Well finally after having time to make some new content, I thought I would start it off with an injury, something most people can relate to and would not like to happen to them. First of all, how many of you have had a sprain?! (Raise of hands) and how many of you knew how to handle your sprain? (Raise of hands), okay, okay! seems like we have a good number of people in the blogosphere who have been in this situation once or twice before. Personally I have never had a sprain (that I can remember) although you would think my chances would have been higher considering I was a track athlete and basketball player and they tend to get sprains fairly often but I suppose I got lucky (knock on wood). Today, I won’t go too in-depth about this injury because it isn’t hard to comprehend, but I want to make sure everyone is aware of this injury if it should happen to them. Also, feel free to share your stories in the comment section. 

Sprain: A stretching or tearing of ligaments (the fibrous tissue that connects joints and bones) 

Some of the more common types of sprains:

  1. Sprained ankle
  2. Sprained thumb
  3. Sprained wrist
  4. Sprained knee
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Limited ability to move the affected joint
  • At the time of injury, you may hear or feel a ‘pop’ in your joint
Risk Factors to consider:
  1. Poor conditioning
  2. Fatigue
  3. Improper warm-up
  4. Environmental conditions
  5. Poor equipment
  • Medications- some Ibuprofen or Tylenol may help with the pain for minor sprains
  • Apply ice as soon as possible to minimize swelling – in worse case scenarios the doctor may decide to use a splint or brace
  • Elevate the affected area
  • One may choose to use compression bandages (unless you notice more swelling, more pain, etc)
  • Rest- avoid activities that cause pain. 
Mild-moderate sprains are said to heal within 3-6 weeks, over the course you should be gradually using the area that is affected unless a doctor says differently. In any case, you should contact your doctor if pain, swelling, or other symptoms become a problem. 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xxx

Personal training: Helping a friend day 15 (I did not do day 14)


Hello Wednesday Bloggers,

Yesterday I did not write out the workout because it was a replica of what I did with John on Monday. Therefore, we will continue with today’s workout. I will warn you, this workout today made me rethink my future profession, LOL. No, but seriously it was challenging and I felt the BURRRN for sure while doing the workout with John, which by the way, he did well today. His next weigh in is on Sunday, so we will hopefully see some positives, and I will update everyone about his results on Monday sometime, or possibly Tuesday depending on my schedule. 


  • Treadmill- 10 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed
Workout Session:
  • Elliptical- 30 minutes, no resistance. (I had him do it at a speed he could maintain while I kept an eye out, so I could get a gist of what speed he was able to do without slowing down or taking breaks) He went all the way up to a 6.8 at one point but dropped to a 3.5 speed soon after that, so he was maintaining a 4.0-4.5 speed, although me mentioned that he would be okay at 5.0 speed (we shall see) hopefully that is right, because it would be good. 
Ab Workout session:
  • Planks- 3 sets of 1:14 
  • Curl ups (I timed him to see how many he could do in 1 minute) and we did 3 sets. The first round he did 24, the second round he did 27 and the final set he did 31. I was very proud of him.
  • Planks- 3 sets of 30 seconds. 
Cool down:
  • We didn’t take a proper cool down, it slipped my mind today for whatever reason. Oops. 
Overall the planks made me want to cry, normally I don’t feel the burn while doing planks until the 2nd set at 1:00 but, today was totally different, I felt them during EVERY set and it hurt like all hell and felt good afterwards. Anyways, he didn’t mind the curl ups, and I am proud of him for being able to do that many in 1 minute, that is a start. If anyone cares to know how many I did in 1 minute, I did 
37 the first round, 48 the second set and 51 the final set and proud of it as well. Tomorrow we will have another go at cardio exercises and an ab session.
I wanted to ask all of you if anyone would want me to share my workouts that I do for a hour before John arrives at the gym, and if anyone wants me to share my own results when I workout with him. I am at the gym for a total of 2 hours, 1 hour on my own and 1 hour working out with John. I just want to see if anyone is interested in wanting me to post my own routines, etc. Let me know, I don’t care either way. Thank you for reading. 
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Personal training: Helping a friend day 10


Well, his sister did not make it to the workout with us this morning, she had another late night and wanted to catch up on some rest, so today was just John and I, which is fine, because we worked hard. My mom ended up showing up to the gym, she comes to the gym on her own and used to come with me before her schedule changed.  I had her workout with John, but kind of did her own thing but she does fairly well on her own. I was helping her, but she is a whole other battle, lol. Talk about stubborn. I am sure at some point she will end up doing the workouts I assign her again, but for right now I am happy she attends the gym in the morning. 

I had someone ask me if I plan on posting songs/playlist again since I did it once and never again, and I have decided that it will be something I will look into and will give everyone a heads up on if I decide to do it once a week or a daily playlist of one song that I like while working out. I am not sure yet, but I will look into it & plan it out.

For those who may not be aware, I am doing Motivation Monday Post/ Videos and I want to start a Topic Tuesday Video (Youtube videos) sometime within the next week of topics that I have covered in my blog page. I think it will be fun to have on video and give people who don’t read my blogs a way to keep up with my post. 

Now on to the actual workouts:


  • Treadmill- 10 minutes, 2.0 incline, 3.7 speed. 
Workout Session:
  • Stationary bike- 45 minutes total. I had him to 10 minute splits, level 5. He did 4 sets of 10 minutes for the workout or if he could and was able I wanted to see if he could go the full 45 minutes at level 5. I wanted him to keep his RPMs at 70 and higher for the sake of the workout. 
Cool down:
  • Treadmill- 5 minutes, no incline, 2.5 speed
John ended up choosing a different style bike to do his workout on, and he liked it, he said it was something he had to get used to because the seat was smaller and hurt his butt. He managed to do the full 45 minutes but had to stop every 10 minutes for a  1- 1.5 minute break. He said level 5 was a bit more difficult but he felt no pain or soreness, his ankles are still doing fine. So with this being said, he is not yet ready to do a full 45 minutes on the bike at level 5, but it is okay because we will get him there like we did when he was at a level 4. Not to mention, I am happy he was able to finish the workout. I did not talk with him about his eating habits, I think I will this weekend if given the chance. Tomorrow we plan on meeting at the gym again and I have a core exercise I will introduce him to once his cardio workout is finished. We shall see what he thinks. It won’t be something too terrible but it is terrible. LOL. 
Overall, good job John, we will work on getting you to be able to do the whole 45 minutes with no breaks at a level 5. 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo

Personal training: Helping a Friend Day Nine (Late post at 11pm at night)


Hello wonderful bloggers!

I apologize for the late post, I left my house to hang with a friend thinking I would be home in time to write more and follow up on comments, but I was wrong, it is currently 11 at night and I am not writing this post. This might be something you get used to from me, if my schedule becomes to be overwhelming, otherwise this could be a rare event that happens whenever I stay out past my bedtime 😛

Nonetheless, today’s workout with John:


Dynamic stretches:

  • Frankies
  • Walking knee to chest
  • side bends, 15 reps

Workout Session:

  • Step up circuit- 30 minutes, with a 1 minute stop and go (again this is harder to explain without showing you)
  • stationary bike- 15 minutes, level 5 resistance, RMPS 70-80 (although mine were 90 and above) 
  • Step ups circuit- 15 minutes 

Cool down:

  • Walk 2 laps around the gym


Overall John did well, this time around he said he felt the difference in the level 5 versus the level 4 on the bike, but he still managed to do very well, with keeping his RPMs above 70, which is more than I thought he would do. The step ups went fairly well, he kept up with my pace and made to sure to keep hydrated throughout the workout. He didn’t complain of ankle pain today, he said he thinks it was the shoes he was wearing, so that is good news. We didn’t talk about his eating habits again, I need to remember to speak with him about it within the next week at the very least. Overall our workout was very proactive, tomorrow his sister should be joining us again, since I have yet to sit down and speak with her one-on-one, she will just jump in where you we take off and we will adjust things as we go. Hopefully within the next week, I will have the chance to actually sit down with her. 

My calve pain is going away slowly but surely, tomorrow, I will take it easy again with my lower body resistance training and see what happens with it, we will have an earlier workout day tomorrow so this means I should be in bed catching up with my sleep about now. Hopefully tomorrow’s workout goes over just as well.

Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxox

Personal Training a Friend Day two


Hello Bloggers, 

Now time for the good news, since I gave everyone semi sad news previous to this post. The good news is I was able to meet up with my friend again at the gym for our day two workout, I had mentioned before that I would change up his workout (John) in order to work on his breathing, cardiovascular capacity and endurance. 


  • 10 minute walk on the treadmill at a 3.5 speed, no incline
Workout session:
  • 45 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minute splits, 1 minute break between splits if needed at a level 3 resistance, keep RPMs at 50 or above, but not over 80. 
Cool down:
  • 5 minute walk on treadmill, no incline, 2.5 speed. 
John did great today! he didn’t need a break between the splits and kept his RPMs at a steady 60-70 the whole 45 minutes. He didn’t stop and stayed hydrated during the workout, he really pushed himself, he gives the credit to his phone because of the music. LOL. I made sure to check on him every 5 minutes to get an idea if he was feeling any soreness or pain in his body, he had pain in one of his knees for a brief moment but it went away soon after, and he started to feel the “good” kind of pain you get when you workout. I am very proud of him for today’s performance.  I let him know until his fitness level increases to a point where I think he can handle cross trainer machines, we would go back and forth with treadmills, stationary bikes, outside walks before it gets too cold, and some other cardio exercises I come up with. 
I was able to glance over last weeks eating, sleeping, and steps paperwork he turned into me, and he had some good habits going on and beat his 10,000 step goal multiple times during the week.  My only complaint was he wasn’t drinking enough water throughout the day and I can understand that because I am not a huge fan of water either and had a hard time wanting to drink it, but now I make sure I stay more on top of it. I think it will be something he will need to stay on top of, and as he exercises more often, I think that will help. 
Good job John! 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo