The Last Day Of January Workout – Woot!

Hey FitFam, Happy Tuesday!  The last day of January, and we have some fun events coming up in Feb — starting tomorrow. If you haven’t yet signed up for the squat challenge, please email me at that way I know who all is participating, it is free, click here for the rules.  I can veryContinue reading “The Last Day Of January Workout – Woot!”

My Gym Workout – Dec. 7th

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date, a date of which with a blogger site.. people will be mad, they may cringe at the sight.. I’m late.  .. Yes, prepare for more random quotes I shall make up. Some motivating, some weird and others very creative indeed. I happen to make that wholeContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Dec. 7th”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 34

FitFam Tuesday! Happy TacoTuesday everyone! Hopefully all of you get the pleasure of eating some delicious Tacos and Mexican cuisine, I kind of cheated today and went to Chipotle for lunch, so I have leftovers for dinner. It was good, because I had not been there in over a year now, and I thought IContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 34”