Single leg kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Deadlift variation An underrated movement that needs a lot of attention because it provides a lot of benefits that can go towards your compound lifts & also provides a means of working on balance & coordination, stability, core strength, hamstrings, and mobility of the hips, back and legs. In the above video, I am demonstratingContinue reading “Single leg kettlebell Deadlift”

Bosu Exercises

Upper, lower, cardio & Abs  Upper body: Bosu Walkovers:  2. Bosu Triceps walkup:  3: Bosu Dome push up:  Lower body: 1. Bosu lunge:  2. Bosu Squat:  3. Bosu hamstring curls:  Abs: 1. Bosu ball sit ups:  2. Bosu ball ab twist:  3. Single leg glute bridge:  Cardio: 1. Bosu burpees:  2. Bosu mountain climbers:  3. Bosu toe taps: Continue reading “Bosu Exercises”

Sometimes I feel like I am drowning —

Hey everyone 🙂 With as busy as I have been, I know I haven’t been consistent with my post like I was in the past and that is because I am building a new website for my personal training business I want to do & I have been traveling and out of town a wholeContinue reading “Sometimes I feel like I am drowning —”

Push Up Variations

Standard Push ups are fine, but when you want to spice things up:     Wide grip push up (engages shoulders more) Close grip push ups (engages triceps more) Clap push up (works on explosiveness and power) – plyometrics One leg push up (engages the core more) Hand release push up (helps those who wantContinue reading “Push Up Variations”