365 Days of Self Discovery: your Wishes/dreams/hopes/future


Day 2

What is one thing you have always wished for?

  • Hmm, possibly love ( a healthy relationship) and some form of financial success. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Wishes/Hopes/Dreams/Future


Day 1

What do you believe you deserve in life?

  • I believe I deserve to find happiness within myself and in the world around me. I think that’s very important, to be happy with who I am, what I do and what I leave behind as a legacy for others to remember me by – something positive and empowering. 
What do you believe you deserve in life? Anything in particular? 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 34

If you have siblings, how is your relationship with them? Has it changed now that you’re adults?

  • I have two younger brothers. My youngest brother (10) and myself are very close and love spending time together, he’s my best friend and brother all in one. Our personalities differ but at the same time we have some quirks that are similar, like both being awkward individuals and he enjoys schools as much as I did growing up and does very well in school much like myself. He loves playing video games much like myself and we connect very well, I feel as though he can tell me anything and vice versa. 
  • My younger brother (24) grown up together and we used to be close growing up but then after a while, we grew apart and would fight more than anything and didn’t get along whatsoever. It sucked because he was the one I’d play with all day outside with our friends and he would defend me as a kid when I was being rendered consequences and I never thought it would end up we would fight and not like one another for so long — but now we get along and it works well, because this is something I want; especially since we are both at different stages in our lives with different plans and priorities but when we see each other it is nice and usually very positive and quaint. I wish we would talk more and maybe spend more time together as siblings but it will happen in small steps, just going to take both of us communicating and putting this thought first. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 33

Does the way you were brought up influence the way you (will) bring up your children?

  • For starters IF I do decide to have children, I do how I was raised could influence how I choose to bring up my children, especially If I feel it is something that worked well or kept me on the right path. Although, I also say no to this question because knowing how I was raised and the consequences I was dealt for certain deeds & the reactions my mom would show and how she treated my sibling and myself differently for a long time would not be how I would want to raise my child if I were to have one, I would use those negatives as a lesson to not use on my own child because of how it affected me and how it hindered me socially or dwindled my self esteem. I like to think there would be some things that would influence me but other things I’d stray from. 
For those of you with kids now, did your upbringing influence how you brought up your children; why or why not? Also, do you believe using your upbringing as an influence to be a good thing or bad thing? 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 32

Were there secrets in your family? How did that affect you?

  • I believe my family had secrets but for the most part none of which affected me, at least I didn’t feel as though. The secrets that my family has I either grown to ask about when I became an adult or things I would overhear as a child between two adults. There may be secrets I have no idea about, but there is a saying “What you don’t know, can’t hurt you” so it can’t affect me if I don’t know about it. 
This is such a weird question, but I suppose there are families where they keep secrets from the outside world or perhaps from their kids, etc. I have heard of secrets from others that they had to keep because to tell it would ruin the parents marriage or cause chaos. Thankfully, I don’t think my family has that sort of secret but again, I may not know everything. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 31

What was your favorite family vacation?

  • There is one vacation I remember vaguely. The trip to Maumee Bay and staying in cabins. My family doesn’t take very many vacations, so when it comes to traveling and visiting new places, most of the time, it was on my own.