9.13.18 Macro’s Log

12AM (Snack/Work)

  • Kroger carb master yogurt (blackberry) Calories 70, Carbs 5g, Fats 1.5g, Protein 9g 

2AM (Lunch Break)

  • Kroger boiled white long grain enriched rice (125g) Calories 81, carbs 17.6g, Fats 0.2g and protein 1.7g 
  • Kroger wild caught pollock fish fillet/2.15oz  Calories 30, Carbs 0g, Fats 0.3g, protein 7g
  • Kroger frozen broccoli cuts (steamed)/99g Calories 34, Carbs 4.6g, Fats 0g and protein 2.3g
  • Sriracha sauce (6 teaspoons) Calories 0, Carbs 6g, fats 0g and protein 0g

11:30AM (Lunch @home)

  • 2 hamburgers with a bun,  Hellman’s light Mayo, Thousand Island Dressing (2 TBSP) 

No macros recorded

5:57PM (Dinner)

  • Kroger wild caught pollock fish (2.33 oz)
  • Ramen noodle, white rice, fresh green beans, beef, sriracha sauce, fried eggs, broccoli, fresh white mushrooms, white onion — stir fry

No macros recorded

9:30PM (Snack @Work)

  • Cinnamon toast crunch bowl (1 container) Calories 230, Carbs 45g, Fats 6g and protein 3g 
  • Milk (2%) small carton 

Whole Foods VS Walmart

I figured this would be a fun little discussion between two grocery stores. The reason why I chose these two is because: 1) whole foods is known to be one of the better stores to have healthier options, 2.) most people know what a “Walmart” is and it is another grocery store that is popular among Americans. Both of these grocery stores have pros and cons and some of you might shop at one or the other or both depending on your needs and finances. 


My town does not have a Whole Foods store, but we do have a Walmart – two of them. I don’t particularly like shopping at Walmart because of it being constantly busy, sometimes the people piss me off (this is just honesty) and I live closer to a Kroger store but I will shop there for my feminine products and minor grocery depending on what it is. When I resided in Colorado Springs (I now reside in Ohio) I would go to Whole foods just for the burritos they made, so good! yum! but never actually shopped at a Whole Foods Store. The closest Whole foods to me would be about a hour or so away, so not too bad. 


Keep in mind this blog topic isn’t meant to make one out to be BETTER than the other – but to give perspective and start an engaging conversation as to why you shop at one or the other, or both! Maybe you don’t shop at either one of these stores, and if that is the case, share what store you prefer and why! This will be from my own perspective/data and also from research! 




  1. They pride themselves with “Always low prices”
  2. Price matching
  3. newspaper ads, online presence
  4. During the holidays some of them offer layaway
  5. You can buy food, clothing, electronics, furniture, misc, household cleaning supplies, etc – in other words, ONE STOP SHOP! 
  6. they typically have restaurants inside them, so if you get hungry
  7. Their locations are vast
  8. huge employer
  9. most have a vision place to get exams, eyeglasses, contacts
  10. most offer a tire/lube place to have your vehicles tires replaced or oil change
  11. instore pick up or ship to home option
  12. Some might add the entertainment value (all sorts of society shop at Walmart) for a while there was a site or YouTube channel called the “people of Walmart”
  13. offers a credit card
  14. Typically attracts other businesses when a new Walmart comes to town
  15. Self check out option
  16. They accept EBT, debit/credit, checks, cash, Walmart gift cards, etc as a form of payment
  17. Typically open 24 hours
  18. Great Value brands for cheaper prices
  19. Gives towards charity
  20. They bake cakes for special occasions


  1. Typically has one or two registers open – so either have to use the self check out or wait in long lines 
  2. Whenever I have gone to a Walmart and needed help finding a particular product, 95 percent of the time the employee didn’t even know what it was, didn’t know where it was located within the store
  3. I have found where they mark something down on a tag and it is the same price as the regular price
  4. I am not a huge fan of their produce area 
  5. I have been told the pay rate sucks as an employee there (depending on where you live)
  6. Their pricing of clothing isn’t that much cheaper than shopping someplace else with better quality (in my opinion where I reside)
  7. The cashiers always seem in a sad or bad mood whenever I’ve been there. lol I have had some rude ones too! 
  8. I don’t like their quality of beef or chicken 
  9. Sometimes the great value price is higher than the name brand
  10. People drive like maniacs through their parking lot — this is just from my own experience 
  11. It’s a huge store, many times you have to go from one end to the other to get everything you need – so if you are ever in a rush for time, this is probably not your go to

Now this whole pro and con list is again from my experience and different research I’ve done, be sure to add your own opinions to either list! 


Whole Foods


  1. Good for college students who are need of a job (research says many college students work here to earn extra income)
  2. Supposedly great medical insurance 
  3. Quality products 
  4. Most if not all of them offer a salad bar, food kitchen area to have food made out for you to go or stay and eat
  5. surrounded by people who like eating healthier food options
  6. Educates people on healthy eating
  7. Variety of food products
  8. All meat sources at Whole foods is said to be raised without hormones or antibiotics 
  9. Gluten free food selection
  10. Typically more local foods found here
  11. They care about the environment
  12. By 2018 they are supposedly going to commit to GMO labeling on all their products
  13. Quality standards for both farm and wild caught seafood
  14. offers coupons
  15. online recipes on their site
  16. able to shop online
  17. offer flyers


  1. Not a one stop shop
  2. tends to be more expensive
  3. Located in bigger cities vs smaller communities (typically)
  4. spending more and bringing home less groceries (a reviewer said)
  5. Some people prefer trader Joes over whole foods.
  6. Bigger stores – again can make it harder to navigate
  7. Have been reported they sometimes make it hard to tell the prices of things on their shelves

Again, Whole foods list of pros and cons came from my own experience and other reviews I had seen online. Feel free to add to either list your opinions! 


I hope all of you enjoyed this fun topic between the two stores! the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF CHOOSING A GROCERY STORE is choosing one that fits your needs and budget! 🙂


Fitness WonderWoman,



National Food Day!

Happy National Food Day Bloggers!


In honor of National Food day, leave a comment letting us know your favorite food(s)!

Do My Eating Habits Match My Exercise Habits?


Happy Monday Everyone!

Not too long ago I was asked on social media what my eating habits were like compared to my workout habits. As most of you already know, I workout on a normal week, 6 days a week with Sunday’s being my official rest days. Days like today where my womanly issues come between me and the gym keep me from going until my body feels much better (which should be tomorrow). I personally believe that it takes more than going to the gym everyday to have a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle, it is true that one should take advantage of a healthier diet as well. I have chosen to do a video explaining what my nutritional life is like because it changes sometimes and since writing my last post on it, it has changed for the better I like to think. I will mention that not everyone has the same goals in mind and not everyone understands what “clean eating” means, because it means differently for tons of people, so my way of doing things will differ from all of yours possibly and that is alright! I don’t want people thinking that there is only one way of doing things, because I believe in doing what works for you and following your own lead in life and using others as a guide. Most of the “trendy” diets I have followed in the past didn’t work for me for the long term and made me more depressed that I could not handle it or stick with it for the long term (which should be the goal of anyone doing something for themselves, it should be something you want to do and can sustain for a lifetime) unless you are a specific athlete where your diet is changing constantly. I think more and more people are finding new ways to inspire people to eat healthier but the problem is, not everyone understands what it means to eat healthier and I am here to be completely honest with all of you about this: I DON’T ALWAYS EAT HEALTHY AND I PROBABLY NEVER WILL. I don’t always make the BEST decisions when it comes to food and that is something I am okay with because at the end of the day, I know the consequences and if I don’t like them, then I change my habits (which you will see that some of them I did). 


I hope if anything, this video enlightens you and gives you perspective and an idea of what my day to day eating habits are and possibly learn why I do what I do and how it works for me. Eating healthy never has to be hard, it can be as easy as you need it to be, just a trial and error and a way to explore different foods. I say variety is the spice of life – I am still learning to venture out and give myself new recipes, trying new  veggies/fruits, and exploring the different ways of cooking such foods as well. I won’t ever be perfect but sometimes I come close to what my body needs and sometimes I end up all the way in left field. “The hardest part about eating is trying to find ways to eat what you want without eating too much of it”. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxxx

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!


Hey Bloggers, 

I picked up a few shifts at work this evening, so I will not have time to do my everyday fitness and health post, but instead decided to talk about PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! I know many of you, including myself love pizza nights and have our own favorite toppings we just can’t get enough of. I am hoping this sparks some fun commentary and use this as another way to get to know my audience. I hope all of you have fun with this and I cannot wait to see what some of you shared! 


I love Margherita Pizza (it can be made in various ways) but the common toppings are: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, Tomatoes, basil, and added garlic. Sadly nowhere I reside makes it.  So whenever I go to bigger city’s and I dine out for pizza, I order it. 


Funny story, as a kid, I used to only like cheese pizza, but whenever my family would order pizza with other toppings on it, I would take all the toppings off the pizza and eat it, then I would eat the toppings separately. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat the toppings at all and sometimes I would even take the cheese off and eat it separately. Talk about weird.


Typically I enjoy a thicker crust for my pizza, just the fluff and stuff 🙂 


I don’t like pineapples on pizza, sardines, onions, green peppers, chicken, ham, mushrooms, jalapenos (all of these I do not enjoy on my pizza).


If I am ordering from a place that does not have my Margherita pizza available then I either order just cheese, or pep, or add black olives and if I am in the mood banana peppers. 


Can’t wait to hear all of your pizza likes and dislikes! Also, if you make your own pizza, let me know!!! would love to hear! 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo

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The Paleo Diet – What is it? what is it not?


I hope someone can understand my humor with using a picture of a dinosaur, if not,, I am disappointed in you & therefore, we can no longer be friends, lol. (Kidding).  So by now everyone has heard of this thing called the “Paleo Diet” and by now it has been a booming success for tons of people, as a matter of fact I have yet to hear anyone tell me it doesn’t work/ but I have had people make “fun” of this particular diet and normally the joke goes along with the reason why they think this diet is a joke.  Now, I myself  will be semi bias because I like the concept of the Paleo Diet and I have an fitness idol whom I look up to that is a Paleo.  It is because of her that I even heard of it, that I have tried it, that I like it and because of her I am still on the road to becoming Paleo as we speak (its been rough, I need to do a better job of picking and choosing foods that fit in the spectrum of paleo) so I’ll leave it at I am a work in progress.  Outside of this, I have found out recently that some people call themselves “Paleoish” because they aren’t fully paleo and choose to eat some of the same foods that being Paleo doesn’t allow. Reason being? They want to, out of habit, or because they don’t feel the necessary need to eliminate foods they would normally eat and this is all very understanding although very confusing at the same time.  Now while the Paleo diet has been all over tabloids, some of you may not fully understand the diet and may not even know what it means to be Paleo and live this lifestyle; so I am here to teach away! First off, I will make mention that the Paleo diet consist of eating tons of greens (preferably each meal, i.e breakfast, lunch, and dinner), More specifically the diet is a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.

Now everyone can understand why I like this type of diet and why I have some sort of feelings towards it because it isn’t something too hard where no one can maintain it, but it takes a lot of getting used to. Fair enough. Now you have heard my opinion once more, and it is time to share facts about this diet, below I have listed the pros and cons of the Paleo diet.  I will also mention as I have in the previous diet some information about it toward the end and give a total outcome. 


  • rich in soluble fiber
  • naturally gluten free
  • low on added sugars, salts, trans fats, & high-glycemic carbohydrates
  • no shades of grey when it comes to exploring foods (it is black and white what foods fit in this diet)
  • no need to count calories
  • no need to guess on appropriate portion sizes
  • improve energy levels
  • cuts out high calorie processed foods
  • encourages plenty of vegestables 
  • weight loss is common (fewer calories are being consumed)


  • Heavenly reliant on meat (meat isn’t as lean as it used to be)
  • Falls short on micronutrients (i.e calcium and vitamin D)
  • Restrictive diets almost never last
  • Too hard for the majority of people to maintain for a long period of time
  • Weight loss can start weight gain because any time you choose to eat from the restricted list of foods, you will gain the weight back
  • Time consuming & expensive for some

So with this all being said, the choice is yours with how you want to go about this particular diet.  The problem with the paleo diet is it stands for the “caveman” way of life, where we eat mainly meats and veggies and continue eating fats as we have (“good fats) and this all seems normal until you realize you no longer can eat dairy, legumes or hardly any carbohydrates and we all know we need carbohydrates for energy; especially our runners out there. That fact it gets rid of eating processed foods and sugars in my opinion is a plus and I like that about it. Remember how I mentioned that some people consider themselves “Paleoish” well this is because they don’t eliminate the legumes and still eat carbs are a more regular basis then what a “true” paleo would.  I said that I didn’t think it was hard to maintain, but that is because most of what it is asking should be a goal while eating healthy anyways (i.e less carbs and more proteins) but I can understand how one could find this to be confusing and frustrating.  We have to keep in mind, the world is constantly changing and this means foods are going to change, which means ingredients will change and things will have what they didn’t have in them before; which means this diet can cause issues if things do decide to go south because this diet wants us to eat grass fed meats and organic veggies and fruits and no refined grains.. we don’t know if we will still have these options as time strings along.  

With this diet, restriction is VERY high, hell it got rid of a whole food group (dairy) and this is one thing that I am against in my own right.  I am lactose intolerant so I try to stay away from dairy anyways, but I still manage to eat cheese every now and then; while it does have tons of fats in dairy products they also offer nutrients that we could possibly be missing out on and for those of you who are unaware of the nutrients your body needs or don’t pay much attention to this kind of stuff (it is very important that you start) especially while dieting because this could be the choice between life and death or sickness and wellness.  Not to mention you should always want to know how you can replace what you are not getting from normal foods and find supplements that are safe and tested. Now below I will list some foods that one can eat on a paleo diet and I will list the foods not allowed while being on the paleo diet:


Foods you can eat while doing the Paleo Diet

  • All veggies are acceptable (including sweet potatoes) Preferably local and organic veggies. 
  • Fruits: organic and local are preferable. If you are trying to lose weight and not very active, lower the fruit intake to one or two pieces a day(carbs add up)
  • Eat meats and eggs freely (grass-fed and pasture raised), stay away from meats that have preservatives and color/flavor enhancers. Game meats, organ meats, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, goat, lamb, eggs (from chickens, ducks, quail, ect)
  • All species of fish, fish eggs and shellfish are accepted just watch for the mercury content and (smaller fish have generally less heavy metals and toxins i.e anchovies)
  • Nuts & Seeds are all good, even butter that is made from them (coconut flour and almond flour is also preferred) Peanuts do not count because they are legumes & legumes cannot be eaten on a paleo diet.  If one is trying to lose weight, limit the nuts and seeds to 1 or 2 ounces a day. 
  • Sea vegestables can be eaten
  • Fats allowed: tallow, lard, coconut oil/milk/manna, extra virgin olive oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, and hazelnut oil. 
  • Beverages accepted: Filtered or spring water, Herbal tea, coconut water, freshly juiced fruits or vegestables

Foods to eat in moderation

  • Coffee
  • chocolate
  • sesame
  • dried fruit
  • alcohol (all kinds)
  • caffeinated teas
  • sweetners (i.e raw honey, stevia, coconut sap, grade B maple syrup)

Foods to avoid

  • Grains (flour; especially white flour, bread, pasta, cookies, cake, bagels, muffins, tortillas, rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice, spelt, rye, oats/gluten free oats, 
  • Dairy products: cheese, milk, butter, yogurt, ghee, whey protein powders, cottage cheese, sour cream, 
  • beans/legumes:no soy allowed, lentils, black beans, pinto beans, red beans, peanuts, white beans, garbanzo beans, (you can eat snap peas and green beans)
  • refined, iodized salt (use unrefined sea salt

Not all the foods are on either of these list, but this gives you a breakdown of what to expect when you start this diet and will hopefully give everyone a better understanding of what it means to be paleo.  I personally believe this could be tweaked to be a more balanced type of diet with less restrictions so that more and more people can actually maintain this type of diet and stay healthy at the same time.  Although, like I said I have only heard positive things about this particular diet and I myself am trying to be more paleo-like (don’t judge me) but everyone is allowed their own opinions. If anyone has any questions, feel free to let me know! Thank you for reading!



Your blogger Shay-lon


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