Say Buh-bye to the treadmill


I hate to say it, but it is time to let your treadmill go. Not forever, but for awhile because it is time for you take on new obstacles and new adventures with different cardio workouts. In my opinion the treadmill is an excuse to keep from having to push yourself, you set the time, the incline and the pace you want to go and you have no goals, because there is no finish line. Don’t get me wrong, it comes handy for cool-downs and warm-up exercises, but it becomes a go to for people who are afraid to explore other options. Not saying the elliptical or arc trainer are any better necessarily, but they are because they force you to use your arms, force you to go at a faster pace because going at a slow and steady walk will not get you anywhere on either one of those machines – in my opinion.  In fact I used to make the treadmill my go to cardio workout as well, but I noticed something, I noticed that I would tell myself to run 1 mile with no incline and at 6 speed and what would happen? I would either stop before making it to my goal or I would decide “eh half a mile”, why? because I had no motivation to continue that mile most days, I had the control over how fast I wanted to go, how long, and the amount of time and if I decided I didn’t want to follow through, I could choose to walk instead and get a “basic” exercise done. 

This isn’t saying, all of you have the same problems as I did, hell I see people going to town on the treadmill every few weeks, but most people use it as a walking machine and don’t use their arms and go at a very slow pace, a pace that isn’t going to do much if they plan on losing weight. However, some people can and should make use of the treadmill depending on their fitness level and depending on their circumstances, but some people know better and run to the treadmill to keep from doing any hardy work because they can negotiate whether they want to run or walk that day. Why use a machine to limit your capabilities, when you are capable of doing so much more. I will commend the ones who  will get on the treadmill and use it wisely in order to maintain or reach goals, but the ones using it to avoid other exercises, we need to get you out of your shell. The world offers many ways to get in shape utilizing cardio, and the majority of people have chosen the treadmill. After learning why some people I know use the treadmill, I gathered these three main reasons:

  1. Easy to use
  2. I feel comfortable on the treadmill
  3. I want to lose weight – cardio
Weird thing is, this was my reasoning for using the treadmill as well when I started my journey. So, I totally get it, I get that it is easy, the feeling of not being judged, and simply helps with weight loss. All great reasons to start at the treadmill, but at some point, you need to either overload or change your cardio routine, otherwise getting the most out of your workout is not going to happen. It is simply a machine that hinders people from pushing themselves because you are comfortable being at a certain pace, you are comfortable at stopping at 30 minutes, and you are uncomfortable about trying something new.  Time to rise and shine and gather some things before deciding to hop on the treadmill again today:
  1. Have you plateaued? 
  2. Are you bored?
  3. What are your goals?
These three questions may be the boost of inspiration you need in order to decide what needs to be done so that you can avoid plateauing so much, being bored and unmotivated and not meeting goals. Like I have mentioned previously, using the treadmill as a warm up or cool down is great, using it appropriately to meet your needs is great as well and using it but making sure to add variety is also good. “The best athletes had to try something new when shit stopped working”-Shay-lon Moss, this means that the best athletes had to change up their routine, their pace, their time, their distance, their methods, in order to see results. Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this post, share, like, comment and follow. 
Your fitness blogger, 
Shay-lon xoxo
P.S I am not a treadmill hater, I just taught myself it isn’t the only mode of cardio. 

Is Water Aerobics better than land based exercises?

So I will admit, this is probably bad timing since summer is almost over, but where I live there are gyms that offer indoor pools all year round for those who want to swim for their workout or enjoy the hot tub. I cannot imagine being one of those people, because once summer goes away, I don’t want to even imagine myself in a swimming pool (I can handle being in a hot tub) BRRRRR! With the weather cooling down, I don’t expect many people using this type of workout, but someone can always use it for next year or use it for their indoor pool activities.  I have never participated in any form of water aerobics classes, and so I decided I would look into to, since most people know that swimming is a great total body exercise.  Recently I had someone ask me if I thought water aerobics was a better form of cardio than taking a run or cycling, and to be honest, I didn’t really know off the bat, but told them I would look into it and I am happy I did because I had the chance to learn something new in my field and share with all of you.


For starters, swimming is a great at increasing cardiovascular health, joint health and builds upper and lower body strength (which I knew this much already).  Secondly it never crossed my mind but swimming is a great exercise for those easing their way into exercising and need something that is low impact.  Duh, right?! I know. I guess my fitness mentality didn’t kick in right away, don’t blame me, it has been a long week. To be continued… 



  • Low impact exercise
  • Total body exercise
  • Good cardiovascular exercise
  • builds strength in both the upper and lower body
  • “Calorie Burner”
  • Great for seniors & older adults
  • Helps rehabilitate healing muscles and joints
  • Great for those who live in a hot environment
  • reduced chance of injury

So as you can see water aerobics has many great benefits. Bear in mind that you still need land based exercises in order to get the benefits from a weight bearing exercise to maintain a healthy bone density. All in all, based on this information alone, I think swimming can offer some of the same benefits as those who run or cycle but I would definitely recommend it over running for someone who needs a low impact activity in the beginning, but wouldn’t use it as a supplement to weight bearing exercises. Depending on the clients goals and their fitness level, water aerobics could make for a great strength and cardio exercise.


One thing I will mention is so many new water aerobic videos are being posted all over the internet and NOT all of them make sense or have a reasoning behind the movements, I feel as though if you are interested in participating in a water aerobics class, that you speak with someone who is certified in this or a coach who knows what they are talking about. I know we all know not to believe everything we see or hear on the internet but because a lot of these new and improved water aerobics are being advertised, people don’t stop and actually think about the relevance of the exercise and will try anything just because it looks “cool”, not everything that looks cool has a purpose. Thanks for reading, feel free to share, like, comment and follow!


Have you done water aerobics? Share with us your experience.


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

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