365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions



Day 50

What Emotion do you wish you didn’t feel?

  • Sadness or the feeling of being overwhelmed/stressed out.  I am happy I can feel emotion, because it isn’t all bad, just sometimes it would be nice to not feel some of these emotions. 

Do you have an emotion(s) you wish you didn’t have to feel? leave the answers in the comments. 


365 Days of self discovery: Day 50


Day 50

Do You have Self Control or it something you need to work on?

  • I think my self control is a work in progress, I find that I’ve lacked self control many times within my past relationships and it never ended well, and sometimes even within family gatherings because of a situation arising and getting me worked up. I still have work that needs done in this area (as I have recently found out) but from where I started and where I am with it now, it has shown some form of improvement.