365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being


Day 20

Do you feel like your job is affecting your health?

  • Not my job/career as a personal trainer, but my third shift job that I do feel it has and still might be affecting my health due to my sleep schedule (not getting enough sleep) and eating habits (always eating more since working third shift). As of right now, I have been working on both of those things, and I make sleep a priority (at least 5-6 hours if possible) and I have changed my eating habits so that I consume less while at work — which has helped because then I don’t fall into a food coma. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Health & Well-Being


Day 16

Do you have a good relationship with food?

  • Yes. 

I Did a GUEST POST: College & Fitness


Alright everyone, 

for those of you who didn’t know, I was asked to do a guest blog for a friend about college and fitness – preparing high school seniors for college and freshmen college students for what is to come. I share some nifty tips and advice and give you some real world examples of what temptations will lie in the way and share some personal experiences as well. I hope that not only will you support this blog post and share it among your peers, but that you will take the time to check out her blog as a whole because it is also speaks on time management skills. Thank you for your support! leave feedback in the comments!

Fitness Wonder Woman

Shay-lon xo

Why I don’t believe calling my eating mistakes “cheat meals”

I am a little hard on myself. 


Personal Training: Helping a Friend day eight


Hello bloggers!

Today was another day at the gym with John, although his sibling did not make it today :/ But from what he told me, she will be in later this evening and perhaps meet with me Thursday. I am happy she is considering getting another gym membership at the gym we attend, it will definitely help motivate her! 

Today our workout was the same exact workout as yesterday, the only thing I noticed different today was John was reducing his speed on the treadmill today when yesterday he had not. I asked him about it and he mentioned that both his ankles hurt today for whatever reason and today felt like it was a harder day. After the workout, he said his ankles weren’t hurting anymore, but I am hoping this isn’t a serious issue, if so, we may need to consider other options. With this being said, I don’t think he is ready to do 4.0 for 45 minutes all the way through yet, until I know more about his ankles, and until I can trust that he is starting to increase cardiovascular wise, which I do look for. I think his ankle situation is fine though, considering he wasn’t worried about it and he has had soreness before and it went away fine. I will be sure to keep a keen eye on him during the exercises. 

John mentioned how he needs to work on his eating habits, which hopefully he has a plan set in place, I didn’t have a chance to speak to him about it in depth because he had places to go, but tomorrow I am hoping we will so he can get on track with that as well. I want him to see results and build confidence within himself.  We shall see what tomorrow consist of, we are having day nine tomorrow, wish him luck! 

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

P.S my right calf still hurts, and I haven’t done any weight training on it, to prevent further injury, not sure what is wrong with it, but hopefully it heals 100 percent within the next couple of days, if not, I am not going to be a happy camper.