My gym Workout – Feb. 25th

Sorry Fitfam,  It has been a minute since I have posted my actual workouts. I know you don’t all care but for the ones that do, this is my way of letting you know I apologize – with this whole sponsorship contract and getting things around the Arnold Classic this year and not to mentionContinue reading “My gym Workout – Feb. 25th”

My Gym Workout – VERY light leg day

Good day bloggers,   Today’s workout was a very light leg day workout, I didn’t want to overtrain my body and it needed somewhat of a rest without resting inactively, so I did a light workout for my legs (didn’t lift as heavy) so hopefully that will help with my legs so they don’t getContinue reading “My Gym Workout – VERY light leg day”

My Gym workout – Dec. 12th

Hey FitFam!  Happy Monday motivation! I hope all you had a wonderful weekend and started off your Monday with positive vibes! A couple of things before I jump into my workout, I will not be doing YouTube videos for Monday – Tuesday until after the 22nd of December, because I have a national exam IContinue reading “My Gym workout – Dec. 12th”