Powerlifting — and beyond

Sumo’s and cleans

Just a reminder: Sumo deadlifts are behind by a week—- so this week was a deload for sumo deadlifts. 

  • Sumo Deadlifts: 3 x 5


  • 40% of 90% of 1-RM: 80 lb
  • 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 100 lb
  • 60$% of 90% of 1-RM: 120 lb


  • Power clean: 5 x 1-6, 100 lb (6/6/6/4/3)
  •                       3 x 3, 110 lb
  •                       1 x 1, 135 lb
  • Power clean to push press: 5 x 1-6, 105 lb, 110 lb
  • DB alternating curls: 4 x 6, 60 lb
  • Bench dips: 4 x 12
  • Cable curls: 4 x 6, 80 lb
  • Cable triceps extension: 4 x 6, 80 lb
  • Glute bridge: 4 x 12
  • DB goblet squat: 4 x 6, 45 lb

Cardio workout:

  • Stationary bike: 20 minutes, level 20, rpms- 30+ 

Good news, I got new PR’s in both the power clean and




A New Bench Press PR!


I hit 105 lb the other day 🙂


Phase Two: Week Four. Day 23| Six Weeks to Shreds

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute step ups with knee raise


  • Barbell shoulder press: 4 x 9-11. 55 lb (1 minute bench step ups between sets)
  • DB shoulder press: 3 x 9-11. 60 lb ( 1 minute kettlebell swing- 8kg between each set)
  • Standing DB upright Row: 3 x 9-11. 40 lb (1 minute sprints between each set)
  • Barbell squat: 4 x 9-11. 115 lb (1 minute box jumps between each set)
  • Barbell deadlift: 3 x 9-11. 145 lb ( 1 minute med ball slams- 10 lb between each set)
  • leg press: 3 x 9-11. 180 lb (1 minute mountain climbers between each set)
  • Standing calf raises: 3 x 9-11. ( 1 minute lateral bounds between each set)

Compared to day two of the first week, my exercises have increased in weight. Check out my Instagram comparing today’s results with week one: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXiinhsF1Va/?hl=en&taken-by=shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo


Bench Press PR & Video (Exercise How To)


As many of you may or may not know, I officially made it to the 100’s club on my bench press. It was tough but I feel so good knowing that I finally can bench 100 pounds! 😀 Hopefully within the next 3 to 6 months, I will be benching 10 or 15 pounds more. Nonetheless, I wanted to go over the proper form in performing a bench press. Many of you don’t think about form when doing it, but it is very important you perform this exercise correctly because you can injure yourself. I also recommend people have spotters, unlike myself in this video (which I should have used a spotter just in case) but I took a chance and it worked out but don’t take chances, because it could hurt you. Hopefully I will have the chance to hear all of you share your PR accomplishments in the bench press! 


How to perform the bench press:

  1. Utilize a flat bench (lie back on it). Using a medium width grip on the barbell, lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over you with arms locked (starting position) 
  2. While breathing in , lower the bar slowly to your middle chest
  3. Take a brief pause, push the bar back to the starting position while breathing out. Use your chest muscles when pushing the bar up, lock the arms and contract the chest – hold the bar for a second at the top and then come down slowly again
  4. repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions 
  5. When finished, place the bar back in the rack

What muscles are affected?

  • Chest
  • Front shoulders
  • lats
  • triceps

For beginners, I recommend using a spotter and even more intermediate and advanced athletes, it is good to have spotter when lifting a new PR or unsure amount of weight. There are many different variations of the bench press and the hand placement – which I will go over in a future post. The important thing is, to use your chest muscles when pushing up, put less strain on the arms and really contract those muscles. If you don’t have a spotter, using a smith machine for beginners is another good idea… until you are more comfortable on the barbell or until you have a proper spotter. Everyone knows this is a fundamental exercise, where it develops upper body strength. If you have experienced previous injuries or conditions – please consult your doctor before performing this exercise. 

  1. What is your bench press max? 
  2. How many reps are you lifting for your max? 

Fitness WonderWoman ,

Shay-lon xo

Phase Two: Week Three. Day 16|Six Weeks To Shreds

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute bench step ups


  • Barbell shoulder press (seated): 4 x 2-5. 65 lb. (1 minute bench step up between sets)
  • Standing alternating DB press: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb. (1 minute kettlebell swings- 8kg between sets)
  • Smith machine one-arm upright row: 3 x 4-5. 60 lb. (1 minute sprints between sets)
  • Barbell squat: 4 x 2-5. 135 lb. (1 minute battling ropes between sets)
  • Barbell deadlift: 3 x 2-5. 135 lb (1 minute Med ball slam- 10 lb between each set)
  • Bodyweight walking lunge: 3 x 4-5 . ( 1 minute mountain climbers between each set)
  • Standing calf raises: 3 x 5-6. ( 1 minute lateral bounds between each set)
  • seated calf raises: 3 x 5-6. 100 lb. (1 minute pull ups between each set)

I hit another PR Today with my seated shoulder press, went from 45 lb to 65 lb today! yay 😀  Started the month off right. I apologize that this blog post is typed and published so late at night, I was out and about all day today, but given the time I have before going into work, made time to make sure I blogged.  Tune in, because I have some workouts for you to watch in the next couple of post! 


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Phase Two: Week Three. Day 15| Six Weeks to Shreds

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute step up with knee raise


  • Barbell bench press (medium): 4 x 2-5. 95 lb and 100 lb (1 minute step up between sets)
  • Incline DB press: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb. (1 minute DB clean – 20 lb between each set)
  • Decline smith press: 3 x 2-5. 105 lb (1 minute running in place between each set)
  • Dips: 4 x 6-8. (1 minute kettlebell swings – 8kg between each set)
  • Barbell bench press (close grip): 4 x 2-5. 65 lb. (1 minute smith power clean- 75 lb between each set)
  • Cable crunch: 3 x 5-6. 120 lb. (1 minute quick step ups between each set)
  • Smith machine hip thrust: 3 x 5-6. 205 lb (1 minute bench step up between each set)

I want to also mention I hit some PR’s today. I am officially in the 100s club for my bench press, I increased on my DB incline press by 30 lb and I increased on my hip thrust by like over 100 lb. Yes, lower reps, but built some great strength which was the focus today. 


I will have the video of my bench press PR tomorrow on the blog, but if you can’t wait until then, the video is up on YouTube and my instagram. 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKgSIFBjBpc and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shaylon_fitnesswonderwoman/?hl=en and I will also post more about the bench press tomorrow in a post, Thanks for stopping by.


Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

Week Three|Day Three| 6 weeks to shreds part 1

Fitness Collaboration.

Workout Plan. 

Warm up: 2 – 3 minute skipping in place


  1. Bentover barbell row: 4 x 2-5. 95 lb. (1 minute skipping in place)
  2. Bentover DB Row: 3 x 2-5. 70 lb (1 minute goblet squat – 30 lb)
  3. seated cable row: 3 x 2-5. 120 lb (1 minute box jumps)
  4. Barbell shrugs: 4 x 2-5. 100 lb. (1 minute DB step up: 30 lb)
  5. Barbell curl: 3 x 2-5. 50 lb. (1 minute kettlebell swings – 8 kg)
  6. Barbell or EZ bar preacher curl: 3 x 4-5. 30 lb. (1 minute med ball slam – 10 lb)
  7. Reverse barbell curl: 3 x 4-5. 30 lb. ( 1 minute DB lunge – 20 lb)

Again this workout for today was focused on strength (so higher weights and lower reps) also, the 1 minute of cardio is between each set (no rest). I was not able to get to the battling ropes today so I missed out on one more exercise for the day but that is okay. Remember the exercise you are doing for 1 minute between sets is a low weight, do not use a high weight because the focus is being able to focus on endurance the whole time. I definitely felt some pain in my left knee during lunges and also, did a PR in bentover barbell rows and went up 10 lb 😀 also the seated cable rows I went up 20 lb 😀 

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