Thursday Strength

Well, I skipped yesterday’s workout due to the fact I was beyond exhausted and had to work both jobs on very little sleep, so decided instead of pushing iron, I’d get some much needed sleep (my body was thanking me) and I will do my Wednesday on Friday instead. Today I was going heavy with some leg day exercises and really making up with the lack of workout yesterday by doing some good amount of work today & added in some much needed cardio at the end of the workout. 

Warm up:

  • seated leg curls: 4 x 25, 20 lbs
  • Squat to box: 4 x 25
  • EZ bar butt lifts: 4 x 25, 30 lbs


  • Conventional deadlift: 5 x 2-3. 2 x 245 lbs, 1 x 250 lbs, 1 x 260 lbs, 1 x 265 lbs
  • Barbell back squat: 5 x 2-3. 2 x 180 lbs, 1 x 185 lbs, 1 x 190 lbs, 1 x 195 lbs


  • Barbell OHS: 5 x 5-6, 65 lbs, 70 lbs, 75 lbs 
  • Kettlebell overhead lunge: 5 x 5-6, 12 kg
  • Box squats: 5 x 5-6, 205 lbs and 210 lbs


  • Smith machine sissy squats: 5 x 5-6, 165 lbs
  • DB cleans: 5 x 5-6, 50 lbs


  • Seated one legged leg curls: 5 x 5-6 each leg, 30 lbs
  • EZ bar goodmorning: 5 x 5-6, 50 lbs
  • EZ bar hip thruster: 5 x 5-6, 50 lbs

Cardio seshhh:

  • Spin bike: 20 minutes, gear 6

Powerlifting Cycle 2 — Heavy loaded Squats

Week 5/ Day 4

Today’s lift was focused on squats and quad assistance work. I did heavy lifting on my squats, and noticed some improvements — so happy! I also did some ab work and cardio (changed up the cardio). I will leave a like at the bottom to my Instagram page; which will have all the squat videos from today and the lift numbers (I have a total of 5-7 videos from today of my squats) so be sure to check it out and follow me! 

  • Barbell back squat: 3 x 3


  • 70% of 90% of 1-RM: 135 lb
  • 80% of 90% of 1-RM: 150 lb
  • 90% of 90% of 1-RM: 170 lb, 5 reps max
  • 1 rep: 175 lb
  • 1 rep: 180 lb
  • 1 rep: 185 lb
  • 1 rep: 200 lb


  • Barbell Front Squats: 5 x 12, 75 lb
  • Barbell box squats: 5 x 15, 145 lb
  • Leg press (quad dominant): 5 x 15, 298 lb
  • leg extensions: 5 x 15, 60 lb

Ab workout:


  • Ab rollout: 4 x 20
  • medicine ball toe touches: 4 x 20, 8 lb

Cardio Workout:

Treadmill interval training: 20 minutes

  1. 1 minute walk, 3.5 speed, no incline
  2. 2 minute run, 5.5 speed, no incline

I haven’t done running on a treadmill for a long ass time and actually have ran besides sprints for a long as time, so decided to give it a go see where I was cardiovascular wise. I try to do 15-20 minute of cardio so that it doesn’t interfere with my strength gains and I do HIIT and intervals because it works best for my goals and losing fat while still maintaining my strength. Normally people don’t do cardio the same day as leg day, but I’m a rebel. LOL 

P.S 200 lb  was my 1 rep max 6 weeks ago, today I proved that I can move above that when I noticed I hadn’t struggled as much as I had 6 weeks ago — so happy to see the small improvements. 


Instagram videos: Shay-lon FitnessWonderwoman


Hamstring Strain (injury/injury prevention)

I hope you know where your hamstrings are located, because today we will be talking about “pulling a hamstring” — (Pst, just in case you don’t know where your hamstrings are, look at the above picture). This particular injury is more common than you think, especially among runners and people who lift improperly- and those with imbalances. Think of it as a big OUCH! you definitely feel it; but don’t take my word for it, ask anyone who has experienced one.  I’d like to be the one to give you some inner insight on the matter and possible share some fun tips, advice, and prepare you for what is possible – but I always recommend talking with a medical doctor for more support and answers and of course for help with any injury (they are the professionals) – lol. 


What is a hamstring strain you ask?

A tear that occurs in one of the hamstring muscles – range from mild to very severe. 


How do I know I am experiencing this?

Trust me when I say, YOU WILL FEEL IT, YOU WILL KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS! with that being said, normally there is a sharp pain at the back of the thigh. If it is more severe, you might notice some swelling or bruising in that area as well. 


I don’t want this to happen to you, so.. 

Pay particular attention to your exercises and how you are doing them


when stretching, stretch properly


When sprinting.. well.. you are a taking a chance because it tends to happen to runners. But don’t allow this to keep you from running! 


Treatment please:

  • Protection, ice, compression, elevation and rest
  • cold therapy and compression wraps should be used immediately and applied for 10-15 minutes and repeat it every hour for the 1st day. 
  • compression bandage and thigh supports are helpful to reduce swelling and help with the internal bleeding
  • After the initial acute stage, you have a choice to use hot and cold alternating between the two.
  • Using a foam roller will be helpful
  • Professional therapist can perform massages on the area
  • rehab may be necessary if more severe from a physical therapist

In all honesty this isn’t an injury you want to obtain and if it does happen, it isn’t the end of the world, but it might hurt a whole lot. Just for kicks, who has “pulled a hamstring” muscle before? how long did it take for yours to heal? I would love to hear everyone’s answers in the comment box & do me a favor.. 


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Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Phase Two: Week Three. Day 18| Six Weeks to Shreds

Warm up: 

  • 2-3 minute jump rope


  • Incline DB flyes: 3 x 21-30. 20 lb (1 minute jump rope between sets)
  • DB flyes: 3 x 21-30. 20 lb (1 minute bench step up between sets)
  • Cable Crossover: 3 x 21-30. 40 lb (1 minute squat jumps between each set)
  • Triceps Pushdown: 3 x 21-30. 70 lb (1 minute side to side shuffle between each set)
  • Standing DB triceps extension: 3 x 21-30. 15 lb ( 1 minute kettlebell swings – 8kg between each set)
  • Cable lying triceps extension: 3 x 21-30. 30 lb ( 1 minute goblet squat – 30 lb between each set)
  • Crunches: 3 x 21-30 (1 minute running in place between each set)
  • Standing oblique cable crunch: 3 x 21-30. 30 lb (1 minute lunge jumps between each set)

As you can tell, today was a much higher rep range and a different kind of burn. I was starting to feel real exhausted before starting this workout but I pushed through, the flyes definitely are harder when doing much higher reps. When doing higher reps, I always use a lower weight that isn’t “too easy” but not heavy either  – I choose a weight that I can lift for the prescribed amount of weights. The cardio between sets wasn’t hard today, I pushed through it fine but talk about the soreness in my legs. 


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Phase Two: Week Three. Day 17|Six Weeks to shreds

Warm up: 

  • 2-3 minute jump roping 


  • Bentover barbell row: 4 x 2-5. 85 lb (1 minute jump rope between sets)
  • Bentover DB row: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb (1 minute goblet squat- 30 lb between each set)
  • Seated cable rows: 3 x 2-5. 120 lb (1 minute box jumps between each set)
  • Barbell shrug: 4 x 2-5. 175 lb (1 minute DB step ups – 20 lb between each set)
  • Barbell curl: 3 x 2-5, 50 lb (1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg between each set)
  • Barbell or EZ bar preacher curl: 3 x 2-5. 40 lb (1 minute med ball slam – 10 lb between each set)
  • Reverse barbell curl: 3 x 2-5. 50 lb. (1 minute DB lunge – 20 lb between each set)
  • Seated palm up barbell wrist curls: 3 x 4-5. 45 lb ( 5 reps of pull ups between each set)

Today I did another PR & it was in my barbell shrugs! a week or so ago it was only at 165 and today I hit 175 lb! Another achievement. Hoping to continue this.  Today was another focus on building strength and I slowed down on the cardio acceleration to focus on my form during each exercise. I posted two new videos today on YouTube 🙂 check out my channel: and I will hopefully be posting the links either tomorrow and talk about the workouts or possibly next week.  


Heads Up: I am starting my studies again this month and on, and so this means I will stay on schedule but sometimes I might post later at night (my time) or perhaps be late in responding to some of the messages on my blog and social media. Be patient with me as I have to stay on a tight schedule because I am also working two jobs at this time.  I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this announcement. 


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


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Phase Two: Week Three. Day 16|Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute bench step ups


  • Barbell shoulder press (seated): 4 x 2-5. 65 lb. (1 minute bench step up between sets)
  • Standing alternating DB press: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb. (1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg between sets)
  • Smith machine one-arm upright row: 3 x 4-5. 60 lb. (1 minute sprints between sets)
  • Barbell squat: 4 x 2-5. 135 lb. (1 minute battling ropes between sets)
  • Barbell deadlift: 3 x 2-5. 135 lb (1 minute Med ball slam- 10 lb between each set)
  • Bodyweight walking lunge: 3 x 4-5 . ( 1 minute mountain climbers between each set)
  • Standing calf raises: 3 x 5-6. ( 1 minute lateral bounds between each set)
  • seated calf raises: 3 x 5-6. 100 lb. (1 minute pull ups between each set)

I hit another PR Today with my seated shoulder press, went from 45 lb to 65 lb today! yay 😀  Started the month off right. I apologize that this blog post is typed and published so late at night, I was out and about all day today, but given the time I have before going into work, made time to make sure I blogged.  Tune in, because I have some workouts for you to watch in the next couple of post! 


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Week Three|Day One|6 Weeks to Shreds part 1

Fitness Collaboration.

Workout Plan. 

Warm up: 2 -3 minute step up with knee raise

  1. Barbell bench press: 4 x 2-5. 75 lb, 95 lb, 100 lb, 105 lb. ( 1 minute step ups)
  2. Incline DB press: 3 x 2-5. 75 lb, 85 lb. (1 minute DB clean – 30 lb) 
  3. Decline smith press: 3 x 2-5, 85 lb. (1 minute running in place) 
  4. Dips: 4 x 6-8. ( 1 minute kettlebell swings – 15 lb)
  5. Close grip barbell bench press: 4 x 2-5. 85 lb. (1 minute smith power clean – 85 lb)
  6. Cable crunch: 3 x 5-6. 65 lb. (1 minute quick step ups)
  7. smith machine hip thrust: 3 x 5-6. 25 lb. (1 minute bench step up)

This workout was focused on strength , which is why the reps are really low. The 1 minute exercises are to be done between each set (so this means no resting between sets). The cardio workout is meant to be done with lower weights, because you want to be able to do the workout for the whole minute without stopping (which is why you see a lower weight).

The last exercise, I did a lower weight because I am not used to that workout and wanted to get the form down for next time before adding more weight. 


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Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xoo