
  • Kipping pull up
  • Close grip pull up
  • pull up with alternating knee twist
  • pull up with leg raise 
Personally I have only done the neutral grip pull up, but have seen many people be able to do different variations of pull ups that show their strength. If you are someone who does more advanced pull ups, share with me which variations you are capable of doing, favorite variations, and if you use weight; how much? Also if you are someone who wants one on on help or advice about being able to do a pull up do not be afraid to contact me. Typically women have less upper body strength compared to men, so for women this exercise will be a bit more difficult but is very possible! 
For those of you who may need assistance in doing a pull up, there is nothing wrong with that until you are strong enough to do them on your own.  Today I did pull ups with assistance because I had done upper body exercise yesterday and my arms were killing me today, if you don’t have a machine that can help assist you in doing a pull up, you may have a partner help you as well. This is one exercise you do not want to miss out on, because of all of the benefits: 
  1. Multi-joint exercise
  2. convenient
  3. different variations
  4. improves grip strength
  5. strengthens the lats, back, biceps, shoulders, and the abdominal area. 
Pull-ups are a great exercise and can be combined with push exercises during a circuit or workout regimen to get the most out of your workout session. I hope that some of this information will give you the needed help necessary in order to accomplish this exercise, feel free to share! 
Thanks for reading! 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Lee Daniels “The Butler”

lee Daniels the butler

I am not a movie critic, nor does my opinion stand for anything other than my own thoughts. I wanted to come off the beaten path for a minute today because while eating lunch a couple of hours ago, I decided to sit down for a movie to get my brain jogging for my next blog post, this is typical of me.  I had been scrolling my netflix account for something interesting to watch with decent reviews (sometimes I will subdue to movies with really bad reviews) but this time round I wanted something “different” than my usual.  I had passed this movie multiple times on different occasions and on each occasion I was tossing back and forth as to whether I wanted to watch it or find something different and each time I would skip it and find something else, why? no particular reason but I think it was because I didn’t know what to expect from it, normally civil rights movies really get me worked up sometimes and I just have this emotional bone that cringes when I have to hear the word “nigger”, “nigga” and negro being thrown around while watching humans beat other humans to a bloody pulp without remorse for their actions. Yes, I did just mention the 3 “N” words and normally I stay away from them, as I do not like any of them, but because I feel as though it is relevant to my post, I will just say, I hope it did not offend anyone, as I know most people are like myself and do not say these words.  If it does offend you, I suppose it is best to not read any further because I am not sure I can promise to hold back my emotions and I would much rather my audience not forgo with reading this if they know it will anger them by the use of the words (although I will try to sustain from the use of these words the best I can because I can hardly stand typing them).  Also, if you have not seen this movie, then I do not want to spoil it for you, so please do not be angry with me if I give information about the movie and you have yet to see it, it is probably best to watch it first before continuing on.  

I was not born a slave, nor have I had to call a man master. I was not in an all black school, nor do I know what it is like to have to be beaten day in and day out in order to make a living and not know what tomorrow may bring. Picking cotton was not my day job and I did not have to watch my parents endure pain while I was taught to obey and pay no mind. The lesson to be learned here is, I was not the reason for why our country united, I was simply the result of what happens when people take a stand for something they want changed. 

Based on a true story about a man named Cecil who went from being a boy on a cotton plantation having to watch his father be shot in the head as he was taking a stand against the rape that his wife endured by their master. What started as a petty butler job for his plantation then winds up being a prestige job working as the butler of the White House under the President. Cecil embarks on a hard journey between family and work’s challenges. He has to come to terms with the way the world is and has to fight a battle within himself to overlook choices his son’s made in order to make a difference. Cecil realized in order for there to be change, he had to step outside his comfort level and not be content but rather make a noise and be heard. Cecil in the beginning doesn’t understand his son Louis’s decision to be apart of the “freedom riders” but soon many years later, he soon realizes his son was not making a mistake in wanting to stand for their rights but he was a “hero” because he was part of a movement that was written and told about many years later that impacted history.  Cecil loses his other son in war, and his wife Gloria dies the year President Obama gets elected. When Cecil made it a point that their wages were different and the lack of advancement within his job bothered him, it was because of him that blacks were able to have the same amount of pay and advancement within the White House. I won’t tell too much more of the story, but I will add that in my opinion it wasn’t about “blacks versus whites” , rather it was about “right versus wrong”.  

My thoughts “so many people want change and not enough people are willing to be the change in fear of being different. We all want equal rights but none of us want to say it and be heard. Sometimes our country whispers in order to protect itself, because the person who yells becomes a target, but what no one understands is when you choose to whisper; you are choosing to not be heard, and to not be heard means you are choosing to be a slave” -Shay-lon Moss


“A slave didn’t want to be a slave, a slave wanted to be free. To be free means to have a voice, to have rights and to have rights means you are a target because someone may not like you having rights, but being a target is the difference between being a leader and being follower. If you can’t lead a herd then you better be good at choosing a leader”- Shay-lon Moss 

Thank you for reading

Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

Bloating 101


Many people have issues with bloating for different reasons, normally dealing with something they have eaten that causes them to bloat.  Bloating is to make or become swollen with fluid or gas.  Bloating occurs when gas doesn’t pass through belching or flatulence and can come with abdominal pain that can vary from mild to dull, sharp to intense depending on the severity. 

Common reasons for bloating:

  • Overeating 
  • Eating rich and fatty foods
  • Eating too fast can add to the risk of bloating
  • Drinking carbonated beverages
  • stress or anxiety
  • A gastrointestinal infection
  • irritable bowel syndrome 
  • lactose intolerance and celiac disease
  • They have also said that drinking through a straw, chewing gum and chewing on candies where it results in swallowing air can cause bloating 
Foods known to cause gassiness and bloating: 
  • Beans and lentils
  • Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, prunes, apricots
  • sweeteners
  • Dairy products
  • sometimes whole grain foods
  • broccoli
  • carbonated drinks
  • hard candy
  • sugar alcohols
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • apples, peaches, pears
  • chewing gum
Ways to avoid bloating and gassiness: 
  • Eat and drink slowly
  • avoid carbonated drinks and beer
  • avoid gum and hard candy
  • don’t smoke
  • checking dentures (if you wear them) poor dentures can cause you to swallow excess air when your eat or drink
  • treat heartburn
  • over the counter medications may help
  • go easy on fatty foods
If you have gas buildup in your colon: 
  • Avoid foods that affect you the most
  • Eat fewer fatty foods
  • temporarily cut back on high fiber foods
  • Eat slowly
  • after eating, move
  • try an over the counter remedy
You should consult your doctor if… 
  1. Diarrhea 
  2. persistent or severe abdominal pain
  3. bloody stools
  4. changes in color or frequency of stools
  5. unintended weight loss
  6. chest pain
First I would highly recommend trying the above before consulting a doctor but if you know you have tried different “at home” remedies and nothing changes then don’t hesitate to contact a professional so that nothing worsens. I am lactose intolerant so that means my body responds differently to dairy products.  When I consume dairy products, I typically bloat but it depends on how much I have consumed and what the dairy product was.  I used to drink milk frequently but it gave me really bad bloating and annoyed me, so I have chosen to drink Almond milk but this doesn’t mean I don’t like milk and will not drink it, just means I don’t drink it often and will usually go with the alternative if I want to bypass the bloating and abdominal pain. I know there are over the counter medications I can use if and when I eat dairy but I prefer not having to do that unless it is a need. I do still consume dairy though, mostly cheeses but not a whole lot of it and I know my limitations and how my body responds to it when I consume it, so that helps with deciding how serious something is. Now most of you are saying to hell with all of that information, I love my pop, my candy, etc and that is quite alright; I am not saying you should quit eating those foods or living that lifestyle choice, I don’t think anyone needs to up and quit unless they know it is effecting their health in a very severe manner.   I did this post to keep people aware and possibly help those who need answers and if for whatever reason you don’t agree with this information or want more information, definitely speak with your medical doctor because it is important to know our bodies and how they respond to certain things.  Thank you for reading!
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo