Final Week of Six Weeks To Shreds Collaboration Video!

We made it!



Fitness Collaboration (Six Weeks To Shreds) YouTube video

This video talks about what we wear to the gym 🙂


Okay everyone,

This is another Collaboration video I did with a fellow YouTuber: NoFilterNina, and we have been doing the “Six Weeks to shreds” program together and posting a rad video each week with some fun topics dealing with the program and fitness. I know I have been behind on posting our collab videos, but will try to do a better job of that because I don’t want any of you to miss out on some fun footage! 

Subscribe to my channel and continue to follow along, we have another video we will be doing this week! 

Journey to health Collaboration – Week One (YouTube)

So for those of you who don’t already know, I was asked to join another YouTube collaboration with a group of YouTubers and last week was my first week. Basically each week we have to answer a question that was set for us – this first week was just introducing myself. Hopefully all of you will enjoy this, as I am looking forward to what this collaboration has in store for me and the other YouTubers. In the description box of my video, there is a list of people who will be part of this collaboration, feel free to check out their channels as well. 

I will be posting this weeks video on my blog as well, stay tuned & keep in mind, I am still doing my fitness collaboration with the other YouTuber and will post our most recent one we did last week – along with a bonus video upload. 


Phase Two: 6 Weeks to Shreds. Week One. Day one.

Alright! so as all of you know I have been doing a program to gain some muscular strength and maybe lose some pounds on the side. I started this program because another YouTuber wanted to do a fitness collaboration with me and figured it would be something new and different and so here I am. We normally post every Thursday or Friday our videos but on the side I also give you my workouts I do each day (I have been known to forget to post some of the days) but this way you get an idea of my whole workout, that way if you want to copy me, you can, lol. This week started phase two of the program, which is relatively the same exercises but you may notice I have increased weights or have increased my cardio acceleration time, etc. This will be another 6 weeks of grueling pain and amazing results. Glad you could come along for the ride, so to get started, this was Monday’s workout which was week one of day one. 


warm up:

  • 2-3 minutes, step ups with knee raise


  • barbell bench press (medium grip), 4 x 9-11. 65 lb. 1 minute bench step ups between each set.
  • Incline DB press: 3 x 9-11. 50 lb. 1 minute DB clean (20 lb) between each set
  • Decline smith press: 3 x 9-11. 75 lb, 95 lb. 1 minute of running in place between each set
  • Dips: 4 x 9-11. 1 minute kettlebell swings (8 kg) between each set
  • Barbell bench press: 4 x 9-11. 65 lb. 1 minute smith power clean (75 lb) between each set
  • Cable crunch: 3 x 9-11. 100 lb. 1 minute bench step ups between each set
  • Smith machine hip thrust: 3 x 9-11. 75 lb. 1 minute quick step ups between each set

Fitness Wonderwoman,

Shay-lon xo

YouTube Fitness Collaboration- Measurements and Realistic Goals

The video is from Thursday, but will talk about mine and another YouTuber’s goals for this phase two of the next 6 weeks, our long term goals, our measurements, and how we anticipate on getting where we need to be. 

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Fitness Collaboration YouTube|Week 5.

This video is giving you an update on the fitness collaboration I am doing with the fellow YouTuber: NoFilterNina , and how talks about life, fitness and nutrition for week 5. 

Week One|Day 1| 6 week cut program workout

Warm up: 2-3 minutes of step ups with knee raise

  1. Barbell Bench Press (medium grip): 4 x 9-11, 65 Lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: bench step ups)
  2. Incline DB press: 3 x 9-11, 40 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: DB clean – 30 lb)
  3. Decline smith press: 3 x 9-11, 35 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: running in place)
  4. Dips: 4 x 9-11. (1 minute of cardio acceleration: kettlebell swings: 30 lb)
  5. Barbell bench press: 4 x 9-11, 65 lb. (1 minute cardio acceleration: smith power clean: 65 lb)
  6. Cable Crunch: 3 x 9-11, 57.5 lb. (1 minute of cardio acceleration: bench step ups) 
  7. Smith machine hip thrust: 3 x 9-11, 40 lb. (1 minute of cardio acceleration: quick step ups) 

Cardio acceleration after each set per exercise.