Monday|Deload Week 4|Day One

I will just mention that DELOAD week means lesser weights — so my deload week will be with my core lifts and assistance exercises as well; normally it will be around 40-60 percent of my 1-RM. 

  • Standing barbell shoulder press: 3 x 5


  • 40% of 90% of 1-RM: 30 lb
  • 50% of 90% of 1-RM: 40 lb
  • 60% of 90% of 1-RM: 45 lb


I had to use the EZ bar for the first two because the barbell weights 45 lb

  • Clean & Press: 5 x 8, 6, 3, 100 lb
  • Standing DB straight arm front delt raise above head: 5 x 8, 20 lb
  • Arnold DB press: 5 x 8, 40 lb


Four rounds of:

  1. Jumping jacks: 60 reps
  2. burpees: 20 reps

Monday marks a HUGE accomplishment for me. I performed a clean press for the first time and was able to do 100 lb, I have never push pressed 100 lb before, let alone doing it with the clean at the same time. I did take a video of me performing 4 reps: (scroll down the IG a few and you will see the video) I feel really good about it and hopefully my weights will continue to increase along with my strength. 



Week Two|Day Five|Cardio & Conditioning|Powerlifting

Don’t avoid cardio day, we need it. 


Circuit one: (4 rounds)

  • Manmaker: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • DB thruster: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • barbell overhead squat: 5 reps, 45 lb

Circuit Two: (3 rounds)

  • Burpees: 10 reps
  • One handed kettlebell swings: 10 reps, 10kg
  • Decline sit ups: 10 reps

Circuit Three: (5 rounds)

  • power clean: 5 reps, 95 lb, 100 lb
  • Push press: 5 reps, 65 lb
  • Kettlebell snatches: 5 reps, 8kg
  • EZ bar lunges: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • Stationary upright bike: 20 minutes total, interval training
  • rpm 60-70, level 7, 1 minute
  • rpm: 80-90+, level 2, 2 minutes

CrossFit Circuit – Breezed on Through

Typically these circuits wear me thin but today I was able to breeze through them and get them done in a timely manner – I think my muscular endurance is improving or maybe my mind is learning to allow my body to push itself OR it could be that I am just a badass, who knows! LOL


Circuit One: (4 rounds)

  • Manmaker: 5 reps, 30 lb
  • DB thruster: 5 reps, 30 lb
  • Jump squats: 5 reps

Circuit Two: (3 rounds)

  • Weighted burpee: 15 reps, 30 lb
  • Kettlebell swings: 15 reps, 10 kg
  • Medicine ball slams: 15 reps, 10 lb

Circuit Three: (5 rounds)

  • Hang clean: 5 reps, 70 lb
  • Push press: 5 reps, 70 lb
  • Kettlebell snatch: 5 reps, 10 kg
  • barbell overhead squat: 5 reps, 45 lb

CrossFit & Circuit Workout?

So along with this beautiful 8 week program I am doing, I have decided that I will be doing a CrossFit circuit on the days I am not scheduled to do my program workout because it gives me something to do on those off days and I LOVE CrossFit. This particular circuit you will probably see a whole lot of to be honest because I want to continue to use heavier weights as time progresses and speed up my times (when I start timing myself) but for now, I am just thankful that I was able to finish! lol. If you are someone into the sport, you should definitely do these circuit workouts, bet you will love em, maybe? 🙂


Circuit One: 4 rounds

  • Man maker- 5 reps, 40 lb
  • DB thruster: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • DB curls: 5 reps, 40 lb

Circuit Two: 3 rounds

  • Weighted burpees: 15 reps, 40 lb
  • Kettlebell swings: 15 reps, 40 lb
  • Decline sit up: 15 reps

Circuit Three: 5 rounds

  • Hang clean: 5 reps, 75 lb
  • Push press: 5 reps, 65 lb
  • Alternating barbell lunge: 5 reps, 60 lb
  • Barbell squat: 5 reps, 60 lb

September 12th workout

Warm up:

  • 2-3 minute step ups


  • barbell bench press: 4 x 10- 65 lb, 3 x 8 – 80 lb , 3 x 5 – 90 lb


  • back flyes (resistance band): 4 x 10, red band
  • Bosu ball push ups: 4 x 10


  • standing military press: 4 x 8, 60 lb
  • Crossover (w/ bands): 4 x 10, red band


  • DB squat to shoulder press: 3 x 10, 40 lb
  • one arm DB bench press: 3 x 10, 20 lb


  • push press: 3 x 8, 60 lb
  • hammer grip incline DB bench press: 4 x 8, 40 lb



  • Hanging knee raise: 1 x 15
  • cable crunch: 1 x 20
  • side bends: 1 x 15 each side, 25 lb

HIIT Training:


  • 10 seconds (20 sec rest)
  • 20 seconds (20 second rest)
  • 10 seconds (20 second rest)
  • 20 seconds (60 sec rest) 

3 rounds. 


Definitely a lengthy workout today and a good HIIT training workout. 


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Fitness WonderWoman,

Shay-lon xo

12 Week ‘Cut’ Program (Day Six)

12 Week Cut Program – Day three

Today was supposed to be a rest day.. 


But it wasn’t. The program called for a rest day but if you know me, then you know I workout about 5 – 6 days a week (when I am healthy and active/not when I am pmsing and sick) and so this means, I did WHAT I WANT (typical of me), will I pay for it later? possibly, but I don’t like having too many rest days unless they are necessary and while I am following the program and doing a good job of it for a day three;  I told you I would tweak things to my liking.


Today was my LAST day of the push up challenge and I am sore and very happy! It has been a fun rollercoaster of excitement and strength gains, I am proud of myself and I am looking forward to seeing my competitors at the finish line during this challenge. Yesterday, my calories were under, but didn’t meet any of my macro goals except fats (of course) and this is because I am not used to eating more than 3 times a day (I know, I know, judge me later okay) so I am trying to aim little by little to eat 4 small meals a day and work my way up if necessary. I will be discussing this program via YouTube and still posting my workouts on the blog, BUT more in depth via video. 


Workout Session:

Circuit #1: 4 rounds

  • Man Maker: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • DB thruster: 5 reps, 40 lb
  • DB curls: 5 reps, 40 lb

Circuit #2: 3 rounds

  • weighted burpee: 15 reps, 30 lb
  • kettlebell swings: 15 reps, 25 lb
  • roman sit ups: 15 reps

Circuit #3: 5 rounds

  • hang clean: 5 reps, 50 lb
  • push press: 5 reps, 50 lb
  • alternating lunges: 5 reps, 30 lb
  • squats: 5 reps, 30 lb

Push ups: 50 reps


Cardio: 8 minutes – running on treadmill (4.8 speed) no incline. 


I made this circuit (it was not in the program) and yes, it was hell! I thought I was going to pass out many times BUT it is a circuit I will do again because the aftermath feels so good. 


Let me know if YOU decide to give this circuit a try, I would love to see what others think of it and how well you do 🙂 not to mention, all of you stronger people probably can show off your strength! ha. leave comments and don’t forget to like, share, and follow me! thanks!


Your Fitness Blogger,


Shay-lon xxooo