Monday|Powerlifting|Week Three

Road To Powerlifting Being that I am on week three now of this powerlifting stuff, I have to admit that I love it, I really, really love it. While it is NOT my own program, I think I will stick with this one until it stops offering me results.. or until I get bored enoughContinue reading “Monday|Powerlifting|Week Three”

Week Two|Day One|Powerlifting|Cycle One

Road To Powerlifting ..  Standing Barbell Shoulder Press: 3 x 3   70% 1-RM: 53.5 lb ( I did 55 lb) 80% 1-RM: 61.2 lb ( I did 65 lb) 90% 1-RM: 68.8 lb ( I did 70 lb) for a 8 rep max   Dips: 5 x 15 DB upright row: 5 x 15, 30Continue reading “Week Two|Day One|Powerlifting|Cycle One”

Military Press|Cycle One|Day One|Week One|Powerlifting Journey

Road to powerlifting    I started the day off with the military press. I used 90 percent of my 1RM to decide the rest of the percentages with the 3 sets. The last set was for max reps at that weight. I included some accessory work and abs, then ended the workout with some cardio. Continue reading “Military Press|Cycle One|Day One|Week One|Powerlifting Journey”

Feb 4th – Gym Workout & Challenge continues

Hey FitFam:) Happy Saturday!   So first of all, I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU to all those that stopped by blog page yesterday to take a look at my updates and wished me luck and positive vibes and encouragement, really means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate that. Secondly, I wantContinue reading “Feb 4th – Gym Workout & Challenge continues”

My Gym Workout – Dec. 13th

Hellllo! Hello! fitfam, how is everyone doing!? I have some good news to share with all of you, I would like to announce that I lost 4 pounds. I normally only weigh myself every 2 weeks on a Sunday morning, but missed last Sunday’s weigh in. I now weigh 147, and it makes me feelContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Dec. 13th”