The scale..

Scale knowledge & scale obsessions

It seems to me people use the scale for self gratification & less for health.  When you look on the scale and see that you lost weight, what comes to mind? What comes to mind when you see you have gained weight? The scale has managed to scrutinize people’s perspective on fitness and health.   It’s being used to give superficial achievement and recognition, chews at a person’s self esteem and causes one to obsess over their weight.  We need a to use a scale. I agree.  I just want to know what will it take for people to see past a number and look at the whole picture.

the whole picture is: the number is the answer, but the solution is what you do with that answer. I feel like your using the number as the solution and trying to skip over the answer. STOP! Stop cheating yourself. You can’t cheat and make it in fitness, because it always comes back to bite you in the rear.. & the sad part is.. it comes back double fold.  So here is the problem.. The Scale. what is a solution: how we look at it, what it means, when to use it & the purpose of it.  I can tell you right now, the purpose is to : to weigh. So you figure out the rest and share it with me or with someone, or write it down.  Tomorrow, I will have a post about the solutions for our problem; more so suggestions. Lets get to know the scale & lets figure out how to make it a positive instead of a negative! Thank you for reading, Feel free to leave comments, and or follow me!


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Mentality First

Lets hit on the questions I asked you from yesterday: here is my opinion & my thoughts & answers

  1. How can you change the way you think about health? You make it personal, you stop listening to your friends and listen to yourself.  Your friends might know you are overweight but ONLY you know whether or not if it’s important to you.  So for me, I had family telling me at one point how I was gaining weight & how I didn’t look good in what I was wearing.  At first, I was like some people, just ignoring it and feeling sorry for myself when I got home.  It wasn’t easy for me to look in the mirror and know they were correct and only trying to help but I felt confident enough to the point where I could pretend I was in shape & fit. It only finally hit me this isn’t what I want for myself when I changed my college major to Exercise Science.  I did research and I found out, if this is what I want to do & help people, I need to make fitness important to me.  Now keep in mind, I was an athlete and built all my life, I have never been obese but I know what it feels like to have been 15-20 lbs overweight and it was not a good feeling… & when I decided fitness is IMPORTANT TO ME, I also decided my health was important, my wellness is important and my inner happiness is important. I reflect on that often whenever I feel like “giving up” or “taking a break” .. because it reminds me of how I got to the point of overweight and helps me stay on the right path mentally.
  2. I am for health, I always have been but not to the same extent I am now.
  3. I have taken my health seriously for about the past 5 months I would say, because that is when I chose to make a mentality change.
  4. I support the people in my life battling with weight issues, but not as much as I possibly could, mostly because I am still in the learning process of things and want to make sure I support my peers in the right manner.  Supporting them does not mean allowing them to stay overweight or obese it means making sure they know you stand behind them and want them to take their own health as serious as you do. We shall talk about this more .. in further post.
  5. I am confident with myself sometimes.. this is something I work on .. and you should too if you have the same issue.
  6. I describe my body as 5’8, 150 pounds, smaller arm muscles, broad shoulders, strong calf muscles, flat stomach with small love handles, thighs aren’t huge but aren’t smaller, not much a JLo butt, lol but then again it’s not exactly my goal but I like it for the most part.
  7. The perfect body I wish I had, well I just want to rid of my love handles then .. Ill have the body I like after building muscle mass.  Emily schromm is a good example of someone who I aim to look like when it comes to my body.
  8. Do I look at a scale & hate myself? No.
  9. I have a positive mentality about health and wellness

This ends the questions from yesterday, so feel free to ask me any, or to share your answers with me as well! always up for comments! 



Your blogger Shay-lon

Change your way of thinking

Open mind=allowing change to happen

What does fitness mean to you & why?

The answer determines your mindset & determines your definition of fitness and health.. so think about it.

My answer: health & wellness because if you’re not healthy, there is a problem & with a problem needs a solution.

Nowadays fitness comes with negativity & the only people whom seem to care are the ones doing it for the wrong reasons & the ones who are doing it for the right reasons.  If for some reason you have these thoughts: time consuming, expensive, fad, overrated, society just wants me to be skinny, I have priorities, I was born this way, no one cares, my doctor told me, I have already tried, I don’t want to look like everybody else, I am too old, I can’t, ect. Then you already figured out “YOUR” problem. Now figure out a solution & don’t be so modest about it.

Life happens, I get it & guess what I not blind to what society is allowing people to believe either.  “skinny is hot and fat is not”; says who? the man in the media who had to starve himself to get where he is, says the model who can’t stand herself but insist being this small is the only way to live.  OH! YES YES! don’t let me start on the issue of “bigger is better”, now this has me laughing too.. because guess what.. instead of society helping these young ladies be proud of who they are without keeping them complacent; society says “to hell with their weight let us make this okay and alright..even if it means she is not healthy” allowing her to make other overweight people feel like being overweight & staying overweight is “okay” is a no, no people. These are my suggestions of action for these type of issues that people have with fitness:

  1. stop using a scale to determine somebody’s well-being (fine, yes use it for health purposes to suggest the amount of weight someone needs to gain or lose if it means it will HELP, but stop using it as a “cure” .  ( I will explain this more in another post)
  2. We shouldn’t use the words “thick, thin, skinny, fat, curvy, BBW, ect” instead lets keep it short and sweet : “obese, underweight, normal range, overweight, morbidly obese” ( I will explain this in another post) what one may consider skinny and fat may not be in another person’s eyes.
  3. Fix the problem: __________________________ & stop using excuses
  4. Fix your mentality before fixing your body (I will talk about this more in other post & this post also explains it)

These are my main four suggestions but as I post more and more I will add more to the list and I will always dedicate a post explaining these things more in depth. If you disagree, that is okay because that means you have better ideas or you have a solution and I want to hear it.  For now let us focus in on the main problem- mentality! Where is your mind at with all of this & why, how can you change the way you think about your health? are you for or against fitness? have you taken your health seriously? Do you support others in your life battling with weight issues? Are you confident with yourself? How would you describe your body? What is the perfect body that you wish you had?  Do you look at a scale and hate yourself? Do you have a positive mentality or negative?.. I have tons of questions will shall hit on .. & trust me we will! Help me help all of you.

Today’s lesson ONE: think about this post & answer the first question at the top. Comment or share answers with me if you wish because I want to hear them all!  I will share all of these questions in the paragraph about myself in other post and I will answer all of them and I will have more and more questions and suggestions as we venture into fitness. Thank you for reading, feel free to leave comments and share any of my post; I welcome it!

Tomorrow I will make another post!


Your blogger Shay-lon


Introduction- I am Shay-lon

Hello & Welcome 

This is my first blog 

 & this is an introduction to the author-myself

I would just like to mention, I have never taken blogging seriously.. until today. Today is the day I start blogging regularly.  Do you want to know why? I graduate this May, and my life is just beginning to unfold, unravel with surprises and spike my anxiety! I never thought the day would come where I could finally graduate with a college degree.  Its exciting but its starting to drive me insane when I think about all that i want to do in my field/major & how to get where I want to be.  Does anyone ever have their life planned out for after graduation? OR does anyone know how to make “grown up” decisions anymore… because I think I am lost and I have been a “grown up” for 5 years now (I am 23 now).  Want to know what my major is? Exercise Science.  Yes, it’s about “fitness” and “wellness” but for your sake, I have managed to go beyond that narrow way of thinking & for that reason.. I am now writing my own blogs.  I hope to be a personal trainer, yes, and maybe own a gym (although its not necessary), wellness coach, corporate fitness muskateer and fitness guru of all types.. with a sprinkle of travelling & meeting new people who are like minded in my field and create this huge empire.. & finally being a mogul of “health and fitness”.  Now you can understand my frustrations, I have big dreams!  I am going to list a few things about me.. so I can save time & get straight to the point…

  1. I have two younger siblings, one who is in college (whom i’ll refer to plenty) & the other is 7 (and he might be part of the reason why I make some of you smile when reading my blog.
  2. Part time job helping the mentally handicap/full time student
  3. I reside in Ohio (yes it’s cold about this time of year & I hate it)
  4. I have lived in Colorado and Texas ( I loved Colorado)
  5. I live with roommates (I’ll probably talk about some of them as well)
  6. I graduate May 2016 in case no one read the paragraph stating that
  7. I am 5’8 (this is important when i start to refer to myself in blogs)
  8. my weight will be announced in many of my blogs .. yippee for me.
  9. I am a female. 
  10. I workout 4-5 times a week & working on eating much healthier .. 
  11. I am not perfect.. so when it comes to my blogs, read with no expectations of learning anything and leave here realizing I just blew your mind
  12. I appreciate all comments (negative and positive alike) only because I can respect honesty.
  13. I will try really hard to post everyday, but don’t get mad if i skip some days.. i have a life too.
  14. Sometimes my grammar is excellent, other days.. I just say “bunk it” they get the point.
  15. It’s a requirement to get to know me, because otherwise I may offend you (not on purpose)

Purpose of my blogs (after this one)

I want to help people to realize health and fitness should be a lifestyle change, should not be used as a New Years resolution or a fad.  I hope to open up the eyes of the blind & arrogant, I want to educate myself and others on health , fitness, wellness, mental and physical.  I just want to make someone smile & choose to be happy with who they are and how they look.  Society has failed you & I want everyone to know.. being skinny is not the goal.. being healthy & living healthier.. that’s important.  You can be any size and still be unhealthy, don’t judge a book by its Cover!!! get facts before judging people behind their backs. Keep an open mind & follow me on my path..Thank you for reading

It was nice to meet you.



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