Chest 10.15.18

Warm up:

  • Lat pulldown: 4 x 25, 40 lbs
  • assisted dips: 4 x 25, 100 lbs
  • Cable triceps pressdown: 4 x 25, 40 lbs


  • Barbell bench press: 6 x 8-10 @ 65% 1RM — 80 lbs


  • Lat pulldown (narrow grip) 5 x 8-10, 80 lbs
  • Cable curls: 5 x 8-10, 60 lbs
  • Cable chest press: 5 x 8-10., 60 lbs


  • Lying cable upright rows: 5 x 8-10, 50 lbs
  • Standing cable upright rows: 5 x 8-10, 50 lbs
  • DB triceps kickback: 5 x 8-10, 20 lbs each arm


  • Weighted bench dips: 5 x 8-10, 35 lbs
  • DB overhead triceps extension: 5 x 8-10, 25 lbs
  • Push ups: 5 x 8-10


  • Stair stepper: 20 minutes, level 5

365 days of self discovery: Day 44


What is your favorite time of day and why?

  • My favorite time of day relies on what plans I have for the particular day. For example, if I want to enjoy a day outside, I prefer it be in the late afternoon or when it is warmest and sunny. If I plan on staying indoors, I like the late evenings — before bedtime but early enough where people are still awake and I can enjoy a nice evening watching a movie and eating some take out. I used to be a night owl, but since working third shift, the night is no longer my friend unless it is on the weekends and I am enjoying the night with company. I don’t mind early mornings because I workout in the morning, but I wouldn’t classify it as my favorite time of day.

Whats your favorite time of day, do you have one? or multiple

365 days of self discovery: Day 43


What have you recently learned about yourself?

  • I have learned that I don’t tolerate people’s drama and bullcrap — whereas before I would be afraid to have some form of confrontation with an individual due to them either bringing some form of drama to my life, or having something negative to say about me, but I have learned since then that I am capable of handling myself if need be in situations & that I don’t have to put up with people treating me like crap. I have also learned that I am capable of ignoring people if I find the problem is not worthy of a reaction, I don’t particularly love ignoring it, but I will if I feel as though it is a waste of my time otherwise. I have also learned that I am pretty uptight about making friends, I enjoy making new friends, but I am setting my own boundaries as to who I will allow in my life & what parts of my life I shall keep private from those I don’t want a relationship/friendship with. 

365 days of self discovery: Day 42

How would you change the world?

  1. I’d make it a place where people could feel safe being who they are without feeling as though there will be consequences or judgement rendered (i.e prevent bullying, body shaming, make places more LGBTQ friendly and open minded, etc)
  2. I’d make treatment for diseases and health conditions more affordable so that everyone could afford treatment without worrying about debt, or losing everything they have (cancers, STDS/HIV, bone & heart conditions, etc) 
  3. I’d have wages match the cost of living everywhere so that people could better afford their living circumstances & it could cut down on homelessness and hunger
  4. I’d spread the importance of exercise and have health providers give fitness counceling to patients (cardiovascular test, muscular test, etc) cutting down on the deaths of inactivity and spreading awareness. 
  5. I’d make better suited laws against rape, molestation, sexual assault, domestic violence, so that families could get the justice they deserved and the victim could feel safe after their attack. 
  6. Pedophiles would not be released , they would be held accountable for the rest of their lives for the crime(s) they commit. 
  7. I’d make college education more affordable by either allowing one year free of tuition (undergrad students) or lessen the cost of education so that more people could afford to get their college education without sinking into debt by the time they graduate or worse, having to drop out because they can no longer afford their education. 
  8. I’d have schools better guarded so that when mass shootings erupt, the students can feel more at ease, and have a better plan of action for each school in case something like this does happen for all grades. 
  9. I’d pay actors and professional athletes less money (instead of millions) maybe I would make sure they still got paid for their talents but not paid to the point where they make more money than some other important professions, I think 6 digits would be comfortable and still be fair vs having some of these athletes & actors being paid millions per contract or commercial, etc. I want the pay structure to still compliment their talents and effort but not exceed a certain amount of money to keep things reasonable. 

These are just some of which I would change, I have a whole listful of things I would want to change that would hopefully be for the better and help many people. As for you, what would you want to change about the world?

365 days of self discovery: Day 41


What are you looking forward to?

  • I suppose my future and what all it has in-store for me; specifically, having my personal training website finished and running, creating products (clothes, accessories, etc for my brand), my first powerlifting meet next year, writing my first book and having it published  — while also having my blog(s) be able to make $$ as a side profession as an established blogger/writer/ as well as being able to write for editors of magazines and websites (having my own column in something that will be seen by many readers). In a small dose, I am looking forward to whatever tomorrow brings, hopefully positive and full of love. 

365 days of self discovery: Day 40

Could you be more focused? How will you achieve this?

  • Yes, I do want to become more focused because I believe it will help to keep me motivated and help me to avoid distractions. I will research different methods that have been known to help others stay focused & do a trial and error, along with continuing to use meditation.

self discovery day 40

365 days of self discovery: Day 39

How do you focus?

  • As of now, I use meditation to help me focus. It has been a learning curve, but has taught me to zero in on certain thoughts while not allowing outside disturbances to interfere and when I get lost in thought, to focus in on my breathing and readjust. This has been helpful for me for when I need to focus in on something specifically & block out the distractions. Thus far, this has been my only method of focusing I have taken part in. 
How do most of you focus, what ways have you found that have worked for you? share in the comments & don’t forget to like, follow and share!