12 Week Cut Program|YouTube Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVir72mr6MI This particular video will go over my week four results, my weigh-in from yesterday and show you some bicep gains 🙂 Hopefully all of you will have the chance to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with some of my videos! I love hearing feedback and support from all of you, soContinue reading “12 Week Cut Program|YouTube Video”

12 Week Cut Program Update|YouTube Vlog| Weight Gain… shit.


Why I don’t believe calling my eating mistakes “cheat meals”

I am a little hard on myself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQKUwDeVgnE&lc=z12re1or0mz0hrmhl04cgpzhzxnlvvsw1gc

12 week (cut) program – Day Seven (workout)

It has been an upward battle with this 12 week cut, everything sinks in quickly when you realize you have to keep a close eye on everything you eat and all your workouts. I have had a lot of support on my YouTube channel and from all of you and I appreciate that because IContinue reading “12 week (cut) program – Day Seven (workout)”

12 Week “Cut” program (Day Two)

Hey FitFam,   So yesterday I told all of you I would keep you posted on my 12 week program I started, with that being said, I did manage to retweak my macros to my liking, which actually surprised me quite a lot, because my calories went up this time, and I was expecting themContinue reading “12 Week “Cut” program (Day Two)”