365 Days of Self Discovery: Feelings & Emotions


Day 61

What makes you feel free?



When I can be myself in totally, without feeling the need to meet someone’s standards or their mold of what I should be or who I should be. Being myself without care of what others may think of me or perceive me as, and being myself around people with flaws and all. 


365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 7

Where is your safe place?

My bedroom. 

My bedroom holds my thoughts, allows me to be away from it all & gives me a chance to be myself; naked, clothed, happy, sad, angry, overwhelmed– it judges me not/I don’t have to mask myself and it comes without terms and conditions. It’s my “final resting place” metaphorically speaking;  where I end my day/night before waking the next morning. My bedroom holds my belongings that hold significant meaning to me, my hiding place when I don’t want to be found, it’s my island away from society when I need to escape. 

Where is your safe place? Is it inside your home, at a park, the library, etc. Whatever it may be, share it, tell me where you go to feel safest. Leave comments, shares, likes and follow! Thanks for reading, until next time.