No Wednesday Workout — But Thursday Gains

Heavy load leg day Today was good workout, it was a heavy day workout with all leg work. It was tough but I did very well, no videos or pictures, but a great overall workout. I prepared the plan with what I think would be helpful to me and get me started with lifting heavierContinue reading “No Wednesday Workout — But Thursday Gains”

Week 9 Day 3— Wednesday

Barbell bench press: 3 x 3   70% of 90% of 1RM: 90 lb 80% of 90% of 1RM: 100 lb 90% of 90% of 1RM: 115 lb, 3 max reps   DB floor chest press: 5 x 15, 40 lb Cable crossover: 5 x 15, 40 lb Lat pulldown (wide grip): 5 x 15,Continue reading “Week 9 Day 3— Wednesday”

Hip Bridge – Exercise

Typically I utilize this exercise as a warm up, but it is awesome to add in to compliment your lower body days, it activates the glutes. Even better when a resistance band is added for extra resistance.  Pay attention to the movement Scott shows in the above video, it is a simple exercise but beContinue reading “Hip Bridge – Exercise”

Squats & legs

Barbell back squat: 3 x 5 — Deload week ..    40% of 90% of 1-RM: 75 lb 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 95 lb 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 115 lb   Barbell front squat: 5 x 6, 110 lb, 105 lb Barbell box squat: 5 x 6, 225 lb, 245 lb Linear legContinue reading “Squats & legs”