The Pistol Squat (exercise)

Thanks to a lovely blogger…   I am going to be speaking about the “Pistol squat”. Now before I begin, let me give you the run down on this particular exercise because I don’t want people going out and hurting themselves trying to be cool. This particular exercise I do not recommend to those thatContinue reading “The Pistol Squat (exercise)”

Push Up Challenge, day 9 Hey everyone,  Today I did not make it to the gym to do a workout because I wussed out because it snowed all day yesterday and I didn’t feel like going through the steps and driving to the gym. oops. I know, I know, no excuses. LOL. I did my push up challenge atContinue reading “Push Up Challenge, day 9”

Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 35

FitFam!  Happy Wednesday! Glad all of you could join me for another day of my blogging about our workout today. Today was a bit different than the usual, actually a lot different for John since he normally does not do any of these exercises when I assign him workouts (for good reason) but we willContinue reading “Personal Training: Helping a Friend Day 35”