Monday|Deload Week 4|Day One

I will just mention that DELOAD week means lesser weights — so my deload week will be with my core lifts and assistance exercises as well; normally it will be around 40-60 percent of my 1-RM.      Standing barbell shoulder press: 3 x 5   40% of 90% of 1-RM: 30 lb 50% ofContinue reading “Monday|Deload Week 4|Day One”

Week Two|Day Five|Cardio & Conditioning|Powerlifting

Don’t avoid cardio day, we need it.    Circuit one: (4 rounds)   Manmaker: 5 reps, 40 lb DB thruster: 5 reps, 40 lb barbell overhead squat: 5 reps, 45 lb Circuit Two: (3 rounds) Burpees: 10 reps One handed kettlebell swings: 10 reps, 10kg Decline sit ups: 10 reps Circuit Three: (5 rounds) powerContinue reading “Week Two|Day Five|Cardio & Conditioning|Powerlifting”

CrossFit Circuit – Breezed on Through

Typically these circuits wear me thin but today I was able to breeze through them and get them done in a timely manner – I think my muscular endurance is improving or maybe my mind is learning to allow my body to push itself OR it could be that I am just a badass, whoContinue reading “CrossFit Circuit – Breezed on Through”

CrossFit & Circuit Workout?

So along with this beautiful 8 week program I am doing, I have decided that I will be doing a CrossFit circuit on the days I am not scheduled to do my program workout because it gives me something to do on those off days and I LOVE CrossFit. This particular circuit you will probablyContinue reading “CrossFit & Circuit Workout?”

September 12th workout

Warm up:   2-3 minute step ups Workout: barbell bench press: 4 x 10- 65 lb, 3 x 8 – 80 lb , 3 x 5 – 90 lb Superset: back flyes (resistance band): 4 x 10, red band Bosu ball push ups: 4 x 10 Superset: standing military press: 4 x 8, 60 lbContinue reading “September 12th workout”