Heavy squats & deadlifts

Today’s workout consisted of heavy load today with both squats and sumo deadlifts, I used low bar wide stance squats because I am working on hip mobility along with the sumo deadlift. I have noticed that what I thought was my max effort, I could have probably went up in weight on my heavier lifts — so possibly next week I will check my 1RM’s for my lifts. Normally I would have some Tri-set exercises after the core lifts but decided to end my workout with some HIIT Training.


Warm Up:

  1. Side lunges: 4 x 25
  2. EZ Bar butt-lifts: 4 x 25, 20 lbs
  3. Bench kettlebell stiff-legged deadlifts: 4 x 25, 4 kg


  • Sumo deadlift: 5 x 2-4 (80%-90%) 5 x 180 lbs, 5 x 190 lbs, 5 x 200 lbs

       – sumo deadlift off blocks: 5 x 2-4 (80% 1RM), 180 lbs

       – Sumo deadlift: 2 x 1 (95%+) 215 lbs, 225 lbs 

  • Barbell back squat: 5 x 2-4 (80%-90% 1RM) 5 x 160 lbs, 5 x 170 lbs, 5 x 180 lbs

        – Barbell back squat: 2 x 1 (95%+ 1RM) 190 lbs, 200 lbs


HIIT Training: 5 rounds circuit

  1. High knees: 20 seconds
  2. squats: 20 seconds, 12 lbs body bar
  3. burpees: 20 seconds

Check out my workout: Core lifts


Deload Week 8 Day Two

  • Conventional deadlift: 3 x 5


  • 40% of 90% of 1-RM: 105 lb
  • 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 130 lb
  • 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 160 lb


  • Deficit Deadlifts: 5 x 6, 160 lb
  • Deadlift off blocks: 5 x 6, 225 lb, 185 lb
  • DB stiff legged deadlift: 5 x 6, 90 lb
  • Hyperextenstions: 5 x 6, 45 lb weight plate


  • Seated calf raise: 5 x 6, 100 lb
  • smith machine calf raise: 5 x 6, 205 lb

Cardio workout:


  • Box jumps: 30/45/30 seconds
  • lunge pass through: 10/10/10 reps, 12 kg kettlebell
  • one handed kettlebell swings: 30/45/30 seconds, 12 kg
  • Stair climber: 10 minutes, level 7

I did post some videos of the deadlift, deficit deadlift and the deadlift off blocks: Deadlift videos


Yesterday’s workout

Deload week will entail low weight core lifts and I decided I would do heavier weight accessory lifts during deload week 🙂 

  • Barbell shoulder press: 3 x 5


  • 40% of 90% of 1-RM: 30 lb
  • 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 40 lb
  • 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 50 lb


  • Bench press: 5 x 5, 105 lb


  • DB shrugs: 5 x 6, 100 lb
  • smith machine behind the back shrugs: 5 x 6, 135 lb


  • DB seated shoulder press: 5 x 6, 60 lb
  • Seated (floor) alternating kettlebell press: 5 x 6, 20 kg


  • One handed bentover DB row: 5 x 6, 40 lb
  • Bentover DB reverse flyes: 5 x 6, 30 lb

Ab workout:


  • seated medicine ball russian twist: 4 x 20, 10 lb
  • V-ups, 4 x 20

Cardio workout:

  • Treadmill interval training: 20 minutes total. Run: 3 minutes, walk: 1 minute
  • Jump rope: 30/30/30 seconds
  • med ball slams: 30/30/30 seconds
  • jump rope: 30/30/30 seconds

The last 3 cardio workout were done as a circuit 


Powerlifting Cycle 2 — Heavy loaded Squats

Week 5/ Day 4

Today’s lift was focused on squats and quad assistance work. I did heavy lifting on my squats, and noticed some improvements — so happy! I also did some ab work and cardio (changed up the cardio). I will leave a like at the bottom to my Instagram page; which will have all the squat videos from today and the lift numbers (I have a total of 5-7 videos from today of my squats) so be sure to check it out and follow me! 

  • Barbell back squat: 3 x 3


  • 70% of 90% of 1-RM: 135 lb
  • 80% of 90% of 1-RM: 150 lb
  • 90% of 90% of 1-RM: 170 lb, 5 reps max
  • 1 rep: 175 lb
  • 1 rep: 180 lb
  • 1 rep: 185 lb
  • 1 rep: 200 lb


  • Barbell Front Squats: 5 x 12, 75 lb
  • Barbell box squats: 5 x 15, 145 lb
  • Leg press (quad dominant): 5 x 15, 298 lb
  • leg extensions: 5 x 15, 60 lb

Ab workout:


  • Ab rollout: 4 x 20
  • medicine ball toe touches: 4 x 20, 8 lb

Cardio Workout:

Treadmill interval training: 20 minutes

  1. 1 minute walk, 3.5 speed, no incline
  2. 2 minute run, 5.5 speed, no incline

I haven’t done running on a treadmill for a long ass time and actually have ran besides sprints for a long as time, so decided to give it a go see where I was cardiovascular wise. I try to do 15-20 minute of cardio so that it doesn’t interfere with my strength gains and I do HIIT and intervals because it works best for my goals and losing fat while still maintaining my strength. Normally people don’t do cardio the same day as leg day, but I’m a rebel. LOL 

P.S 200 lb  was my 1 rep max 6 weeks ago, today I proved that I can move above that when I noticed I hadn’t struggled as much as I had 6 weeks ago — so happy to see the small improvements. 


Instagram videos: Shay-lon FitnessWonderwoman


Circuit Training Workouts

In a world where being creative is a must if you want to prevent boredom, this is where I come in and enlighten your day and workout. I strive to help people find their wings in the gym, to find exercises and training modules that work best for them individually — because everyone is an individual. It is easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of trying to find a workout that gives you results, keeps you entertained, challenges you & at the very best teaches you something new about your body and your limits. Many people do the same thing in and out, don’t see results and don’t feel challenged because they are afraid to push themselves (coming from experience, this is due to many things) but once you hop over that obstacle, you find that there is so many options and not all of them are alike, which intrigues you enough to want to give it a go.  Well, if you are ready to hop over that obstacle today, I have something that might intrigue you enough to give it a go. 


Circuit training is a fancy term for doing an abundance of exercises (typically 2 or more that are high intensity) that require you doing them in a timed situation OR a high intensity exercise that is done (typically 2 or more)  without a break between for a certain amount of reps .. for example:


Example One:

  1. Burpees: 10 reps
  2. Jumping Jacks: 10 reps
  3. Push ups: 10 reps

Having to do these all without a break between, one after the other for a certain amount of rounds




Example Two:

  1. Burpees: 30 seconds
  2. Jumping Jacks: 1 minute
  3. Push ups: 30 seconds

You are having to do these exercises within a certain amount of time — and recording your results, again this would require no break in between exercises. Another option would be.. 


Example Three:

Do 4 of these exercises within 20 minutes of time:

  1. Pull ups: 100
  2. push ups: 50
  3. burpees: 100
  4. Kettlebell swings: 150

Basically a lot of Crossfit athletes do these and have another term for it, but it is a form of circuit– the difference being you have 20 minutes total to finish the 4 of these exercises with the amount of reps– during my CrossFit class, we didn’t have a break between .. it was ongoing, sure I could stop and catch my breathe but I was trying to beat the timer, so I didn’t want to take long breaks if I wanted to succeed in the workout. Time was of the essence. 


Circuit training can come in all forms: cardio, strength exercises and a combination of both. You can also choose to use machines if you aren’t comfortable using free weights OR you can use body weight exercises (which means you can do them at home). Depending on your fitness level and the equipment available to you, it could be a fun workout to take on and you can change it up however you like to meet your needs. 


Pros of Circuit training:

  • Increases endurance
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • strength building 
  • can utilize weight machines, free weights or body weight
  • can be done at home or the gym
  • challenges you
  • lose fat while maintaining strength
  • Beginners, intermediate or advanced athletes
  • cardio, strength or a combination of both— depending on your goals

In my opinion, it is a great option for those of you who might need to turn up the fun factor in your workouts, need a challenge, want something new, great for partner workouts — where you both train together, and if you are new to exercise, it can help get you started in the right direction. I use circuit training more often than not, especially when I am doing CrossFit based workouts, or want to add some high intensity volume training. Definitely worthy of giving a go! 


Feel free to share, comment, like and follow!


Whats your favorite circuit training workout? 


Powerlifting Deload|Week Four|Day 3

Deload .. Day Three

  • Barbell bench press: 3 x 5


  • 40% of 90% of 1-RM: 45 lb
  • 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 60 lb
  • 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 70 lb


  • lat pull down: 5 x 8, 80 lb
  • DB chest press (on the floor): 5 x 8, 50 lb
  • Barbell bentover rows: 5 x 8, 65 lb
  • Cable crossover: 5 x 8, 40 lb

Ab workout:

  • Decline medicine ball sit ups: 4 x 20, 6 lb
  • plank: 4 x 30 seconds

Cardio workout:

  • Sprints (6x): 30 seconds
  • stair stepper: 20 minutes, level 7
  • jump rope (6x): 30 seconds


Week Five|Day Three – Nothing but CARDIO!

Today, I decided to share a cardio workout I created for myself. I don’t typically show my full blown cardio workouts, but I had someone assume that I don’t usually do more than 5 minutes worth of cardio on my lifting days, and while that is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean I don’t do cardio for longer than that. I kind of keep my cardio workouts a secret (besides the ones you see on this blog or social media) because I feel like they are different enough where I don’t want to give out all my secrets just yet – not to mention, there is a BIGGER purpose to everything I post and don’t post when it comes to fitness/health, so I don’t want to give everything away. This particular cardio routine is very basic & seemingly easy compared to other cardio days. I finished it, so that is what matters & my legs are sore. 



  • Jump rope: 30/30/30 seconds
  • Jumping jacks: 30/30/30 seconds

I did jump rope for 30 then jumping jacks for 30 back and forth without stopping for 3 sets. 

  • Jump rope: 45/45/45 seconds
  • Jumping jacks: 45/45/45 seconds 

Again, I did jump rope for 45 seconds then jumping jacks for 3 sets without a break

  • High knees: 30/30/30 seconds
  • mountain climbers: 30/30/30 seconds
  • high knees: 45/45/45 seconds
  • mountain climbers: 45/45/45 seconds 

no breaks between the high knees and mountain climbers for 3 sets


Sprints (10 times)

  1. 30 seconds
  2. 45 seconds 

I did 30 second sprints the 45 second sprints with NO break between, after the 45 seconds I would take a 1 minute break and start again for a total of 10 times I did this! The sprinters for 40 yard dash 🙂 

  • Jump rope: 1 minute
  • Jumping jacks: 1 minute
  • High knees: 1 minute
  • mountain climbers: 1 minute
  • Stationary upright bike: 3 minutes, level 20 resistance 

Fitness WonderWoman,