Happy National Trivia Day!

Happy National Trivia Day! 😀

In honor of National Trivia day.. 

What trivia games do you enjoy playing with family and friends?


Bonus Video – YouTube is not TOP priority for me


In this video, I explain some changes and discuss how YouTube is not TOP priority in my life because I have other obligations and expectations that I want to fulfill in my life at the moment that are more important. I created this video in hopes it would explain what to expect from me and how I plan on going about things from this day forward so no one feels abandoned. 

Happy Fourth Of July 2017

Fireworks, Independence Day, Celebration

Have a wonderful Independence Day Bloggers!

The Weekend Festival Fun (YouTube Videos)



For those of you interested in having a sneak peak on what my weekend was like with my loving  — I uploaded two videos to give ya some insight. Please be respectful of everyone who is in the video, thank you. 

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Going to be gone this weekend :D

Alright lovely blogger friends, 

I am going to be gone all weekend, so I might be back Sunday night or Monday Morning, just saying that I won’t be blogging this weekend (which is technically normal) and I apologize I have been away for three days. I have tons of packing to do tonight because I am leaving tomorrow morning after work. I am going to post my workouts I did this week and will try to make time for another post ..but don’t hold me to it, as I have tons to finish around the house before I leave. Hopefully this coming week, I will have more fun fitness/health topics and workouts as well for all of you. With this all being said, I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and i will see you soon! ❤



Shay-lon xxoo


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P.S.S if you are a blogger who follows me on Instagram and I just don’t know it and haven’t followed you back , let me know —- just saying! sometimes I miss people or don’t know. Also, be on the lookout for a possible new YouTube video tonight as well! wo

“Habanero Pepper” Challenge (YouTube video) Warning: Would not recommend


I did this challenge because Christianweightlosssucess nominated me for it after I told him that I enjoy hot/spicy food. I did not know what all to expect since I have never had issues with hot foods. I had watched videos of other YouTubers doing this challenge and everyone had the same reactions (panicking and their mouths burned up) – I not only did this challenge, but unlike the many others, I ate TWO habanero peppers, not just one. I will say this, never again will I take part in this challenge (not even for a redo) – use my video to spread awareness, because I would NOT recommend anyone do this challenge, let alone eat two whole habaneros, because it was painful and took awhile for my pain to finally come to a hault.. I had to leave the room and stop the camera because I was in so much pain. Lesson learned, do not ever listen to this guy Christian – for pay back, I nominated him for this same challenge, hopefully he gets to feel my burn. Otherwise, I do not want all my followers/readers to take part in this challenge because it isn’t fun and I don’t want harm to come your way, seriously. This was my first time eating a habanero pepper, and  I didn’t enjoy the taste too much! lol .. 

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