365 Days of Self Discovery: Wishes/Hopes/Dreams/Future

5.01.19 Day 21 What could you do to improve your finances in the future? Make sound investments be mindful of the income streaming in vs the income streaming out — don’t spend more than what you bring in pay off loans/credit cards necessities BEFORE wants check band accounts often (daily) take advantage of opportunities/career changesContinue reading “365 Days of Self Discovery: Wishes/Hopes/Dreams/Future”

Business Keeps Me Busy

Neglecting to write in my blog is like neglecting to eat for me, I get so caught up with my business & I am at the gym all day; training myself & training clients/giving consultations & then having to stack that on top of my second job (third shift) — while also juggling my websiteContinue reading “Business Keeps Me Busy”

Whole Foods VS Walmart

I figured this would be a fun little discussion between two grocery stores. The reason why I chose these two is because: 1) whole foods is known to be one of the better stores to have healthier options, 2.) most people know what a “Walmart” is and it is another grocery store that is popularContinue reading “Whole Foods VS Walmart”