365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 29

Who do you look up to?

  • There used to be a time I would have a list of people whom I considered role models, including my mom because something about these people made me want to be more like them when I “grew up” but now, when this question comes my way, I don’t list names because I realized the type of people I look up to are those who 
  1. Have done something positive without looking to reap reward or an applause, something positive for others (small or big)
  2. someone who knows what it’s like to struggle for a duration of time; maybe even thought about throwing in the towel but instead of giving up, they managed to overcome their obstacles and make something of themselves & use their growth and journey as a way to teach others and inspire others and give people hope. 
  3. People who have impacted the world in a positive way
  4. those who have worked hard in order to reach success
  5. those who are realist — see the world for what it is and don’t sugar coat things 
  6. people who were against the odds with their back against the wall that continued to fight instead of made into a victim. 
  7. people who choose love over hate in any situation because that’s hard to do when you’ve been through some crap
  8. people who can forgive easily — I struggle with this a lot myself. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Dreams/Wishes/Hopes/Future


Day 32

What gifts do you want to share with the world?

  • Love, compassion, strength and hope. I believe the world needs more of those everyday. 

Been Gone for awhile

If any of you follow me on social media, you are probably aware that I had a really downward spire rough week & avoided contact with social media, friends, family, etc. I won’t get into specifics, but I have been gone for quite a while (due to circumstances) happening in my life that came unplanned and unwanted — Today is my first day back on the blog & social media in “full swing” again. The past week or so hasn’t been easy and honestly, it is only because of prayer and having the courage to get back up again when I felt dark that I am even able to write about it. Naturally, sometimes circumstances give you a chance to look at yourself with more clarity and find ways to focus on self healing, self discovery and possibly rely on some form of spiritual sense. Well as cliche as it might sound, that’s exactly what this situation left me to do besides laying in bed all day with no motivation and no drive to talk or be apart of life’s endeavors — I have decided to take on some books that hopefully will be a positive force within my life and future & I have started meditation once more, hopefully sticking with it this time, I am going to take some steps to help myself journal my self discovery and really dive into myself & try to make myself happy with what I plan on doing. It will be some steps and quite the voyage, but I feel it will be worth it. 

I pretty much will be going back to my normal routine but with some added bonuses to my daily lifestyle & my main focus will be building myself emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally while building my career as a Personal Trainer. I know I have been back and forth with a schedule that works for my readers so that I stay more consistent with blogging & I plan on doing that as well (coming up with a schedule) and now that my mind is less overwhelmed, I will surely do this and let people know what will be happening with the blog(s). I have many topics but I have been working on a personal website for my business, and I plan on blogging there as well, so I want to leave many topics for that particular website when it gets finished up (& yes some topics will be from this blog as well/perhaps with a new frame of mind) I need to find a way to keep myself accountable with the self discovery and meditation — so I may decide to take part in a challenge for a year or use the blog to keep me on the right path (we shall see). I will be using a journal to document my daily thoughts, emotions, the agenda and events — good and bad to keep me aware of myself. Hopefully in the end, this is something that will help to heal and build me with a new form of appreciation for myself. 

I currently downloaded a meditation app that I have been doing for the past 4 days & it has been wonderful; if anyone wants information on it, feel free to ask, maybe we can connect. Outside of that, I will be back on social media tomorrow to reply and show support — I appreciate all of you whom have been nothing but a great positive force within my blog career and life. Much appreciated and looking forward to speaking soon!

P.S I don’t have a consistent plan/routine yet for my self healing or self discovery yet, so if you have nay books, any journals or articles (whatever resource) that you would recommend, feel free to leave it in the comments, as it would bring me great joy to further my research and find a way that works best for me through your help.


The Black Cat Blue Sea Award (2nd time) Woot!


Obviously somebody thinks I am an awesome blogger and is spamming me with all these awards (pst) PoojaG, I love it! thank you. This is the second time I have been nominated for this award and I was hoping for some reason that maybe the cat would turn into a puppy! lmao, because dogs are better! (shh) no judgement though, I love animals. Anyhow, congrats to PoojaG for being nominated for the same award, obviously that means you are an awesome blogger as well , BUT there is only room for ONE  of us, so I may need to push you off the ship 😛 (All jokes) – good job girl and take a look at her blog post, because something tells me she has some good answers! 

This award is for bloggers who strive to write for everybody, and no matter how many viewers they get, make an impact on reader. This award is an expression of gratitude to the nominee. It should be awarded to anybody that you choose deserve it and it doesn’t mean that they must have hundreds of followers and likes.

The Rules

1 Anybody nominated can nominate eight bloggers.

2 The nominee has to answer three questions asked by the nominator.

3 Questions should not be offensive and you can ask any three questions to your nominations.

Questions that I was asked are:

  • Whose responsibility it is to make sure that tomorrow… universal love would sustain instead of hatred and ego & what are the possible steps that could be taken? Omg when did people get so clever and decide to ask good questions, I almost feel like I am becoming a motivational speaker when I answer questions like these. Okay (Serious Face, holding the mic in one hand and my dignity in the other) : I had a dream that one day, you, me, him, her, them, they, us would all come together in peace, love, and harmony. It would be beautiful, we wouldn’t judge you for your looks, your sexuality, your failures, your falls but we would judge your heart, your soul & your positive actions. We wouldn’t take away your home, your family, or your job but instead help you grow, teach you love and spread kindness. I had a dream that one day we wouldn’t have to kill in order to seek justice, we wouldn’t have to take in order to seek revenge and we wouldn’t have to fight in order to gain acceptance. This dream I had was hope waiting at the door, it was a smile waiting for a response, it was cry for help. This dream I had was only just a dream.
  • Do you believe in the audacity of hope as I do…despite all adversities ?? Hope, a four letter word that either lets people down or brings people together. Lately hope seems to be a little late. I lost hope a long damn time ago for myself, for others, and for the world. Someone told me to have faith, but faith brought back hope and I wasn’t ready to let hope in again. Nowadays, I don’t use the word hope like I drink water, you have to watch out, because sometimes hope can kill a man. Hope survives when people believe & for me, I never stopped believing. 
  • Do you agree that practicality is just another manifestation of our so called value system. Please elaborate with one illustration if possible … This question is something I never once gave thought to, so I am going to keep it simple and be as practical as I can be without sounding impractical. lol. I think everything has its place in life but there is room for errors. See I am not good at Math and that is a very practical class. It may have its impractical courses, but most of everything I learned in math was practical and in my opinion is why I did poorly in it for a long time. People get so caught up in the what is “actual” and what is not, that they don’t see beyond their four walls of reality. People don’t like more than one answer to a question because it confuses things, they want definite and they want absolute but people like myself see things differently sometimes and people don’t like different. Well most people anyways. So to make myself clear, I did a horrible job with answering this question and know nothing about being practical because I am impractical 90 percent of the time and the other percent of the time, I  don’t know what I am. Sorry for wasting your time, I felt the need to ramble.

Since the questions asked to me were so awesome and interesting I think it would be fun if my nominees answered the same because I think it would be really great to hear their take on them!

My nominees are:





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