Skipped Monday & regret it

Starting on a Tuesday was about as bad as skipping a whole week at the gym. My performance on Tuesday leg day was less than mediocre and hardly finished (in order to finish up my workout, I had to edit the amount of sets/reps & lower the weight on lifts that don’t normally require it)Continue reading “Skipped Monday & regret it”

Oct. 23rd Workout

Monday Workout! chest, legs, abs & cardio Workout: Superset:   Barbell bench press: 4 x 15-20, 75 lb, 65 lb Linear leg press: 4 x 20, 180 lb Superset: Barbell back squat: 4 x 15-20, 105 lb, 85 lb Push ups: 4 x 15-20 Superset: Barbell incline press: 3 x 15-20, 45 lb bodyweight squat:Continue reading “Oct. 23rd Workout”

12 Week Cut Program Update|YouTube Vlog| Weight Gain… shit.