365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 30

What smells brings about good memories?

  • BBQ’s

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 27

During your childhood, did you ever feel letdown by an adult?

  • Yes. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 15

If you could relive one day over again, what would it be?

  • I’d like to say I would relive a day over again, but nothing really comes to mind. I mean if anything, maybe relive a day in a relationship that I didn’t want to end to see if I could have done things differently and made things play out differently but then again, maybe it wouldn’t have mattered, I don’t know. I think part of the reason I don’t have anything I want to relive is because everything that has happened in my life that I had a chance to cherish, has stayed with me for this long and always will, so if I want to relive it, I can in memory & thoughts. 
Can you name a time or day you would want to relive once more? Any particular reason why?

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 13

What is your saddest memory?

  • My saddest memory would have to be when my grandfather passed away a week before Christmas I believe it was. Our family had just moved to a new state and it wasn’t too long ago I was visiting him at the hospital, he was talking but I knew he was in pain and that his condition was serious. I never figured his time after that would be cut so short, I loved him and I think the fact I couldn’t make it to his funeral sucked, and the fact I never got to say goodbye sucked, and I was younger, in my preteens, so of course it was just difficult all around. 
What was your saddest memory?

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 12

What song holds special memories for you?

  • Music is so important to me and I have a song for almost every aspect of my life, relationships, thoughts, mood, etc. The music I listen to varies, but I have many that bring back memories; good and bad. Having to choose one song would be too difficult of a decision because I have had more than one special moment in my life, well what I would consider special. I won’t list all the songs either because that would be time consuming, but I will list 3-4 songs that come to mind right away for different reasons.
          – “Wrong” – Ally Hills
          – ” New”- Daya
          – ” Ride” – SOMO 
Is there a particular song that comes to mind that holds special memories for you? 

365 Days of self Discovery: Your Past


Day 11

What time in your life do you always want to remember?

  • I’d say all the good times. Specifically times I had with loved ones whom past away, the times I have had with old and new friends alike, the times I have spent with my siblings and mom. I’d like to remember the times I have triumphed and the times that I struggled but made it through, I want to remember all the positive that has entered my life and helped shaped me into a better person. There isn’t just one time I would like to remember, because I have had many good times in my life that I will cherish. 
Is there a specific time in your life that you want to always remember or are you like me and have more than one?

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Past


Day 8

What family traditions did you have as a child?

  • Eh, Christmas at my grandma’s house and Thanksgiving at my Great Aunts. Opening one gift on Christmas eve. I don’t remember many of our family traditions beyond the things I have listed. If there were others, just doesn’t come to mind, but I think I hit on the main ones. 
Most people have a lot of family traditions, so share them with us.