What is the best way to lose fat?


So I realize I need to be celebrating my graduation but doesn’t mean I won’t post something fitness/health wise. Especially since I have an extra minute and it isn’t being spent productively. This will be something that all of you can read and comment on for when I am gone today. The topic of discussion is “What is the best way to lose fat”?

Now while this seems like a simple question that comes with a simple answer, people still til this day want to know how to lose fat the best way possible. Now we have some obvious answers like exercise and eating “healthy” but I think using those as an answer is lazy in sense that people want details and already know the obvious. I am going to discuss with you in my opinion the best ways to lose fat and will be the more efficient way in losing fat so that you lose it the right way and are safe losing it and not doing things that are not recommended by specialist. To begin with, why do people want to lose fat? what is the reason for wanting to lose fat? is it because you want to lose weight, do you want your percent of body fat reduced? are you uncomfortable with your body? was it the scale that told you to do so? are you competing? are you an athlete? are you on the verge of either getting diabetes or another disease/condition? peer pressure? perception of yourself when you look into a mirror? & then ask yourself how quickly do you want to lose this fat, within a week, month, years, days, hours? because by answering all these questions for yourself.. you can create a goal and follow it. 

Fat/Lipids are one of those things that most people are grossed out by and want nothing to do with, but did you know we need some fat, we can’t not have fat at all because things could malfunction and we could get sickly if we don’t take care of our bodies appropriately, now I do realize some people have hardly any body fat but I want to hope that is because they have muscle because if they don’t have either one.. this will cause significant health issues in the long term. Fat doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing if you know the difference between good fat and bad fat and know more in depth where you feel on your body could benefit from losing the fat.  Most people find themselves wanting to lose fat around their midsection but others have fat under their arms, thighs, butts, back fat, etc. All these places on the body have an order of importance because some places on the body are okay to have more or less fat.   Down below I will bullet the answers for your question:

What is the best way to lose fat?

  • There is NO best way to lose fat.
That is simply the answer and while you probably were expecting a semi long list, I hate to hand it to you, there is no best way because losing fat takes a combination of things and patience, along with willpower.  If you thought that I was going to list a bunch of exercises and tell you what foods to eat then you probably believe there is one or more best ways to lose body fat and while I am sure your answers will not be incorrect, I can guarantee you that you will be sadly mistaken if you have high hopes that by losing fat is a magical experience of exercise and eating healthy because it comes down to willpower.. you can exercise for weeks and eat healthier foods but that all won’t make a difference if after that week you decide to say “Ill skip the gym” “Eh.. I would much rather binge eat on pizza this week because I don’t feel like cooking”, this is about taking accountability for your choices and making sure that while you take those two steps toward losing the body fat you want, you have the willpower to stick to it until the end and continue this lifestyle after losing the body fat (maintaining the loss) and not going backwards.
No willpower = no chances at losing fat.. no matter why you want to lose it & no matter how much you exercise and eat healthier; If you don’t have the willpower, you will end up back at square one again, again, and again. Now for the next part, yes exercise and eating in moderation will be the specific steps to take but what type of exercise and what kind of eating “healthier”? 
  • Exercises that incorporate many muscle groups that are weight bearing use more calories per minute
  • low intensity exercises burn through fat more, but high intensity exercises will burn  fat at a faster rate (interval training). Depending on the client or person, will depend on how their bodies will react to fat loss and which one will be more beneficial for them.
  • While cardio is know to burn fat, so is strength training but aerobic training has a bigger impact on fat burning versus strength training. 
  • Doing both strength training and cardio will burn more fat versus doing one or the other as one regimen. 
I will talk about eating healthy in another post because this is one thing not everyone will agree on, and depending on you as a person, “clean eating” has many definitions. Hopefully this post will help with anyone wanting to lose fat and will give insight into the topic. If you want to share anything, drop comments and feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading.
With love,
Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

College Graduation Today :)

graduation 1


Today is my GRADUATION! I know some of you already know but just in case someone was born yesterday, now you know. lol

I am very proud of myself and how far I have come and the success I have had in college. I know this is only the beginning.  I appreciate all of you whom have wished me a congratulations, I appreciate it. I will definitely have a post about what my plans are after this weekend and will get back to fitness/health talk as well. I just wanted people to know you are more than welcome to add me on social media & if anyone has questions while I am away from the computer, leave me a message and I will get back with you ASAP:) 

I just want to say I GRADUATED one more time! 

Shay-lon xoxo

P.S to anyone who is also graduating (young or old) congrats to you as well and I wish you a very amazing celebration with your loved ones!

Graduation, Grandma’s birthday and Mother’s day weekend all this Friday


This is an off the topic post because I wanted something to talk about that had to do with my own life and give you all some insight into my world, somewhat. I will continue writing about fitness and health but this was just something random to talk about because every once in a while I like to surprise my readers with something that isn’t necessarily fitness oriented. Everyone has a life outside of their blogging topics and I want my readers to connect with me on multiple levels and not just one. So as most of you know I graduate Friday May 6th in Exercise Science and I am very excited about all my achievements and very ready to start a new chapter in life no matter the path .. (but I will speak on this after graduation) be on the look out. I just feel like this whole month of May is bringing so much at me at once, not only do I graduate Friday but it is also my grandmother’s birthday that day and it is mother’s day (I don’t have kids) but I do have a mom.. and while my head has been spinning about over my anxiousness and eagerness to graduate, I have forgotten other people’s celebrations. If it wasn’t for a good friend of mine reminding me, I would have forgotten it was mother’s day weekend and probably would have slipped my mind that it would be my grandma’s birthday.. and I feel horrible because I want to celebrate their day as well as mine.  

I decided a while ago.. last minute that instead of attending my graduation ceremony that I would instead have a graduation dinner with both family and friends and while some of you may judge my choice to not attend a one time ceremony celebrating my graduating and achievements; it was a very difficult decision. I will be honest in saying that I was very late in preparing for this day and I didn’t allow people enough time to get the day off properly or even give my family a far enough heads up that I didn’t feel it would be right to pressure them to all show up to my graduation that takes place 45 minutes away. This means I will not be wearing a cap and gown or taking pictures on stage with my graduating class and not shaking the hand of the dean and vice president of the college. I hold myself accountable for these mistakes I made in preparing for this particular day and have chosen and slightly less selfish choice in honor of other people’s day. I am not sad nor upset with my choice but after having a professor try to talk me into going, and having people ask me why 100x over, I have decided to blog about it to get my irritations out of the way. First of all this is for my associates degree, so in my opinion it isn’t the last time I will be in school and hopefully graduating and while an associates degree is just as good, I don’t feel like it means much to me personally. In all honesty, if I had partied and cared less about my peers, I would have graduated with a BA in 2014 or 2015 but I chose a different route in life and was handed my own consequences & not to mention changed my major twice while attending college and probably wasted a fun amount of money.. who knows. 

Instead of getting a dress, shoes, waxed, nails done and accessories for a graduation ceremony.. I got all this done for Fridays dinner with my loved ones and close peers. I am still celebrating my own achievement but at the same time I am celebrating my journey forward.. and I have 2-3 letters of recommendations that professors and the Dean have written out to me. I am most proud of myself and how far I have come to end up at this point in my life where I have to make big decisions that determine my future. Chances are I will work harder than I have before, continue down this path where I know where I am going & how I am getting there. Sometimes I may get lost or be unprepared and end up regretting my decisions.. but other times.. I enjoy the wind blowing me in a direction of the unknown. I know this was quite a serious blog post, but I wanted to make sure I was open about why I chose to not attend my graduation ceremony; something tells me the next graduation I have .. I will attend it because then I will know how hard it was to finally get there and not worry about who is there with me. Thank you to all my readers who have been nothing but supportive!


Your Fitness blogger Shay-lon xoxo


Only one person from my graduating class (of exercise science) chose to walk in the graduation ceremony.. so I don’t feel so bad that I am not the only one. 

The Lat Pulldown- proper technique and form


This particular exercise has become one of my favorite exercises to do while at the gym for upper body. I like this exercise because it isn’t difficult, and it really works the lats very well and not to mention you can choose from wide or narrow grip and it can be done with different equipment that attache to the machine. I am not a huge machine lover, but when I do use machines, this is one the workouts I will do.  Lately it seems like when I have been going to the gym (and not that it is becoming more full because of summer being around the corner) I have seen that people have taken to this machine as much as myself, but the problem lies in bad form and how some of these people don’t realize if you don’t do this exercise the correct way then it won’t benefit your lats at all or reduce the benefits (and could cause injury).  Now I had to learn just the same as anybody else would because I thought nothing of it at first, just full the equipment in front of you like regular pull-down but learned quite quickly from my professor that I was doing it incorrectly and the way I was doing it was turning into a “row” verse a lat pull-down and while rows are a good form of exercise, this is a lat machine so we aren’t necessarily supposed to be doing row exercises. Point taken. Not to mention the way I was performing it, made it easier to increase my load and I was exerting more force than what was necessary to do the exercise ( I eventually had to lower the load to perform it correctly). 


With this being said, the exercise seemed more difficult with a higher load because I was not used to the technique.  After a while I was able to better perform the exercise and increase my load overtime and right now it is at a 140lb but I can do 120 with 10 reps pretty easily. I now see the problem in the gym that I was having that other people are having, they don’t know how to correctly perform the exercise and they are making the exercise into a row versus a lat pull-down and I am not sure they know this or not, but sometimes I want to walk over and just demonstrate the proper technique/form because it now urks me when I see it done incorrectly and people are pulling down large weight. So for anybody who is second guessing their form and technique with the lat pull-down.. I added some photos .  In the meantime, I am going to go over some benefits of the lat pull-down in case someone wants to know and give some proper information about the exercise.


Lat pull-down

  • multi-joint exercise – involves movement with the shoulders, scapula and elbows.
  • works the largest back muscle- latissimus dorci (biceps, rear delts, rhomboids and traps are active during the exercise)
  • mimics a pull-up (reap the same benefits)
  • can change the grips and handles for variety
  • can improve posture by strengthening these muscles

Thanks for reading, hopefully this helps with learning proper form and technique then next time you are at the gym.. you will know how to properly perform a lat pull-down


Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon

My Gym results as of now

I just wanted to share a tidbit of information since I haven’t blogged in a few days. I wanted to let everyone know I am back squatting 200lbs now.. not a full 10 reps, but 2-3 good ones.  I am lat pulling at 140lbs right now, and this is also not 10 reps but 3-4 good ones.  I am low rowing at 120lbs 10 reps and 140lbs 3-4 reps. When I began squatting, I was no where near 200, and for a while I plateaued at 180lbs, but after be consistent and really working on it, I have manged to go up 20 pounds. My lat pulldowns started off at like 50lbs and then I worked my way up as time went on and my low rows were around 75lbs before reaching a goal of 100 then now pulling 140 comfortably for 3-4 reps. I would say I am doing pretty good, and I have more work to do in other areas, but I know that with continued determination and hard work ethic, I will accomplish more. 



Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon

Day Five IIFYM


Tomorrow I am going to be at work all day so I won’t be able to post my macro results but I plan on bringing more supplies with me and tracking it on my phone app, wish me luck! ha. I took my last final for the week and I bombed it, but still passed the class. Not the happiest moment of my life but hey at least I still passed the class with a near decent grade (math isn’t my strong suit). Today my results are short and to the point because my day consisted of very little exercise and very little to eat. 

Calories consumed: 552/1658

Calories burned: 48

Net calories: 504

Carbs: 87 grams/137 grams

Protein: 16 grams/ 155 grams

Fat: 16 grams/54 grams

sodium: 1460 mg/1440 mg

Cholesterol: 5 mg/180 mg

Sugars: 7 grams/24 grams

Fiber: 5 grams/ 23-31 grams


  • Italian bread 
  • hellmans light mayo
  • roma tomatoes
  • mozz cheese slice
no lunch again today. This is not something I do on purpose, I was cleaning and reorganizing my room at the time for lunch and wasn’t hungry, then I had to take a test and by the time I was finished, it was time for dinner.
  • 2 tortillas
  • cheddar shredded cheese
  • uncle bens instant white rice
  • low sodium black beans
  • salsa
  • smoked sausage
So as you can see today was simple and to the point, I didn’t go over on anything outside of that sodium again, lol this sodium has been killing my smiles lately, I am going to have get more strict on this .. but I wasn’t too far off today like I have been. My water intake was at 16 fl. oz and I am drinking another 16 oz before bed possibly. This IIFYM regimen has been a learning experience for me and I am enjoying it so far.  Well hope everyone has a good weekend, xoxo
Your Fitness Blogger Shay-lon xoxo

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