Personal training: Helping a friend day 10

Well, his sister did not make it to the workout with us this morning, she had another late night and wanted to catch up on some rest, so today was just John and I, which is fine, because we worked hard. My mom ended up showing up to the gym, she comes to the gymContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a friend day 10”

Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)

Hello wonderful bloggers! I apologize for the late post, I left my house to hang with a friend thinking I would be home in time to write more and follow up on comments, but I was wrong, it is currently 11 at night and I am not writing this post. This might be something youContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day five

Warm-up: Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed Workout Session: Stationary bike- 45 minutes straight through, level 4 resistance, RPMS between 60-70 (although I kept mine between 90-120 at a level 4)  Cool down: Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed (until the heart rate decreases) sometimes we have to go longer to get ourContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day five”

Personal training- helping a friend day 3

Hey everyone,  Today was day 3 of “personal training” helping a friend, today was another good day at the gym with his workout, he did very well overall even with a challenge.  Warm-up Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed Workout: Stationary bike, level 4 resistance, had him keep his RPMs at a 50 butContinue reading “Personal training- helping a friend day 3”

Personal Training a Friend Day two

Hello Bloggers,  Now time for the good news, since I gave everyone semi sad news previous to this post. The good news is I was able to meet up with my friend again at the gym for our day two workout, I had mentioned before that I would change up his workout (John) in orderContinue reading “Personal Training a Friend Day two”