365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 71

Do you have friends who have different backgrounds to you? Do you feel this is important?

  • Yes & Yes, I believe having friends from different backgrounds has exposed me to different ways of life, allowed me to see the world from different perspectives and helped to make me more open-minded. Not to mention it creates for a great learning experience as well

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Hopes/Wishes/Future


Day 40

Where would you like to live in the future?

  • For starters, in a bigger city (Columbus, Ohio) then eventually I would like to move someplace on the map that is warmer year round, offers culture and diversity and full of opportunities. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future


Day 11

What small change would you like to make to your life?

  • Where I currently reside. I would like to move to a bigger city with more opportunity and more freedom, culture, diversity and learning experiences. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Wishes/Dreams/Hopes/Future


Day 6

Where would you like to travel?

  • All over the U.S – All 50 states, For starters, I would like to visit California, Florida and New York City because these three places I always hear people speaking highly about or have visited multiple times & I have never been on the ocean so Florida and California would be a nice experience for that. I would also like to visit the Bahamas and other islands, as well as visit outside the country possibly but with so much to see in the U.S; I would be just as happy to see everything each state has to offer. 
I have a lot of travelers who read my blogs and I follow many of you who travel for a living or as a side hobby,  it’s always fun to read and view the pictures. Assuming most people enjoy travel — where is someplace you would like to visit? 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions


Day 16

If you ran away, where would you go?

  • Funny thing is, I have given this question much thought in the past. I have decided I would choose someplace that nobody knows me, it would be almost like starting over & I would want someplace that gives me a sense of adventure and with diversity. Hopefully if I ran away, it would eventually lead me someplace I could call home or at least feel at ease about. 
Has this ever crossed your mind, where would you want to go if you ran away?

365 days of self discovery: Day 21


What lessons have you learned from traveling?

When I give this some thought, I never really thought of my traveling as a lesson to be learned each time I got on the road — I only thought of the adventure, so when I made this list (very short list) it was hard because I am sure there has a been a time where something didn’t go as planned during my roadtrip and I made it a point to not have it happen again, but nothing came to mind right away, so I might possibly come back to this question if anything should arise. Hopefully many of my travellers who follow my blog, will have many things to say, especially those who travel long days on foot, car, plane, train, etc. So don’t be afraid to share your lessons, who knows? it might spark my light bulb just enough for me to add it to my own list. 

  • I have learned that different cultures & environments breed people to react towards me differently.
  • Always to research the area(s) that I plan on traveling to beforehand
  • if I can, travel with a buddy for safety or have an emergency contact in case something was to happen
  • Always alert friends/family of your travels before heading out, so everyone is well aware of where you are going, who you will be with, etc in case again, an emergency should happen. 

If you are someone who has never traveled before, these four rules will come very handy to you, no matter where you go because they are just common sense things to do for your own safety but also, be sure to have your electronics (phones/tablets) charged fully as well, because you never want to be someplace unknown with no way of calling in case something should happen. In times like this, being too cautious is a strength. 


Martin Luther King Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day


I don’t think I will need to write a whole paragraph on why Martin Luther King Day is important to me, because if you have history books or pay attention to our history and care about our culture, then it would be obvious how he played an important part in our lives- even til this day. Some of you may not recognize him as an important model in our history but the man was, and he deserves respect for being able to endure the kind of hatred, violence, and racism that many of us have never came close to having to endure in own life time. For those of you who are not aware, my family is very mult-racial and back in his time that would be considered highly UNACCEPTABLE, that would be something to get a black women or black man killed, and put a white man or his family in danger of even thinking about wanting to get with my race. It was tough times back them and even though racism still thrives during this time, we have still come a lot further than we used to be. 


I live in a predominantly white town (mostly upper class) citizens and I have lived here all my life besides the 7 years I was living in different states. I have had to endure racism and ignorance growing up until my adult age now, just in this town alone and from my own race and also other races. It is scary to think that someone can hate you for the skin you are in, but if anyone has ever had someone make light of their differences due to color, it hurts because you don’t understand how one can make you feel inferior for something you didn’t choose but was born this way. I have a very strong family history, that I never realized until my adult years, because I didn’t really care as a teen or child — but now I see the steps my grandparents and great grandparents took to help me pave my own way in my own life and be proud of who I am no matter what others may think. 


Some of the things my family is known for doing is creating a street sign that says “Martin Luther King Blvd” in my town, of course it had to be approved by the state and city and of course it took some fighting I would assume, but because of them, in his honor they had it approved and still is a street sign for a bridge we have here in town. I consider that amazing, to be honest. We also built a library about black history for young people who need more information on our culture and history, I’d say that is a huge deal considering not many school’s history books hit every little detail. No offense. My family built that, in a town where the minority (which is me) is seriously a minority .. but I give them respect because I am sure someone hated to see it there, hated to know it was built on black culture, but guess what? it still stands! There are some other things they are known for, but what I am trying to get at is, because of them being proud of who they are no matter who was fighting against them, they were able to stay strong and do things that might have small meaning to most but for some of us, meant a whole lot.. ❤


I hope all of you have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day! 



My dream is to live in a world where being different is okay, not something we have to continue to fight for.. not something we have to be scared of, and not something that forces you to have insecurities.