Hanging Twisting knee raise

This particular exercise isn’t for beginners, but if you are a beginner and want to give it a go, by all means, DO IT! I was actually quite surprised I could manage this ab workout considering I was introduced to it while doing a program I found online. I now implement them quite often for this program I am doing and probably will continue to in the future because I feel as though it is a great workout. This exercise will require equipment or if you rather, use the local playground or a tree in the neighborhood you can hang on to. The goal of this exercise is to keep yourself from swinging, you want a neutral position and to be controlled throughout the workout — not ballistic. Like many other exercises, if you want to take it up a notch, you can add weights. 

How to perform the movement:

  1. (Using a pull up bar) – Hang with your knees together and body straight. 
  2. Flex the hips and knees, draw the knees up. Pulling the knees up to one side going above 90 degrees at the hip (avoid swinging)
  3. Return to starting position and repeat on the opposite side.


  • Lower abs
  • obliques

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Have You Ever Jumped For a Squat?

Jump Squats

It is all in the name of pain that one can do Jump squats — LOL.  I remember when back when I was a spring chicken and more athletic than I am now (year or so ago) I was doing 30/40/50 reps of jump squats (and compared to some athletes now, that is nothing) but I will tell you WHAT: They definitely made you sore during and afterwards. I still implement them but not as often as I should – which will probably change now that I have mentioned them. I consider this exercise a more intermediate but can be advanced if you add weights (barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc) to the mix; we won’t go to that extreme for the sake of this blog post (face it, bodyweight is a challenge)


The important thing to remember is form during this exercise and how to explode UP when you jump ( I posted a video for your use) typically this exercise is used as a plyometric exercise but in the shadows people call it “fuck this.. I can only manage 5” LOL — I like to think we can all do at least 10.. but if you are like me.. 50 reps makes us feel like a superhero so we go all the way to 50 and regret it later but have ego points! haha LET THE JUMPS BEGIN!


Step to jump squat:

  1. Feet will be shoulder width apart, head up and back will need to be straight
  2. Squat down until your upper thighs or parallel or lower to the floor – also don’t forget to inhale
  3. Press down with the balls of your feet, and jump straight UP as high as possible. You Exhale during this portion of the movement
  4. After touching the floor again, immediately squat down and repeat the movement

If you are aware of proper squat form then this won’t be too difficult, however, if you are unsure of squat form, go back to the basics and learn that FIRST!  Obviously be aware of your injuries/conditions that could prohibit you from completing this movement, so talk to your medical professional FIRST before conquering this exercise. 


What muscles:

  • Core 
  • quads
  • hamstrings
  • glutes
  • lower back

This is one of those exercises, where it can be done practically anywhere and doesn’t need any equipment, but be sure you have ample space and head room for when you jump, I don’t want you to endure any avoidable injuries. Enjoy!


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Sit ups because sometimes less is more (Exercise How to)

The best way to do a sit up, is to do it the right way! 


If you guessed today’s workout and guesses Sit ups, then you are correct (I know it was obvious) lol. but honestly, I chose this exercise because for 3 reasons 

1) it can be done at home or at the gym, on the go

2) it is simple (unless you have an injury that prohibits this movement) 

3) SO MANY PEOPLE DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO THEM CORRECTLY, lol and that can cause injury and strain your neck. 


Now, I have been taught to do sit ups two different ways, and I think I like one way more than the other but I see the concept of them both if executed correctly. Personally I will share a link down below of a video of one of the ways I have done them (if I can find the other, I will share that one as well)


Someone will say, “Why should I do sit ups, if I am doing compound movements then I am already working the core muscles” & while this is TRUE! and very important because a weak core means possible injury, not correct form or technique BUT doing isolated movements for that muscle will always be beneficial because it does help to strengthen that area. I am not promoting to do abs everyday, because if you are doing your workouts correctly, you should be utilizing those muscles anyways but it doesn’t hurt to do ab workouts 2-3 times a week if necessary, which I do with my clients & they enjoy it. Everyone will have a different outlook but I do what I find is necessary for myself and who I am training. 


Something else to keep in mind, sit ups aren’t meant to lose fat in that area (not useful for weightloss) they are useful for strengthening the core. So many individuals believe that by doing these everyday they can lose weight in their abdominal area but that isn’t what this exercise is for. This particular exercise you won’t necessarily see the results unless you have already gotten your fat percentage low enough to where you can notice a difference in the performance of the exercise and muscles being worked. Some might argue they lost weight doing sit ups, but I will argue that there had to be other exercises performed that played a part in your weight loss as well because sit ups alone isn’t going to do it. 


How to do Sit ups properly?

  1. lie down on the floor – either place feet under something or have your partner hold them down so that they don’t move about. Legs will be bent at the knees.
  2. place your hands behind your head – starting position
  3. Elevate the body until it creates a V-shape with your thighs (breathe out during this portion of the exercise)
  4. :lower the upperbody down while inhaling
  5. repeat for the recommended repetitions

Now this is one way to do it (hands behind the head): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDwoBqPH0jk


Now my workout video where I am doing sit ups in my previous post you will think that I am straining my neck, I am not,  but I should have done a better job of looking forward when coming up to make sure I am not putting too much pressure on the neck. Always remember it is important to do the exercise correctly rather than hurting yourself. Be sure to speak with medical professionals before attempting this exercise. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section!


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Sit ups/Crunches Superset

Isolated Exercises 


I did 3 x 30 sit ups & 3 x 30 Crunches (superset)


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I Pulled Through Monday (Week Three|Day One)

I didn’t skip chest day!


  • Incline barbell bench press: 3 x 12, 70 lb
  • DB bench press: 3 x 12, 60 lb
  • Wide grip pull up: 3 x to failure


  • Bentover barbell row: 3 x 12, 70 lb
  • Bentover DB row: 3 x 10, 40 lb


  • Seated DB shoulder press: 3 x 12, 50 lb
  • Seated Arnold DB press: 3 x 8, 20 lb

DB side lateral raise: 3 x 12, 30 lb and 40 lb



  • Sit ups: 3 x 30
  • Crunches: 3 x 30

Fitness WonderWoman,



Tuesday- Sept. 19th Workout

Shoulders & Biceps




  • Two arm kettlebell military press: 4 x 8-10, 16 kg
  • DB alternating curls: 4 x 10, 50 lb


  • Seated side lateral raise:  3 x 10-12, 20 lb, 30 lb
  • Seated DB curl: 3 x 10, 40 lb


  • Side lateral to front raise: 3 x 10-12, 20 lb
  • alternating hammer curl: 3 x 10, 40 lb


  • Seated barbell military press: 4 x 8, 45 lb
  • barbell curl: 4 x 10, 40 lb
  • band pull apart: blue band

Cardio Workout:

  1. Jump rope – 1 minute
  2. sprints- 1 minute 
  3. jump rope- 45 seconds
  4. sprints- 45 seconds
  5. jump rope- 30 seconds
  6. sprints- 30 seconds 

Superset, one after the other. Sprints = 100 m


HIIT Training:

  1. Plank ( 10 seconds)
  2. elbow plank (10 seconds)
  3. one arm plank (10 seconds each arm)
  4. elbow plank (10 seconds) 
  5. plank (10 seconds) 

 I did 3 rounds, and did 1 minute rest after each round. 


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


September 12th workout

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute step ups


  • barbell bench press: 4 x 10- 65 lb, 3 x 8 – 80 lb , 3 x 5 – 90 lb


  • back flyes (resistance band): 4 x 10, red band
  • Bosu ball push ups: 4 x 10


  • standing military press: 4 x 8, 60 lb
  • Crossover (w/ bands): 4 x 10, red band


  • DB squat to shoulder press: 3 x 10, 40 lb
  • one arm DB bench press: 3 x 10, 20 lb


  • push press: 3 x 8, 60 lb
  • hammer grip incline DB bench press: 4 x 8, 40 lb



  • Hanging knee raise: 1 x 15
  • cable crunch: 1 x 20
  • side bends: 1 x 15 each side, 25 lb

HIIT Training:


  • 10 seconds (20 sec rest)
  • 20 seconds (20 second rest)
  • 10 seconds (20 second rest)
  • 20 seconds (60 sec rest) 

3 rounds. 


Definitely a lengthy workout today and a good HIIT training workout. 


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Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo