Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)

Hello wonderful bloggers! I apologize for the late post, I left my house to hang with a friend thinking I would be home in time to write more and follow up on comments, but I was wrong, it is currently 11 at night and I am not writing this post. This might be something youContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)”

Personal training: Helping a friend day six

To catch everyone all up, today was another day at the gym with my friend John. Yesterday we had to cancel due to him not getting enough sleep the night before, so we did what was expected yesterday, today.  Warm-Up: Dynamic stretches: Walking glute stretch lateral lunges Frankies Workout Session: Step ups- 30 minutes (weContinue reading “Personal training: Helping a friend day six”

Personal training: helping a friend day four

Warm-up: Knee to chest lunge twist leg swings 5-10 minutes of dynamic warm-up. Workout Session: Treadmill – 45 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed.  If he needed a break, I told him to reduce the speed and keep walking, not come to a full stop.  Cool-down: Treadmill- 5 minute, no incline, 3.5 decreasing slowly to 1.5Continue reading “Personal training: helping a friend day four”

Personal training- helping a friend day 3

Hey everyone,  Today was day 3 of “personal training” helping a friend, today was another good day at the gym with his workout, he did very well overall even with a challenge.  Warm-up Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed Workout: Stationary bike, level 4 resistance, had him keep his RPMs at a 50 butContinue reading “Personal training- helping a friend day 3”

Personal Training a Friend Day two

Hello Bloggers,  Now time for the good news, since I gave everyone semi sad news previous to this post. The good news is I was able to meet up with my friend again at the gym for our day two workout, I had mentioned before that I would change up his workout (John) in orderContinue reading “Personal Training a Friend Day two”