Bipolar Disorder (Mental Health)

Well Hello Bloggers,  We are back for another blog post and today’s entails mental health. Today will be about being bipolar, what it means to be diagnosed with bipolar, the types of treatment they recommend, and some other odds and ends. If you know someone who is bipolar, or if you, yourself has been diagnosedContinue reading “Bipolar Disorder (Mental Health)”

Pop (aka Soda) why it isn’t any good

I will assume we have all come to terms with the fact that drinking pop (soda) is no good for you. Whether it be ‘dark’ or ‘light’ pop, diet or non diet, caffeine or no caffeine, pop just isn’t any good for you – but we still like it. For many people, it is theirContinue reading “Pop (aka Soda) why it isn’t any good”

My Gym Workout Nov. 2nd

Hey FitFam! So first of all I want to say “DAMN” I got a lot of feedback on my “Child Obesity” Reblog post and it is all wonderful because I am learning from all of you how you feel about the matter. I wrote that original post toward the beginning of my writing days backContinue reading “My Gym Workout Nov. 2nd”