My 6 weeks by 6 weeks shred/cut program – Fitness Collab (YouTube) Hey everyone,  I have started a shred/cut program with a fellow YouTuber from a program she found on It is only a 6 week program but to lengthen it, we will be doing it twice. Fun!  Anyways this video is basically letting you know my goals for it, my macros, my workout fromContinue reading “My 6 weeks by 6 weeks shred/cut program – Fitness Collab (YouTube)”

The Cramm Award.

Thank you PoojaG for nominating me for this award and giving me more work to do on a Monday, love it 😀 but seriously, so happy, it will be my first time doing this one and her first time as well, so go check her page out and find out what she had written down! 😀  TheContinue reading “The Cramm Award.”

Standing DB Shoulder Press (My YouTube video) This is just a short segment of me demonstrating the shoulder press with dumbbells. I am using 20 lb dumbbells in each hand and did 3 x 10. For the sake of the video, I only show one set of this exercise. Enjoy!

Incline Bench Press ( Exercise) Hey FitFam, This will be my last blog post for the day, I have a previous video demonstrating alternating dumbbell curls and this video and post will be about the incline bench press. I would like to assume many of you already know what a bench press is and how to do it usingContinue reading “Incline Bench Press ( Exercise)”

Alternating Hammer Curls (YouTube video of me) This is a video of me demonstrating Alternating Hammer curls using dumbbells.  Typically I like to use 30 lb dumbbells in each hand but for the sake of the video, went down in weights. It is important to pay attention to the form and to really contract those biceps during the lift.  Thanks forContinue reading “Alternating Hammer Curls (YouTube video of me)”