My Gym Workout – Feb. 16th

Some of you may remember my post from yesterday…   Well like yesterday, I did another VERY light workout today (upper body) for the same reasons as I did yesterdays light workout for the legs. I figured, I might as well and it ended up going fairly well.   Workout Session:   Bench press (closeContinue reading “My Gym Workout – Feb. 16th”

The Last Day Of January Workout – Woot!

Hey FitFam, Happy Tuesday!  The last day of January, and we have some fun events coming up in Feb — starting tomorrow. If you haven’t yet signed up for the squat challenge, please email me at that way I know who all is participating, it is free, click here for the rules.  I can veryContinue reading “The Last Day Of January Workout – Woot!”

Long hours at work but made it to the gym

FitFam Tuesday,    Hello fellow bloggers, yesterday I had mentioned that I did not make it to the gym, I decided to catch up on some sleep, study and work on my social media projects in order to get somewhat ahead. I had warned all of you that last week and this week would beContinue reading “Long hours at work but made it to the gym”

My Gym Workout – back at it again

FitFam Wednesday, I was back at the gym today, since it had been awhile – like two days. I finally put on my happy face and made it to the gym this morning in the rain and all. The gym wasn’t packed this morning when I arrived but that changed maybe a hour later, anyhow,Continue reading “My Gym Workout – back at it again”

My Gym Workout- Another lengthy one.

FitFam Monday Jan. 9th  Remember how I shared with all of you about my workout on Saturday being lengthy, well come to find out, today’s workout was also very lengthy as well. I didn’t mean for it to happen, but realized I had to make up for another day at the gym I missed. IContinue reading “My Gym Workout- Another lengthy one.”