8-14-18 workout

Warm up: Body bar squats: 4 x 25, 3 lbs body bar goodmornings: 4 x 25, 3 lbs glute/hammie machine: 4 x 25, 10 lbs Workout: Conventional deadlift: 4 x 4-5, 215 lbs Barbell back squat: 4 x 4-5, 155 lbs box squats: 5 x 8-10, 160 lbs Superset: seated leg curl: 5 x 8-10,Continue reading “8-14-18 workout”

Earlier than usual

Heavy squat and sumo deadlifting.. Warm up: Hip adduction machine: 4 x 25, 45 lbs Resistance band lateral leg raises: 4 x 25 each leg, green kettlebell plie squat: 4 x 25, 12 lbs Workout: Sumo deadlift: 5 x 2-3 (90%) 260 lbs Barbell back squat: 5 x 2-3 (90%) 200 lbs Superset: Smith machineContinue reading “Earlier than usual”

Tuesday is for Legs

Not going to lie, today I was super tired, i was practically falling asleep between sets during my workout & I don’t know how I managed to keep going because the pre-workout was even doing anything for me. I did a leg day session that lasted 3.5hours and it felt good, worked on another speed/dynamicContinue reading “Tuesday is for Legs”

Back at it

8-6-18 Workout I started back at my normal routine at the gym Monday — it felt good to be back and to get after the gains once again. Last week was a very busy and productive day, i decided to make it my deload week for 5 days because my body needed rest and IContinue reading “Back at it”

Busy Gym Sess Tuesday

The gym was hella busy Tuesday evening & I had forgotten what it would be like having to do my routine with more people surrounding me. I had made it in after work & so I just wanted to get in & out in a timely manner in order to make it home, eat dinnerContinue reading “Busy Gym Sess Tuesday”