365 days of self discovery: Day 19


What are your strengths?

Almost feels like an interview question, but it’s an important question and one that should be open and honest because we can’t be good at everything but some of us are rather good at most things compared to others. I am going to list my strengths in bullet form, and might elaborate on some of them to give a better, deeper understanding of why it is a strength of mine.

  • The ability to multitask and do things under pressure if need be
  • Timely- punctual 
  • organization & planning 
  • attention to detail 
  • teammate
  • communicating feedback if need be – now this doesn’t mean I am good at communication overall, because I lack in some areas of communication because of my social anxiety BUT for the most part if someone needs feedback or advice, I am pretty good at giving that
  • very patient
  • dedicated
  • disciplined
  • trustworthy and honest
  • respectful
  • determined
  • ambitious
  • focused – I pretty much feel this way in a work setting, whatever it may be, when I have something that needs done, it is done because I make it my main focus
  • leadership
  • orderly
  • visionary
  • independent
  • love of learning
  • perservence
  • precise
  • problem solving skills
  • good willpower
  • inspirational
  • fair- I like being equal among others
  • charming
  • personable
  • compassionate
  • educated/knowledgeable 

This list pretty much summed it up all in one, and some of them aren’t 100 percent perfect but I would still say that the list was from both my habits at work and around friends/family and when I am alone — I had to consider all things in order to conjure up this list, now it is your turn. I want to see a list of your strengths, share them with me and my readers, it doesn’t have to be long, but maybe it is much longer than mine. To know your strengths, means to know your weaknesses. Don’t forget to follow, like, comment and share 🙂



BeGreatGuys Monday Motivation #6

“Do what you said you were going to do”

In other words, whatever it is you said you would do, that you have to do, that you want to do – DO IT!  


The problem is we get caught up on words, we say things but have a difficult time putting forth the action – for example: “I want to open my own gym”, that’s something someone wants to do, but the problem is, they aren’t doing anything about it and if they are doing something — they are running out of patience and not seeking the help they need to make that into an action; in turn, giving up or complaining. I realize owning a gym would be difficult for most people (expenses, responsibility, learning the business side of things, taking a risk, seeking employees, etc. BUT it is POSSIBLE. Maybe in the moment it seems like a fantasy that has a low percentage of happening but in the scheme of things, what is it that keeps you from trying anyways. If it is money, what can do you to raise enough money, hell better yet, what is a more affordable way to own a business until you are able to afford a big enough building or lot? I have known many companies to start small — and as soon as they start earning customers and revenue, they grow, they prosper. You go from selling products and training from your garage to now owning a huge gym that sits in a nice lot that serves thousands of people. It is POSSIBLE. 


The reason I made this post was not only to give you some motivation, but to give me some motivation, some insight on what I already know and to give me the boost of confidence to think outside of the box and not give up because something isn’t coming “easy” for me. I started a business recently, my OWN business, hell, it is very new and a huge risk for me, because I have very little information on how to go about it and to be honest, I haven’t put the amount of effort into it, that is necessary and that’s strike one against me. I want to put the effort into it and make it grand & here I am saying this but not providing any action — so all the while I am telling you to put forth action towards your goals; I need to do the same for myself, and not wait another day to do so, but do it NOW because it is POSSIBLE. 


Your goal can be as small as: “I need to visit my grandmother this week”, well if that is important to you, why haven’t you done it? why is work, school, relationships and traveling your excuse? when something is important to YOU, you will know how important it is, because you make time for it, you make an effort no matter the circumstances. If work and traveling is keeping you from visiting grandmother, than why not make that effort to call or message her? if  not having transportation is the issue, then why not use your resources? It’s not to make you feel guilty but to make you realize that the things we say we should do and need to do, can be done if we look at the time we have and spend it wisely and make time for things that we put off; make time for people that we put on hold, and make time for goals that we are passionate about. In a nutshell, I am the last person to tell you how to have ‘better time management’ because I feel as though I fail in that area in the recent years, however, I do know I don’t always spend my time wisely and I don’t always utilize my resources and sometimes I make excuses and put things off for “tomorrow” but while working out today at the gym, I came to think that I need to put myself on a schedule/routine when it comes to my life outside of the gym because otherwise I fail to do what is important & I make more excuses. Is this you?


We won’t be perfect. It will be challenging sometimes & we will get frustrated, possibly even overwhelmed with anxiety. That’s to be expected when you have goals and aspirations and passions in life — but the end result will be: a sense of accomplishment, a sense of progress, a sense of productivity and growth. All of those things will come if we DO WHAT WE SAID WE WERE GOING TO DO. 


Hope you have enjoyed this read, if so, please feel free to follow, share and leave comments 😀


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BEGREATGUYS #5 — My exam story (Try Again)

I have learned many things, some of which made a difference in my life. One of which, is learning to “try again”, which for some is easy enough but for others like myself, “trying again” is scary and makes us overwhelmed, makes us anxious and gives us stress. Stress we don’t need nor want. I can tell you of many incidences where I wanted to try again but didn’t due to fear and not knowing, due to low self esteem and negative thinking and due to lack of courage. I grew up on “trying” and giving it my best; my mom always told me and my siblings this growing up — and even then it was easier said than done. Almost like now. Where trying something for a second or third time seems like a waste of time, especially when you don’t know how it will end. 

I learned REAL soon, that trying again can be the door that opens opportunity — All it takes is a positive mindset, belief in yourself and capabilities & your “why”  (in other words the reason that you NEED to try again, why is this important to you) because without a why, you lose focus and give up. This almost happened to me within this year. 

Just recently I got certified in Personal Training by ACSM (one of the hardest personal training exams right next to CSCS) and holds the “Gold standard” for the fitness industry because it was the FIRST certification and very few people pass this exam the first time let alone the second time. I graduated college May 2016 and took the exam for the first time December of 2016 and FAILED. Mind you it cost me 300 dollars to take it, and I didn’t have whole lot of financial stability at the time, so I knew it would take some saving up before I could afford it while also having to afford bills. I was very discouraged this first time (you can take it after 15 days with a discounted price) but at the time I could not afford to retake it, so I went a whole other year before re-taking it again. The first time I cried and got very upset. The second time, I had something new weighing on me, they were changing the cirriculum for this exam after this test date, so if I failed it this time, it meant having to buy new books & taking time to study the new material (expenses and time) so I retook the test Dec. 2017 and FAILED, again. Now I was very pissed off, I had cried at the gym when telling my boss/owner and sharing the news with a couple of gym members, it was like the world was falling on top of me and I couldn’t breath and didn’t know what to do, I started to think that maybe I was too dumb for this test — people gave me other names of personal training certs I could do: ACE, NASM, ISSA, etc but I didn’t want to do those, I wanted ACSM, it appealed to me because of the recognition it receives and how few people have passed. I wanted to pass it. 

In the meantime while my self esteem was low, I started looking into other cert options in case I wanted to give up on ACSM (and do know I did want to give up) because I even got ahold of NASM and talked with a rep about being interested in taking their exam and pricing and same with ACE. I even researched ISSA to see what it was about. When it was all said and done, I decided I would give ACSM a try ONCE more, because the material was new, I figured I’d rather study this new stuff then to spend more money with a whole other company/cert. Once again I was praying I could afford the new books/study aids — thankfully Amazon had it for decent price and because of using the trial period of Prime, I was able to have them shipped quickly to my house. I got my books and dug in, I decided to once again make note cards, but beforehand, read both textbooks while taking notes in a notebook then used the notes on the notecards and made over 100+ note cards to study from and used the ACSM pocket prep app. I was focused, UNTIL I wasn’t, I had set the date to February to retake the test but realized I wasn’t ready yet, so changed it to March but because I was too busy having fun on my birthday — I changed the date to April to give me more time to study (which I didn’t use my time to study very well) I got distracted by friends and wanting to hang out that I put my studies in second place & the times I could study I would have rather been able to go to bed early. I work two jobs so sleep is important to me. It wasn’t until a week before that I really dug into my notes and focused. I was overwhelmed but made it a priority to study because I didn’t want to keep rescheduling my exam. Long story short, I studies until midnight the night before and woke up bright and very, very early to eat breakfast, study and calm my nerves so I could come prepared with clarity. 

Walking into the testing center made me anxious but I was confident in myself and didn’t allow the nerves to take over my mind or fill me with negative thoughts. The test was 150 questions and I had to score 550 in order to pass. The test was HARD, very difficult but I could confidently say that I knew about 20 of the questions without pondering but the rest depended on memory, being able to answer practical questions and hoping that I can do a good job of guessing if I didn’t know the answer. Unlike the previous test, I went through all the flagged questions I had issues with and made sure I answered them to the best of my ability and even left 20 minutes on the clock before finishing the test because I took my time with this test, I wanted to do my best and give my best answers. 

I PASSED. I passed the test with a 557 score. I cried with a smile on my face and walked out that testing center not believing what just happened. I texted the first 5 people I wanted to share the news with and posted on Facebook the news. Everything was starting to make sense to me after this day, I didn’t give up. I could have very well not tried again but because I took the dive and TRIED AGAIN, I found out I could do it. I passed the exam and I am ever so blessed and happy with the results. Moral of the story, TRY AGAIN. 

“When you try something for the first time, you might find you aren’t the best at it, but doesn’t mean you can’t get better” – Shay-lon Moss


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BEGREATGUYS, INC #2 (Motivation)

Anytime you say “I Give Up” think of how long it took you to get there and how much longer it will take to start over.


Don’t give up on the positive things in your life, the things that mean the most to you because it makes you feel happy, gives you life, makes you a better person, surrounds you with a sense of positivity. 




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Oct. 30th Monday Motivation!

Happy Monday Bloggers!

The A-Z Tag

I will thank PoojaG for nominating me for this particular activity, I have not done this before and found it to be quite interesting & a creative way to get to know someone. This definitely will challenge me because I am scared of what to think of when I get to letters I hardly use on a daily basis, but should be fun! Check out PoojaG blog for more encouraging words and inspirations.

A – Athletic (always have been involved in sports and love anything to do with fitness)

B- Bold ( I tend to make bold statements sometimes, never one to beat behind the bush most days)

C- Charismatic (my personality, I have had people tell me) 

D- Determined ( I go for things I want)

E- Emotional, I can be sometimes..

F – Fun, I am definitely fun to be around

G- Goofy  (constantly)

H- Humble ( I don’t think too highly of myself or my life)

I- Imaginative ( I always have very creative thoughts and ideas)

J- jesting

K- Kindhearted

L- Loving & Loyal

M- Mature ( I like to think I am when the time comes)

N- neat (very)

O- Organized, I always try to be and prefer to be

P- Patient ( I have always been somewhat of a patient person, some days are harder than others)

Q- Quick 

R- Realistic – I try to be realistic about things so I don’t get my feelings hurt 

S- Sexual (only when the time calls for it) but hey not afraid to admit it lol

T- Tactful, I take people’s feelings into consideration before acting on something

U- Unique (aren’t we all?)

V- Versatile

W- Wakeful ( I sleep very light so can be easily disturbed when sleeping)

X- xenodochial ( I am friendly to strangers as long as they don’t come off to creepy or make me feel uncomfortable)

Y- Young; some might say I am 

Z- Zealous 

My Nominees Are:






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10 Suggestions to avoid the Holiday Plump



No one has to live with regret during the holiday fun, don’t allow your old habits to come back and bite you, instead consider planning out your festivities in advance, don’t change your workout habits on the account of turkey and apple pie, make people aware of your progress for support, if things get to be hard, consider using one or more of the 10 suggestions.

This is a blog collaboration written by Shay-lon (Fitnessgrad) and Jen (Gojenbefit). You can learn more about both of them below:

Hello everyone, my name is Shay-lon. I am the writer behind https://fitness9555.wordpress.com/, I am a fitness/health blogger, degree in exercise science and working on my personal training certification. I don’t like telling people what to do with their bodies and mind, I would much rather cater to my audience and clients with helpful suggestions and providing a starting point. I struggled with body shaming throughout my life without actually knowing what it was. My story is upside down, because I was considered “thin” and that just goes to show no matter your body type, someone out there won’t like it. I provide a means for people to feel this internal boost of confidence, I want men and women to focus on having a positive outlook on their bodies & with that I also want men and women to have a positive mindset. “Nothing will be perfect, I know this, I just want to know that I made you smile, walk with a hint of confidence and not be afraid to be who you are” -Shay-lon Moss

I am Jen. I’m the creator behind https://gojenbefit.com/ which was developed about 1 year and a half ago, to document my weight loss journey. I have loss 95 lbs, going from 242 lbs to 147 lbs.  I am a fitness blogger and AFAA/NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Now my new journey is to help as many people as possible jumpstart their weight loss journey and/or lifestyle. Onhttps://gojenbefit.com/ you can find weight loss tips, tricks, and overall wellness content. I post new content every Wednesday, check it out. Also, get your free weight loss and goal setting downloadable worksheets in “The Library

Here are 10 Suggestions on How to Avoid the Holiday Plump

Suggestion by Shay-lon (Fitnessgrad) 

  1. Don’t stack your plate high with food, think about it, if it doesn’t fit on the plate properly, probably something you can wait for later. Nothing wrong with going back for seconds, but no reason to stack a plate high (thinking you will need to finish the food when you might be full)
  2. Don’t change your workout habits, if your someone who works out 4 times a week, don’t change it because of the holidays, plan your workouts around your holiday plans; stick with your routine (don’t make excuses)
  3. Have an accountability partner. The holidays can be tough, actually the toughest period of time for people who want to stay within their fitness/health goals. You might have gone this long with no accountability partner because you didn’t need one, you kept yourself disciplined. During the holidays everything you worked hard for can go out the window because you are focused on having a good time and don’t think nothing of the choices you make, that is usually when you make decisions that you regret later on. I would say having someone who helps to keep you accountable will be a life saver! Trust me, not everything can be done alone.
  4. Watch your alcohol consumption, you don’t need a drink to have a good time. Although if you drink wine and take shots like I do, then you will know that you need to have yourself a limit so that you don’t go overboard. What is a party if your blacked out in the bathroom? Lol
  5. Eat until you’re full, not beyond that. I say this for many reasons. On the holidays some people are social eaters, they will eat even when not hungry as long as others are doing the same thing. Secondly, forcing yourself to eat more food after you are full is not healthy and can cause issues. Thirdly, many of you will have more than one party to attend on the same day, it is okay to eat at the parties, but you don’t have to eat at both parties (you are not rude for not wanting to eat at one party because you ate at the other), it is okay to say “no thank you”, some people feel obligated to eat at every event because they don’t want to come off “rude”. Truth be told, most people will understand once you explain to them that you have eaten previous to their party.

Suggestions By Jen (Gojenbefit) 

  1. Invites: Monitor the invites that you accept. You don’t have to attend every holiday festivity that comes around.
  2. Decide: If you are going to attend a party or holiday festivity make sure to decide what you will eat BEFORE you arrive and stick to it.
  3. Get Active: During the holiday sessions it get a little chilly and the last thing any of us want to do is get ready and hit the gym in the cold. I suggest a at home workout DVD or create your own circuit. For example : 10 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 mountain climbers (Do each 5 times at your own personal pace ) you just got in a mini workout in the comfort of your own home
  4. BYOF: Bring your own food. It’s okay if you attend an even and bring something you can snack on so that you don’t indulge in all the goodies that are available (you can have some but NOT all lol)
  5. Leave some: If you count calories make sure to leave some calories available so that you can have some goodies at the holiday parties. For example: Your calorie intake is 1500 and you know you are attending a party tonight. Eat 1,000 calories throughout the day and leave the 500 for grandma’s famous pie or dad’s secret stuffing.




Here’s Our experiences with the Holidays and how do we handle it


Shay- Lon’s Experience for the Holidays & how she handles it:

I got lucky with a big family, plenty of food and multiple gatherings during the holidays. I have to admit, it isn’t normally a happy ending when I am finished eating, I tend to pack my plate with the goods, come back for more, and drown myself in god knows what kind of drinks. I typically don’t think twice about what I am eating and why, I just fall asleep and wake up the next morning regretting my decision to fall face first into a pot of mac & cheese and turkey, licking the leftover apple pie from my fingers. Seriously, I am “that” chick on the holidays. I “used” to be anyways, followed by my obsession to check the mirror to see how much weight went to my stomach, it is not a life to live, let me tell you. I find it strange that this year, I am going to do things completely different, I mean last year I said this same exact thing and ended up with a hangover. Lol.  Hmm something tells me I am on a losing streak, but don’t give up on me now, I am only human. This year I have things planned out and I will hold myself accountable, I have gotten better at saying “no” and have done a better job at watching what I eat since I do IIFYM. I am going to handle it like a “boss”, and I’m not going to regret my decisions, I will watch my portions on my plate, be more attentive to what is in my cup, slow down on the apple pie, eat at a decent time, include my workouts on the holidays, and allow my family to know how far I have come so they can support my decisions in my eating habits and exercise. I would say that is all a great start, so join me this holiday, and let’s get through this together. I have faith in you! Have faith in me too!


Jen’s Experience for the Holidays & how she handles it:

During the holidays it is hard for me to not indulge in the sweets because I work in an office where people are constantly baking goodies all year around but it triples during the holidays and I am a sucker for anything sweet. I have had my few shares of too many sweets, but I negate it with staying active and packing my own lunches. I usually pop in a workout DVD when I don’t want to head to the gym. There are days I wake up, shower and head to the gym because if I don’t do it that way, then I just won’t go. There are times when I pack my own lunches but sticking to it is the hard part, I am a true believer that if you calculate your calories wisely you can have what you packed for lunch and still leave room for if you want a small brownie. I make a huge effort to log my food so I can know what I have eaten and to see what else I can have. I hope that at least 1 of our suggestions is useful to you.

Best of Luck!

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