365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions


Day 38

What makes you joyful?

  • Paying off bills
  • vacation/day trips
  • Hitting new PRs
  • being alive each waking moment
  • being surrounded by good company
  • The feeling of being myself
What makes you joyful?

365 days of self discovery: Day 38


What are three facts about you that not many people know?

  1. I have been a victim of bullying in the past and present
  2. Growing up, I loved skateboarding, it was my thing and I was pretty good at it.
  3. In elementary school, I had to be dismissed from class everyday because I needed extra help with my reading & vocabulary; so I would spend time in a separate class with 4-5 other children my age to work on my bettering my reading skills.

What are 3 facts about you! — stuff most people do not know. Share in the comments & be sure to follow and like!