365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & emotions


Day 55

What helps you to heal?

  • Being able to find a way to move forward and not having to rethink about the pain/hurt. I find that time helps me to move forward but allows me to remember and so I can’t always agree that time heals. Laying in total darkness in silence or listening to sad music doesn’t make everything but helps to get my emotions out and crying is relieving in a sense it that it helps to put me to sleep. I need space alone when I am healing, I don’t particularly want to be crowed on or have tons of attention — I like my seclusion and battling things on my own. 
What helps you to heal? 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 55


Are you Able to Forgive yourself?

  • I have a hard time forgiving myself; I am hard on myself an the bad decisions and mistakes I have committed, I feel as though they are always in the back of my mind somewhere. I know I have grown, matured and learned many lessons since than but it doesn’t change the fact that at one point I did something that now haunts me or causes me grief if I were to think about it. People have skeletons in their closet and I am not in denial about mine, but I feel as though some skeletons are harder to forgive than others. Most things I have chosen to forgive myself for to keep tension out of my life, but there are a few things in which I have yet to. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 55

Are you able to forgive others?

self discovery day 55

  • Yes, I am able to forgive others. but a lot of times I choose not to for a long period of time if at all because I sometimes feel as though some people don’t deserve my forgiveness.