365 Day Self Discovery challenge — Day Three


Today’s question was somewhat like the first question but allows lead way with the answers, and due to the small amount of time I have to write this post, I am going to get right to the point & try to explain as I go. 

  1. I consider myself loyal, to those I love (friends, relationships, family) 
  2. Outgoing, willing to try new things & explore new places — new hobbies
  3. A good listener
  4. Inspiring/motivating, I love when I am able to push someone to do something they didn’t think was possible for themselves or had a lot of self doubt about; being their cheerleader. I have always been told I am an “inspiring” person.
  5. I’m personable, people tend to feel very comfortable around me, I am easy to talk to & it makes it easiest to make friends. 

For now I listed 5 , because I want to stay humble & not give too much away — I think these traits are good traits but come with their cons depending on your perspective. I challenge you to answer this question in the comments, or post about it & tag me or give it a thought in your private time and see what you come up with! Thanks for reading, looking forward to chatting with you all tomorrow!