10 Cardio Exercises You should do!

FitFam,  I have decided to list 5-10 great cardio exercises that anyone can do (depending on your health conditions and fitness level) – but are fun and will get your heart rate up! Now there is much more to this list than what I name off, so don’t get upset if there is one youContinue reading “10 Cardio Exercises You should do!”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 35

FitFam!  Happy Wednesday! Glad all of you could join me for another day of my blogging about our workout today. Today was a bit different than the usual, actually a lot different for John since he normally does not do any of these exercises when I assign him workouts (for good reason) but we willContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 35”

What are your 5 Favorite Movies?

Hey everyone!  I haven’t done a “fun” topic in a while, so I decided to do one today in place of a fitness topic. I think every once in a while I need to stop overwhelming you with fitness information, stories, videos and give you all a break. I know many of you enjoy myContinue reading “What are your 5 Favorite Movies?”

The Wii Fitness

Okay bloggers, this is that thing called “old news”, but this old news will soon be the new “trendy” thing to do again, just give it another few months to a year and everyone will be back on this bandwagon. How many of you remember when the Wii introduced itself and how eager your childrenContinue reading “The Wii Fitness”