Long hours at work but made it to the gym

FitFam Tuesday,    Hello fellow bloggers, yesterday I had mentioned that I did not make it to the gym, I decided to catch up on some sleep, study and work on my social media projects in order to get somewhat ahead. I had warned all of you that last week and this week would beContinue reading “Long hours at work but made it to the gym”

My Gym Workout- Dec. 14th

FitFam, Today was full of surprises with my workout, I got to try some new exercises – and even did an exercise to failure for the first time – which was not fun. Overall, I am feeling my back gains and shoulder gains from yesterday. I did day 5 of my squat challenge, which haveContinue reading “My Gym Workout- Dec. 14th”

My Gym Workout – Nov. 23rd

Hello FitFam, I have to admit by saying that today I was not prepared for the gym, not that my body was hurting or my brain wasn’t functioning right, it was the fact that I had not came into the gym with a plan written down for my workouts. I have been doing well withContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Nov. 23rd”

My Gym Workout – Nov. 21st

Hey FitFam,  Happy Monday Motivation!  I am sorry that it has been so long since everyone has heard from me, but as you all are aware, I take weekends off, with this being said,  I have some fun news for all of you to hear and some boring news! lol. Fun news first? okay!  SoContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Nov. 21st”

My workout – Nov. 17th

Happy ThursdayThoughts FitFam 😀 Every Thursday on twitter is ThursdayThoughts, and I don’t necessary always partake, but when I do, it is nice to see other people’s thoughts for the day. If you want to share your Thursday Thoughts on my blog post today, that is fine, along with your workouts 😀 I may considerContinue reading “My workout – Nov. 17th”