365 Days of Self Discovery: Day 105


Do you work well under pressure?

  • Yes, I have had to learn to do so at work, with having to multitask and manage a gym on my own. When it comes to competing in a sport and being under pressure, it creates anxiety and nervousness for me and I tend to not do so well, but I have been teaching myself to focus on me and concentrate on the purpose instead of listening to the background noise that way the pressure doesn’t feel so heavy. Depending on the situation I normally can work well under pressure with small bits of nerves but am able to focus on what needs done and do my best to do so, but it still takes time for me to calm myself internally in order to do so. 
Are you the type of person who works well under pressure? why or why not?

I’ve done it again..

Forgot to adult for the week.. 

I think my weekly planner is getting sick of me going off schedule these days, I have a planner I use and lately have barely opened it — hints why I have been behind in blogging and studying; I should always check my planner because honestly. my anxiety starts to kick in when I don’t do things as planned and then have list of task that never got done because I have been fiddle farting around instead of adulting. I could probably complain all day, but it comes down to my time management and all my projects and goals.. I have so many projects and don’t utilize my time well (anymore) — well 2018, don’t give up on me yet… I plan on getting back on track when it comes to priorities and tasks (fingers crossed) .. but I am young, right? so I should be allowed to get off the beaten path every once in awhile without feeling bad.. BUT my personality trait doesn’t allow me to enjoy my youth when I am constantly trying to keep myself on a “perfect” schedule — pretending that it is possible to do so, so I don’t freak out. Thankfully I have friends and family who seemingly understand that I am crazy and my OCD and time management skills fight back & forth which causes the HUGE debate in my head as to what to get started on first. Externally I am smiling until I get home and break down.. but that’s a whole new story for a different day. Back to what is scheduled. My workouts. & if I am lucky I might be able to squeeze in some studying before work tonight. Hmm. Wish me luck. 


Oh & the next blog post will begin my workout sessions….