Thanksgiving 2017!

What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? What is your least favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Any Thanksgiving traditions?  Do you have a recipe you make on Thanksgiving everyone loves? Will you have someone to spend your Thanksgiving with this year?   I am thankful for all of you! Enjoy Your Turkey Day!

MondayMotivation with a twist..

“This isn’t normal, but nothing I do is a trend” – says me Normally.. I spend my day away posting quotes on #MondayMotivation but today, I decided to come in with a twist and surprise everybody with something odd, but something worth noting. Since many of you may not know some of this and mayContinue reading “MondayMotivation with a twist..”

Personal training: Helping a friend day 29

Hey FitFam! I am writing this post a lot later than my usual due to my late return home, the unexpected nap I had that when I woke up I was in the Twilight zone for a hour or so, my mind being on other things and semi- having to meal plan and eat dinner,Continue reading “Personal training: Helping a friend day 29”