365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions


Day 9

What cheers you up when you are down?

  • Listening to music
  • long drives 
  • affection (sometimes) just to know someone else cares
  • being left in my room with my thoughts in darkness and silence – something about just getting lost & filling my mind with positive thoughts is the goal 

Is there something you can think of that cheers you up? list them. 


365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 7

Where is your safe place?

My bedroom. 

My bedroom holds my thoughts, allows me to be away from it all & gives me a chance to be myself; naked, clothed, happy, sad, angry, overwhelmed– it judges me not/I don’t have to mask myself and it comes without terms and conditions. It’s my “final resting place” metaphorically speaking;  where I end my day/night before waking the next morning. My bedroom holds my belongings that hold significant meaning to me, my hiding place when I don’t want to be found, it’s my island away from society when I need to escape. 

Where is your safe place? Is it inside your home, at a park, the library, etc. Whatever it may be, share it, tell me where you go to feel safest. Leave comments, shares, likes and follow! Thanks for reading, until next time.