365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 30

Who do you love unconditionally?

  • My family members (mom, siblings, grandparents, etc)
  • God, my faith and father
  • close friends
  • the majority of people who have entered my life at some point and impacted it in a positive way or helped to guide me towards success 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 29

Who do you look up to?

  • There used to be a time I would have a list of people whom I considered role models, including my mom because something about these people made me want to be more like them when I “grew up” but now, when this question comes my way, I don’t list names because I realized the type of people I look up to are those who 
  1. Have done something positive without looking to reap reward or an applause, something positive for others (small or big)
  2. someone who knows what it’s like to struggle for a duration of time; maybe even thought about throwing in the towel but instead of giving up, they managed to overcome their obstacles and make something of themselves & use their growth and journey as a way to teach others and inspire others and give people hope. 
  3. People who have impacted the world in a positive way
  4. those who have worked hard in order to reach success
  5. those who are realist — see the world for what it is and don’t sugar coat things 
  6. people who were against the odds with their back against the wall that continued to fight instead of made into a victim. 
  7. people who choose love over hate in any situation because that’s hard to do when you’ve been through some crap
  8. people who can forgive easily — I struggle with this a lot myself. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 28

What do you want other people to know about you?

  • I can be somewhat complex when it comes to my emotions and feelings because a lot of times it is based on the feelings and emotions of the people in my surroundings, a thought/flashback, or a song I might be singing or thinking of at the time and it outwardly shows on my face/body language. It seems as though my emotions change rapidly without reason from the outside looking in, but I feed off other people & it doesn’t help when I feel uncomfortable or feel a threat or feel the emotions from others & sometimes it is also due to the fact that I have crap going on and instead of voicing it or venting out loud, I keep it within. 
  • I am very giving of myself and I’ve learned that I tend to give too much of myself early on or too quickly & i become emotionally attached — so when/if things go south in a friendship or relationships it drains me emotionally and takes a lot out of me because I have very little left of me for me to heal. 
  • I don’t like the concept of everyone being my friend, I choose my friends wisely — at least try and any type of bond I bring into my life — has to be meaningful to me and feel comfortable before I decide to call them my friend because friends are something special to me & I am a loyal friend so I want good people in my circle. 
  • I am much better at listening to people than I am speaking about myself or talking in general because I am socially awkward
  • I am not good at keeping up with my friendships — I don’t do well with keeping in touch with people regularly, I have a hard time asking people to hang out, I don’t feel affected when I haven’t seen or spoken to my friend(s) in months. I find I am great at making friends but suck at actually keeping them for long periods of time. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 27

Do you feel you are valued by others?

  • Sadly, no. & if I am, I don’t believe people have done a good job showing it — which makes it difficult for me at times to see my own self worth. While my self worth isn’t measured by other people’s opinions of me, I do feel as though by not feeling valued by others it can change how one might feel about themselves.. which, sucks. 

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 26

Do you feel you have the support of friends & family?

  • For the most part, yes. Although I don’t share everything with my friends and family in order to receive support unless I find it necessary to do so. Most of the time, when I do announce something I feel worthy of conversation or feedback, I don’t think most people care either way and leave it with “as long as you’re happy” – which isn’t bad, but it lacks any type of realness to it & I have always felt for a long time that most people don’t care unless it pertains to them or their life. While I do sometimes find it easier to say “as long as your happy”; I can admittedly say its my go-to when I don’t care enough about the topic or I don’t want to share my opinion in fear it might do more damage than help. I don’t think I have had very many people in my life show a true interest in something that was important to me.

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 25

What qualities do you like least in others?

  • Sheep minded individuals — people who rather be followers then to be leaders/ people who don’t have their own opinions but share the opinions of others in other to fit in
  • fake people/2 faced
  • liars
  • sneaky people
  • people who steal
  • bullies, those looking to always put someone down physically or mentally
  • negative people
  • non open minded individuals — one thing to not agree or like something but a whole other to go out of your way to judge the differences of someone else’s lifestyle, etc
  • gossiping people — I don’t like gossip and listening to it is annoying 
  • “better than you” ways of thinking — due to their status, money, job, etc I believe in treating people equally and based on how I would like to be treated and it doesn’t matter to me how high on the social bracket or low; I am no better than you and vice versa

365 Days of Self Discovery: Your Relationships


Day 24

How do you deal with confrontation?

  • I don’t like confrontation, and it makes me have anxiety and I become very intense in the heat of the moment. I typically would rather have a solution and it end well then to have it end badly and both parties are left upset — I try to be calm when being confronted by another but at times, I get defensive and I might break down or feel compelled to walk away if it becomes too big of an issue.