Add Some Pyramid training to your workout

Some of you might have noticed that I do some pyramid training in my workouts, and if you don’t know what that consist of then you probably want to know so you can implement it in your workouts. Now pyramid training can be done with beginners and advanced athletes alike, it isn’t complex and canContinue reading “Add Some Pyramid training to your workout”

Man-Makers (Exercise How to)   I call these WOMAN MAKERS! 😀  It is probably obvious why I call them “Woman makers” instead, basically because I am female and I am cool like that; but don’t get offended men, because they are formally called “man-makers”.  Now the majority of you are probably thinking “WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS THIS”Continue reading “Man-Makers (Exercise How to)”

10 Cardio Exercises You should do!

FitFam,  I have decided to list 5-10 great cardio exercises that anyone can do (depending on your health conditions and fitness level) – but are fun and will get your heart rate up! Now there is much more to this list than what I name off, so don’t get upset if there is one youContinue reading “10 Cardio Exercises You should do!”

Yesterday’s Topic Tuesday Video

Me planking for 1:00 with 25lb Weight plate Don’t mind the fact I look a hotmess, this is typical of me! lol. just pay attention to the form and technique!