Happy New Years – This post is rated R (I have warned you)

Happy New Years BLOGGGGERSSS!!!!!! woooooohoooo! I may be tipsy and typing all at once, but I think it is safe to do so without someone pulling me over or the typing  police coming after me – if you the typing police, I swear the wine is good and I will pour you a glass ifContinue reading “Happy New Years – This post is rated R (I have warned you)”

My Gym Workout: Legs & Delts

Hey FitFam,  Happy Monday motivation, hopefully all of you had a fun filled weekend  & had sweat dripping from you the whole time. Don’t let the weekends be your downtime, let them be your time to continue to put in work and aim for those goals. December can be a hard month for people toContinue reading “My Gym Workout: Legs & Delts”

Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46

FitFam, Sorry this post is coming at you so late in the evening, since the time change, I have been getting behind sometimes and not watching the time properly. Well the truth is, I decided to make tacos tonight last minute because I got sick of looking at them on people’s Instagram for #TacoTuesday, soContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a friend day 46”