Day 24, Squat Challenge, 220 reps

Please excuse the creaking sound in the background because of my floors and the sound toward the end (roommate) lol. Thank you for watching! 

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Sometimes We make our home the gym.

FitFam Monday!

Today, I decided on making today an at home workout, because I wasn’t too excited to leave the house in the cold air. I woke up the same time as I would have normally if I was getting ready for the gym, but this morning, when I woke up, I made it my mission to do my meditation in bed. It was a very relaxing experience and cleared my mind for today’s agenda. This was my first time doing it in bed, and the reason being is because someone had told me they did it in bed and enjoyed it greatly. Not to mention I have a hard time remembering to do my meditation so doing it when I wake up helped me to remember. 


Usually my workouts are long and grooling, but I made sure to make today’s easy (everyone needs an easy day).


Workout Session:

  • Body weight squats: 220 reps

3 Round Circuit – I would recommend that others do it while working out at home, good for beginners. 

  • leg raises- 10 reps each leg
  • lateral leg raises- 10 reps each leg
  • 10 push ups
  • V-ups- 10 reps
  • sit ups- 10 reps
  • bench tucks- 10 reps

Do this for 3 rounds, with a 30-45 second break between circuits. or if you want something more advanced, do it with no break between each circuit. I did it with a 15 second break between. 


For that that workout at the house, leave some exercises you do in the comment section! 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx

Day 22 of my squat challenge, 185 reps

Keep motivating me and cheering me on, I will need all of you! As time progresses the amount of reps will increase and it will start to be harder for me, but I will not give up and I will take this challenge and prevail 🙂 Thank you for all your support

Shay-lon xxxx

My Gym Workout – Heart Rate Cardio Exercise

FitFam Tuesday! 

Today’s workout consisted of some cardio and ended with some squats for my monthly squat challenge. I did not write the exact cardio workout, but instead gave you what kind of cardio workout I did and you can choose how you would like to go about doing the exercise as far using whatever mode you would like (bike, treadmill, free run, elliptical, etc) .


I did not do a warm up like I would normally do, which I paid for when I did my squats at the end and my hip flexors were very tight but I pulled through and lesson learned. 


Cardio workout:

  • I did 45 minutes of steady-state cardio at 65%-75% of my heart rate. 

At 65% my heart rate should be around: 127 bpm

At 75% my heart rate should be around: 147 bpm  


Both of these I had to calculate and neither one of these will be the same for everyone, so if you need help calculating yours, let me know and I can help you do that. 


Air Squats: 140 reps 


I am really pulling through with these squats for the challenge, these have been hard but very rewarding, I have seen much results doing them. Also I have been practicing my pistol squats as well and have been doing really well with them (not yet perfect) but good compared to where I was. My goal is to at some point be able to pistol squat on a kettlebell, that would be very rewarding! Hope all of you had a wonderful start to your Tuesday. Please feel free to share, comment, like and follow me. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxx